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Tennessee Tree Toppers

TTT BOD Minutes



TTT BOD Meeting

Members Present:

Steve Lee

Kathy Lee

James Anderson

Carl Burrick

Olli Gregory

Buddy Cutts

Mike Nash

Mark Poling

Tom Prouhet

Eric Donaldson

Alli Dodgen

Jeff Dodgen

Clark Harlow

Dan Shell


Keith Atkins

Meeting called to order 9:15 CDT

Meeting minutes read and accepted as amended. James motion to accept, Tom P seconds. approved


Old Business:

Land Easement – Dan shell to contact Eileen Hennessy for update.  Allan McCaully emailed attorney for Land Trust – Susan Foxman – but she is on vacation.  Allan has a few questions regarding prohibition of residential and he feels it should be allowed.  Mike Nash thinks we had a provision for a groundskeeper.  Allan recommends we add residential provision for future marketability.

Jeff makes a motion to accept the attorney recommendation to easement and approve.

Endowment Fund Project:  Mike Nash has not gotten date with Allan McCaulley to present points on endowment trust.

TTT Cookbook- Wanda getting 1 recipe per year.

TTT Tandem- Kathy Lee does not have written requirements to fly tandem at a TTT site. Dan Shell  - has tried to clarify what is in our FRP and called Jane  - and she told us that TTT needed to contact lawyer.  Dan Shell has the FRP written documents.  Jeff – we need to review requirements and enforce.

Lawsuit - Shawn Martin rep us 25th summary judgment

Steve found the card from the Priday family.  Dan Shell- last update from Shawn Martin states the by Bill Priday signing waivers then he waived his rights to TN litigation and all rulings would happen through CA courts.



New Business

Dan Shell missing equipment and glider found, but trashed glider, but he got his helmet and vario.

Steve Jones plans a 9/15 event with Steve Jones Adventure Sports with clinic.  Band Uncle Milkie

The Wyatts has asked permission to put a B&B posted at the TTT entrance.  Discussion – Alli feels sign is misleading, Carl/Jeff suggest to place on bulletin board.  Olli makes motion to deny request, Carl seconds Vote – 13-1   Allow to place on Bulletin Board

Keith Atkins – during Keith’s July visit, he and his brother Allan cleaned and scrubbed the clubhouse and oven.  James read a letter from Keith and Allan and they gave each BOD member a box of their wonderful soaps!  BOD was very grateful – we love their soaps!

Committee Report on LMPF/Whitwell proposal.

Ollie discussed w/ Matt.   Mark Poling presentation –

Pros – LMFP has good training program, H2’s must meet specific requirements w/ files on each student, consistency of launches and landings with instructors.  Mark Poling feels we need to embrace teaching H2’s. secondly, TTT currently has 91 annual members and our membership is down in last 9 months.  250 H2’s went through the LMFP program.  Poling want to build lockbox to place at LMFP

 And eliminate LMFP staff from having to deal with waivers and money.  As far as debating rules and stipulations, we should let committee determine.  TTT BOD needs to determine rules.

Discussion ensues.  Committee formed – Olli Gregory, Dan Shell, Mark Poling, Jeff Dodgen, Carl Burrick

LZ Tree line and fence – Dan and Clark discussed with Woerner and Woerner does not want to open field due to vandalism and theft, so he does not want to take the fence down.  He suggests putting a gate a t each end.  We could achieve this w/ county.  Olli motions to petition the county to close the road. Jeff seconds, all in favor.  Clark volunteers to go to county commission meetings to put in our request with Mr. Woerner.

Clark – Don Murdoch request approving him as a Tandem Pilot.  Credentials support experience – Clark motions to approve Don Murdoch as a Tandem Pilot as long as he maintains USHPA and TTT waivers, Olli seconds – 13-1 vote.  ONLY CLARK HARLOW AND DON MURDOCH ARE APPROVED TTT TANDEM PILOTS.


Committee Reports

Treasurer report - $2253.32 checking account

$45,207.40 in CD fund


Safety – Tom Prouhet had Ned come up with nail gun and secure loose boards. Eric Donaldson – cable should be secured to steel structure.  Olli Gregory will submit his Whitwell accident report.


Competition – Olli moves that TC registration forms and TTT waivers be stapled together and have Membership Committee handle forms.  Clark will need to staple together as he receives monies.  Electronic forms – Dan Shell tracking and will need to give TC registrations to Clark.  TC registration is $90.00 and does not include TTT membership.  Olli planning weather seminar, flights will be downloaded and put on Google map, Cameras on Team Leader wing and review flight that day, and Landing seminar - $25.00 for non-TC pilots.


Maintenance – Carl trying to get windsock up at field N of Whitwell church. Asked Jack (owner of field) about buying fields, and will ask to allow to put SOK in field.  Ned cleared around Henson’s launch

Eric Donaldson volunteered to repaint TTT rock

Social – TC Octoberfest – no plans yet.  Eric Donaldson suggests band- In Cahoots.


By-laws – no report


Membership – 123 current members – posted on Bulletin Board. Current posting on web dated 8/10/07.


Awards – Eric – recap of new current Flights of the Year to date.

Website – Buddy  - asks if anyone has objection to posting phone # on website.  Lee’s decline.

Newsletter – no report



Motion to adjourn 11:00 CDT




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