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TTT BOD Minutes

TTT BOD Meeting 2/10/07

Meeting called to order 9:25 CST

Roll Call

BOD Absent

            Kathy Lee

            Mike Merickle

            Carl Burrick 2X

            Tom Prouhet

Members Present

            Steve Jones


Old Business

        Wanda requests recipes for website

        Dan Shell f/u to conservation agreement met with Eileen Hennessy and want BID to look at proposal as is.

Points of Discussion:

a-    Why are we asking for building on a 43 acre reservation. They think it is  exorbitant. Want to preserve in present state.  It weakens the conservation easement looking to defend in our area.  (2 buildings @3400 Sq feet on 2 acres)

b-    MOTION – Jeff Dodgen proposes 1 building @2500 Sq ft as a potential hangar/clubhouse and 1 building @ 900 Sq feet for storage on 2 ac.

Ollie seconds – vote unanimous

        James added AGL/ MSL @ both launches. Dan made the signs

        Dan Shell sent letter to NC pilots that disregarded TTT flight regulations.

It appears that it was a misunderstanding by these pilots

a-    Jake Alspa did not respond to letter as of 2/10

b-    Mike Nester sent a very nice letter and current dues

c-    Doug Hileman also sent dues and phoned Dan Shell

d-    - Jeff Reynolds send dues and waiver

        James did put a no-call list block on TTT phone

        Steve Lee will specify in TTT waiver – 1 Flight per Year for $1.00.  Buddy will need to update the website application waiver

        Bill Priday lawsuit – USHPA’s Jane Dephanphlous, Dean Funk and Dan Shell will attend a deposition in regards to the lawsuit

        Kathy Lee delivered all gifts to our friends in the Sequatchie Valley – the Bashams, Hudsons, Standifers, the Rescue Squad and the Whitwell Baptist Church

        Parachute Clinic – Steve Jones purchased a rope for the clinic and needs to borrow one – Jeff Dodgen volunteered a rope for use.

        TTT T-shirts will be donated for the parachute clinic volunteers


New Business

Kathy Lee to add tandem requirements on waivers;

Points of Discussion:

a-    Dan Shell contacted USHPA and discussed with Jane and she suggested to refer to USHPA attorney Tim Hurr.

b-    Jeff Dodgen – must address that tandem rating must have the foot launch sign-off on UAHPA card as a special skill.  Will defer to next meeting after committee.

        TTT would like to send Dee Nash flowers to cheer her up.  Alli motions and vote unanimous.

        Steve Lee suggests to put TTT ad in Tennessee section in USHPA.  Clark and Dan to put ad into USHPA for 6 months.


Committee Reports

        Treasury Report:

$4321.25 in checking

$42,547.50 in CD LZ fund

2006 Taxes paid - $946.00 Henson's; Whitwell $30.00; total $976.00

Net profit for 2006 - $3359.32 – unaudited

Dividend Split – take of net profit and put into CD fund after paid taxes and will do around 2/20.

Profits from parachute clinic to be earmarked for safety committee

        Safety: Tom Prouhet absent – no report

        Competition: Budget $2000.00  LY spent $1631.37; netted $1731.02; 99.00 profit

        Maintenance:  Carl Burrick absent- no budget,  no report

a-    no investigation of water leak

b-    Eric and Steve Jones to investigate after meeting

        Social: Budget $1500.00; LY $902.86

POD: all monies need to funnel through treasurer – ie – pass the jar fundraising need to go to Treasurer.

        Membership: Budget $200.00

New list dated 2/4 posted on website

        By-laws: Budget $200.00

        Awards: Budget $350.00


a - LY Nominees TTT of Year: Steve Larson and Dan Shell. Discussion : Dan Shell is on the board and there is an expectation of participation.  Steve Larson came and spent his time volunteering and working around TTT sites.

Dan Shell motions to make Steve Larson TTT of year, Ollie seconds – unanimous vote

b-Need to fill in plaque names for the TTT of your for 2000 and add Steve Larson for 2006.

c-    Discussion of parameters of awards system; rigid/flexi ratings and flight of the year jackets.

        Website: No budget needed


Ollie makes motion to adjourn; Jeff Dodgen 2nds

11:25 CST Meeting adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Allison Dodgen


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