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Tennessee Treetoppers Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2007


The meeting was called to order by President Steve Lee at 9:50 a.m. central time.  Roll call was taken with the following board members present:  Eric Donaldson, James Anderson, Buddy Cutts, Carl Burick, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Keith Atkins, Steve Lee, Kathy Lee, Mark Polling, and Dan Shell.  Absent were:  Tom Prouhet, Mike Nash, Jeff Dodgen, and Allie Dodgen.  Keith Atkins recorded the minutes in Allie Dodgen’s absence. 


TTT members present were:  Mark and Charrie Stump, Bill Colvin, Bruce Engen, John Hill, and Lucas Ridley.


The November 2007 TTT Board of Directors meeting minutes were not available.  James Anderson motioned that we should, therefore, forego the reading of the last meeting minutes.  The motion passed by acclamation.




Bill Priday Lawsuit:  Dan Shell reported that the Judge has reserved judgment only on where the trial will take place, but not on the merits of the case or whether the case will go forward.


2.  Land Easement Project:  Dan Shell reported that the Land Trust is completed and finalized.  This preserves our LZ by restricting development and allowing only agricultural use.  The project was initiated in the early 1990’s when the TTT purchased the Henson’s LZ.  Well done Mike Nash and Dan Shell.  Dan also reported that Mr. Werner has not yet completed his paperwork required to secure his Land Trust.  In addition, the Land Trust office has “recommended” a donation of $3000.00 by the TTT to support monitoring of the trust.  There is no requirement for making such a donation and this issue will be taken up in the next Board Meeting.  Further, Dan reported that our Land Trust attorney, Mr. Alan McCauley submitted an itemized bill of $6,000.00 above the previously agreed upon sum of $3,500.00 which was granted by USHPA.    Mr. McCauley intimated that payment is expected but if not paid will be written off.  Dan Shell made a motion to send Mr. McCauley $500.00 now and for the Board to later discuss and determine how much to offer, in total, after first applying for additional USHPA Foundation for Freeflight funding.  After discussion, the motion passed with 7 votes in favor and 3 against.  Clark Harlow agreed to send a letter of explanation and a check for $500.00 to Mr. McCauley.


Davis Loop Road Closing:  Clark Harlow reported he attempted to work with Mr. Woerner.  Mr. Woerner told Clark he preferred to deal with the Road Commission, alone.  Clark said that was acceptable, for now.  This issue is expected to be “written off” by Mr. Woerner.




1.     Favorite Neighbor Gifts:  Keith Atkins donated 5 soap gift baskets to be delivered to TTT favorite neighbors.  The following gifts will be given:


Mike Nash will deliver soap baskets to George Galloway, Ms. Bashun, and Ms. Hudson.


Steve and Kathy Lee will deliver a soap basket to Mr. and Mrs. Castle.


The TTT will donate $100.00 each to The Dunlap Rescue Squad and The First Baptist Church of Whitwell.


The TTT sent thank you cards to Kimbal Park, Mr. Hickey, Mr. Standifer, and the owners of Inman Point.


2.     Treetoppers in the News: 


Steve and Kathy Lee earned a 2007 USHPA Commendation for their support and leadership in the TTT for 20 years. 


Keith Smith won a 2007 USHPA Commendation for his enthusiasm and GateWay Aero Flight Park.


Eric Donaldson’s launch photo was published in the Gallery section of the December 2007 issue of USHPA magazine.


Keith Atkins’s “In Quest of BIG Air” New Mexico article and photos were published in the December 2007 issue of USHPA magazine.


3.     Marc Fink requested that the Board grant him approval to fly tandem     at  Treetopper sites.  He holds USHPA tandem instructor ratings and has been a tandem instructor for four years.  The Board expects to approve him when he returns next year.



4.     Marc Fink is interested in holding the East Coast Challenge at TTT.  The Board is interested and Ollie Gregory suggested tabling discussion until after the first of the year 2008 and the new Board is installed.




Treasurer’s Report:  Clark Harlow reported the General Account total is $5104.90 and the LZ CD total is $46,232.81.


Safety Report:  Tom Prouhet has two accidents to report; Ollie Gregory’s and Jim Salletti.  Ollie will write his accident report.  Dan Shell will add a new rule to the FRP that all hang glider pilots must have wire launching assist capability to fly our sites.  Ollie suggested posting “Rescue Directions” on the Whitwell sign.


Bylaws:  Mike Nash - Nothing to report.


Membership:  Dan Shell - Nothing to report.


Web Site:  Buddy Cutts - Dan Barker has offered to provide hosting for free.


Maintenance:  Carl Burick - James and Buddy winterized the bath house.  Carl has kept the Whitwell grounds in shape.  Steve and Kathy have taken care of Henson’s.


Social:  Mark Polling - The Christmas Party will be at LMFP pavilion hosted by Doris Pollari.  Doris will be given a soap basket in appreciation for her kindness. Everyone should contribute to the meal and bring a desert.  The Treetoppers will buy a keg of beer.


Awards:  Eric Donaldson - Eric will handle the plaques and certificates for the awards at the Christmas Party.  Dave Hopkins will receive a plaque and shirt for the longest flight of the year.  The following pilots will receive certificates and a shirt for notable flights:  Ollie Gregory, Greg Heckman, David Giles, Stan Robertson, Steve Lee, Kathy Lee, Eric Donaldson, and Marc Fink.  Keith Atkins will receive a shirt for helpfulness.


Comp Report:  Ollie Gregory – Ollie said the 2008 TTT Team Challenge will be held September 28-October 4, 2008.  He will place notices in the USHPA magazine.  Three articles about Team Challenge are expected to be published in the January 2008 issue by Keith Atkins and Ollie Gregory, Steve Prater, and Kevin Carter.


Newsletter:  Steve Lee - Keith Atkins volunteered to write the newsletter to be published in the Spring and Fall.


Other:  Fred Dey and Rich Jacob offered to install and pay for a wireless internet DSL service and make it accessible to all club members.  The Board approved this offer.


Thank you Award:  Keith Atkins -  Steve Lee was given a framed photograph of his Henson’s launch and Kathy Lee was given a soap basket by the Board for their generous support of the club, leadership, and friendship.


2008 Board of Directors Elections


All incumbents were re-elected by a total of 28 out of more than 100 TTT members.   The Board wishes to encourage all TTT members to consider running for the Board and voting next year.


James Anderson motioned for adjournment which was seconded and approved at 11:37 a.m. central.



Submitted by Keith Atkins

December 8, 2007






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