America's Best Hang Gliding Club

Tennessee Tree Toppers

TTT BOD Minutes

Steve called the meeting to order at 9:20 central and took
attendance. Absent were Ollie Gregory, Keith Atkins, Carl Burick and
Clark Harlow. Present BOD members were Steve Lee, Kathy Lee, Jeff
Dodgen, Allie Dodgen, Mike Nash, Mark Poling, James Anderson, Buddy
Cutts, Eric Donaldson, Dan Shell and Tom Prouhet. Club members
present were George Brisson.

The secretary was absent and it was voted to pass on the reading of
last months minutes.

OLD BUSINESS: Bill Priday Lawsuit against our club moving very slow.

Land Easement donation/contribution requested and we tabled
discussion until next meeting.

NEW BUSINESS: Kathy Lee knows interested party that will pay for our
hay. She will investigate this possibility for club income.

The Alabama club wants to get insurance on Jenkins and we recommend
they contact freeflight at USHPA.

Re-Vamp the Ramp- Steve reported an increase in price on the steel
erectors original bid. There was a lot more steel and man hours to
get the final product to membership specifications. Steve expects
another $5,000 but has not received the bill yet. Any money left over
from this project will go in the LZ/CD fund. Mike Nash will work on
the donators plaque and will announce the deadline when we get the S
and H bill.

Ramp windows 2008- Lots of mixed emotions, valid concerns and
questions resulted in a hold order on the windows project until
further investigation and discussion at next meeting.


TREASURY (Bill Colvin)- The checking balance is unavailable at this
meeting. The last club treasury statement did not reflect the re-vamp
funds collected. These funds have reached $31,000.

MAINTENANCE (Carl Burick): Kenny Sandifer was to fix the outdoor
freeze spicket but has not. VP Anderson turned on the bath house
water and Steve Lee repaired a busted pipe.

COMPETITON (Ollie Gregory)-Absent but has Mayhem under control.

AWARDS (Eric Donaldson)- Has great awards planned for the year. Given
permission to investigate TTT hats for $300.00.

SOCIAL (Mark Poling)-Party plans are all systems go for Mayhem.

BY-LAWS (Mike Nash)- By-laws are good to go.

NEWSLETTER (Keith Atkins)- Needs material for the October newsletter.
Send Keith a story today. Keith laminated the pilot proficiency rules
and James Anderson posted them.

MEMBERSHIP (Dan Shell)- Reported a current 128 members and no

Eric motioned to adjorn, 2nd by Buddy Cutts
Adjorned meeting at 11:00 central.


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