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TTT BOD Minutes



TTT BOD Meeting

Members Present:

Steve Lee

Kathy Lee

James Anderson

Carl Burrick

Olli Gregory

Buddy Cutts

Mark Poling

Tom Prouhet

Eric Donaldson

Alli Dodgen

Jeff Dodgen

Clark Harlow

Dan Shell


Mike Nash

Members Present:

Ned Stelzel


Kenny Sandifer

Meeting called to order 9:30 CDT

Mike Merickle has resigned his BOD position due to personal family issues.  The BOD acknowledges his support and contributions to the club.


Old Business:

         Wanda substituted secretarial duties for last 2 meetings due to Alli’s absence.

         Land Easement – Dan still waiting to hear from Eileen Hennessy

         Endowment Fund Project:  Mike Mericle was to f/u, but has not resigned.  Steve request a member to take over.  Wand suggested Mike M. to send research. Mike Nash to f/u with attorney.  Revisit next meeting.

         TTT Cookbook- Wanda getting 1 recipe per year.

         TTT Tandem- next meeting – Kathy Lee might present at next meeting.

Bill Priday Lawsuit – Jeff Dodgen asked if all TC registrations are missing? And Steve confirmed all missing.  Might be on electronic..

Update- Shawn wants card thanking TTT from Bill Priday’s family..  No longer on TTT bulletin board – but was there for months.


New Business

         New BOD member – Keith Atkins accepted BOD position opened from Mike Merickle's resignation.  Dan states the by-laws require BOD must vote.  James motions/Alli seconds – all in favor.  Kenny also volunteered to join BOD and wants to get back on BOD.

         Olli- proposal from Matt Tabor – has tons on few H2’s (gave handout to BOD) and Matt want to re-introduce H2 pilots to Whitwell w/ Instructor supervision.

Open to discussion:  Dan- policy regarding Whitwell has been given great amount of deliberation and discussion w/ primary consideration to safety.  We had guided H2 approach, but it did not work.  Ultimately, TTT cannot regulate Whitwell w/o TTT BOD there.  Pilots tend not to follow our regulations at Whitwell.  Matt has given this proposal before and came to our current conclusion

Jeff- was on BOD during this decision w. allow sponsors, and there were concerns about abilities – blowing launch or landing.  There is a lot of consideration about safety concerns

Olli- Matt is talking about an Instructor and their student , not jus a a member. H3 should be supervised and minimum for Whitwell.  This could be the exception.

Ned- How are we insured at Whitwell? Yes – we are insures as a H3 site, but can be changed to H2 stipulation

Carl – TTT needs to select Instructors not Matt.  There are some H3 Instructors at LMFP.  TTT must approve Instructors.

Jeff- bring discussion back , but must have signed instruction and approval form.  Should be a cost and time involved.  Instructor with minimum H4/5 rating and has flown Whitwell as minimum criteria.

James- Need to hold right of veto of Instructor we feel not appropriate, but Matt is the person who should be the one to propose and f/u on paperwork trail prior.  Tabors Instructors know these students and their ratings.

Much more discussion

Jeff – motion to take a vote to have a sub-committee determine stipulations and conditions to bring to BOD to vote on.  Dan Shell to appoint committee.  More discussion

Olli- Motion to create exploratory committee to review LMFP’s proposal regarding Whitwell.

Alli – seconds Vote Unanimous

Nominations for committee:

Tom Prouhet

Olli Gregory – committee chair

Dan Shell

Carl Burrick

Mark Poling

James motions to have Mark Poling liaison w/ LMFP to begin sigh-up location at LMFP for TTT.  Olli seconds – vote unanimous

Mark Poling duty to make sure its done right – Lock Box and work relationship with LMFP.


New Business continued….

Kenny – swap lower field with bowl field and take fence down for better approach.  Big discussion about hay ensues….

Olli- motions to nominate committee to investigate hay rights and to negotiate with Werener to remove trees and fences.  Buddy- if easement goes through, can we sell hay?  YES. Jeff seconds – all in favor

Jeff – recommends for committee to require Werner take away hay rights until he puts 100 acres into easement and then get hay rights back.

Steve Lee – Will offer Mike Nash the chair


Committee Reports

Treasurer report - $758.00 checking account

$45,202 in CD fund

Funds spent Mayhem - $985.00/ tables 270.0, mowing 240/ utilities 120./ donations flowers140

Mayhem 450 for the band, 318 on beer, hams, turkeys


Safety – no report

Competition – TC September 30- October 7 Mike Kelsy will be Meet Director for $500.00.  Olli has TC registration posted on website and Oz report.  Craig Kumbar – US Moyes interested in coming


Eric – comments on tie downs for wire crew need replacing


Maintenance – Carl trying to get windsock up at Whitwell church.  Steve paid Basham for 2 mowing at Whitwell.  Has windsock and asking for permission to put on porch.


Social – Mayhem reports a great party.  Donations – 245.00

Band normally costs 750.00 and we got them for 450.00.  Stayed within approved budget 45 people at party.  Thanks to Ned Stelzel for cleaning up.


By-laws – no report

Membership – current membership updated through 6/9/07.

Awards – Eric – new awards – encourage distance – laminate current site records and sign on dry erase board.

Website – updated w/ X-C records.  Requested Top5 longest flights – needs info and put on fly-mail and they can post

Newsletter – Tony moving to CA.  Need to post old newsletter to website.  Need new newsletter person.  Post fly-mail stuff.


Motion to adjourn 11:30 CDT


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