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Tennessee Tree Toppers

TTT BOD Minutes



TTT BOD Meeting

Members Present:

Steve Lee

Kathy Lee

James Anderson

Keith Atkins

Carl Burrick

Olli Gregory

Buddy Cutts

Mike Nash

Mark Poling

Tom Prouhet

Eric Donaldson

Alli Dodge

Jeff Dodge

Clark Harlow

Dan Shell


Carl Barrack


Meeting called to order 9:15 CDT

Meeting minutes bypassed.


Old Business:

Land Easement – Dan Shell fulfilled Land Easement project. 2 Attorneys talking.

Endowment Fund Project:  Mike Nash  no update

TTT Tandem- Clark Harlow and Don Murdoch only approved TTT Tandem pilots

Lawsuit – Shawn Martin rep us 25th summary judgment.

New Business

Steve Jones Adventure Sports with clinic.plans a 9/15 event next weekend

LMPF/Whitwell  Committee Report:

TP, JD, CB – present proposal and Matt Taber TTT proposal –

full members TTT “see attached sheet” 

Matt establishing a formal special skills rating to pass to get this proposal. 

Mail box registration – separate issue at Whitwell. 

No single surface gliders

Instructors in charge

Discussion: Libility situation – how many times Matt has been sued.  Matt takes responsibility bonding agreement if anything pertaining to his training causing liability he is responsible for.

Attorney if downgrading site will cause problems. Does it make us liable for HG2 accident?  Discussion of committee proposal.  This will become an addendum to the TTT Flight Regulatory laws.

Olli moves to make a vote to accept amended: Mike seconds 2 opposed/11 approved

Vote to Accept New Addendum to Flight Regulatory Program

10 approved/3 opposed


LZ Tree line and fence – update – to close down Davis Gap Rd. needs consent:  Clark says Woerner hard to understand – He has form to fill out if any opposition will not close.  Clark to update next meeting. Clark to track down Woerner.

Jim Ellis now mowing LZ and also going to mow in Shellville.  Dan and Clarke to get with Jim to show what needs mowed and flag it..


Committee Reports

Treasurer report - $2533.87 checking account 9/8/07

$46,227.06 in CD fund

New T shirts ordered for TC


Safety – Carl was to reinforce Wirecrew restraints – completed


Social – Working on TC


By-Laws: Mike Nash – no change or update.


Membership: Dan Shell – TC projected attendance 50+. 

Olli needs list for check-in

120 current members




Maintenance – Carl put in new windsock and worked 3 hours on Whitwell. 

Ned trimmed Henson’s

Steve will get Ferrell to bring gas and ask

Rick to scrape drive.

Shady Bottom mowed for camping.

Eric cleaned rock sign and will start artwork – update-

Eric Donaldson painted an amazingly beautiful TTT Logo Welcome Rock.  He worked for 4 days on it, and created a beautiful gift for the TTT.

It is really great and the whole TTT Membership thanks you!


TC: Olli – Mike Kelsey Meet Director will do daily reports to Oz Report. Olli to pay $25.00 for landing clinic open to all.

Mike Nash – motion to have TTT pay scholarship to Kevin Carter for teaching landing clinic. Approve unanimously


Social – TC Octoberfest – no plans yet.  Eric Donaldson suggests band- In Cahoots.


By-laws – no report

Awards: Eric – top 3 teams get awards plus recognition awards.


Membership – 123 current members – posted on Bulletin Board. Current posting on web dated 8/10/07.


Website – Buddy  - Olli sent email to Buddy regarding TC scoring changes.  Alli to send minutes.

Newsletter – Wanda agreed to produce newsletter –


Dan Shell motioned to send condolences to Bruce Shorts family.  All agreed.


Motion to adjourn: James Anderson, Jeff seconds

Meeting adjourned 11:40 CDT






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