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TTT BOD Minutes


February 09, 2008 TTT BOD Minutes


The meeting was called to order by Prez Steve Lee at 9:40 Central



BOD Present:  Steve Lee, President; Kathy Lee; Dan Shell; Eric Donaldson; Tom Pruitt; Allie Dodgen; Jeff Dodgen; Buddy Cutts; and newly enlisted Secretary Ollie Gregory


BOD Absent: Clark Harlow, Treasurer; Keith Atkins; Carl Burick; Mike Nash; James Anderson, Vice President


Club members present: Bill and Jane Colvin; Kenny Sandifer




Bill Priday Lawsuit: 

The judge ruled against the motion to move the trial venue to California.  Our attorney is now appealing the ruling.  Suit is in pretrial phase. 


LZ Fund Investment:

Carl Burick was to contact Stacy Murdock re financial options for the future of our LZ savings which are currently in a 12 month CD.  This CD will soon roll over into another 12 month CD. It is unknown whether Carl was able to contact Stacy.  Bill Colvin reported on how Dunlap Library Board managed their money in a safe, conservative, but more flexibly structured investment plan that has produced a significantly higher yield.


The Board voted to change from our 12 month CD to a one month CD to allow us more flexibility in pursuing better investment options.  Allie Dodgen volunteered to investigate this and will talk with an investment advisor.  Allie is to report back next BOD meeting. 


Board voted to roll over CD (~$46,000) to one month to allow more flexibility in investment options.


Land easement project:

The project is completed with Henson’s Gap LZ now in a protected land easement, but the attorney is requesting payment of the additional legal expenses required to complete the easement. Clark Harlow was to send a check for $500 already.  Negotiations on cost and payment by TTT will continue.  Dan Shell reports attorney would probably accept whatever we would be able to reasonably pay.   Further discussion will be needed.


Gift to Land Owners:

Gift deliveries to land owners and Thank You cards to the town of Kimball and Standifers were delivered by Steve Lee. 



Revamp the Ramp:

Several bids were requested by Steve Lee from:

Tipton Steel Erectors in Chattanooga who would only come to look at it for bid in April

Danny Peck Steel erectors did not return call.

Dunlap Steel Erectors did not respond.

C and D Steel Erectors did not return calls.


Contractors that are interested in doing the job:

S and H Steel Erectors came with a good plan and bid $15,300 for material and labor for removal of existing wooden radial portion of the ramp, pouring of footings and  installation of new radial frame using rolled steel beams and two understructure supports.    (No decking or holes drilled.)


Chattanooga Crane came and gave a good plan and bid to remove the wooden radial structure and replace using fabricated steel trusses that wouldn’t need undercarriage braces for $26,000.  Steve could only talk them down to $24,000.  (No decking or holes drilled.)


Danny Cole lookout ramp builder looked at the project and submitted a bid of $8000 for labor only to do the radial part and put on the decking.

Steel would come from S and H delivered to site for a cost of $5,000 for a cost of $13,000.  Cost of the decking material and fasteners would be additional. 


Rough estimate is $3000 for treated lumber to use as decking.  Ohio TTT member Tom Primavera is looking into the carriage bolts for us. 


After much discussion the Board decided to go with a the S and H to do the steel, footers and frame and the club will handle the decking with expectations that the total cost with TTT labor for decking to be approximately $20,000.  While the Danny Cole bid may seem to be the lowest cost, the Board had many concerns. 


Revamp the Ramp Fund raising: 

There are a several pledges that have not come in yet.  We will make efforts to contact and encourage swift payment of pledges.  Jeff Dodgen will provide the info he has on the old TTT member list and Steve Lee will send out informative letters requesting contribution to the Revamp the Ramp Fund.  Nate Newark, with help from Jeff Nibler and seed money from Ollie Gregory and Buddy Cutts, has kicked off a Revamp the Ramp Tee shirt fund raiser.  Nate has come up with some nice designs that will be good for this project and any similar projects in the future.  Tee shirt sales will soon be promoted on the Oz Report and on the TTT website with online ordering etc.


Several board members wrote checks for the Ramp Fund at this meeting including Jeff and Allie Dodgen for $250, Steve and Kathy Lee for $250, Ollie Gregory for $600 and Buddy Cutts for $1,500!!!!!.  As of this time we’ve received $4,600.  When the outstanding pledges and other contributions are reeled in we will be close to what we need to start the project.   When cash in hand reaches approximately the total for the S n H fee, we will ask Jim Lamb to match us and we’ll start the project.  We will ask the Foundation for Free Flight to contribute.  We expect a significant amount of money from them to help with completion of the project.




TREASURER REPORT:  Clark has notified us that he is unable to serve as Treasurer.  Our current status as reported by phone from Clark:

Checking has $5,635.98.   Taxes and site insurance are due and total ~$1,700.

The Land Fund CD is presently $46,232.81 with a little interest to come in soon.


 TTT member Bill Colvin has offered to serve as temporary treasurer to assist in the transition.   Bill is a local TTT member and has served as Treasurer in the past.  We will get the accounting software back from Clark for our next treasurer to use.  The Board thanks Clark for his years of excellent work as treasurer.


SAFETY REPORT:  Tom Pruitt believes we are in good shape and do not need a budget at this time.


BYLAWS:  Mike Nash is not here.  Budget pending                


WEBSITE:  Chairman Buddy Cutts reports.  No budget is requested. Buddy is getting some good help from TTT member Jeff Nibler.   Buddy is donating the site fees along with Dan Barker who is hosting it for no charge.  Our official website is now  The old sites are still active though they “belong” to the previous host and will be kept up for the time being. and


MEMBERSHIP:   Chairman Dan Shell reports that we have 124 current members! 90 are either annual or 5 year members.  2 TTT membership applications could not be found.  The board recommends their status as members be confirmed and releases will be sent to them.  Dan Shell requests a budget of $100.  Tom Pruitt has been doing the mailing and paying for it.   We need a volunteer to help with renewal reminders for recently expired members.  This requires a few hours a quarter and results in many renewals.  Well worth the time. 


MAINTENANCE:  Carl Burick was not present.

Freeze proof water spigot valve is leaking and needs attention.  Kenny Sandifer offered to look at this and try to fix it.


Competition Committee:  Ollie Gregory requests $4000 for competition budgets.  Team Challenge has been placed on the Oz Report calendar.  Ollie has requested a listing in the USHPA magazine calendar of events.  The TC trophies and TC party expenses will come from this budget and hopefully will be recouped from the TC receipts.  There will be a Mayhem Mini Meet which will include tasks similar to the Team Challenge, streamer drop competition and spot landing competitions.  These will be set up with small fees to act as a fund raiser with prizes to be awarded to the winners of the contests.  Prizes will be solicited from Hang Gliding Businesses. 


SOCIAL COMMITTEE:  Chairman Mark Poling requested a budget of $650.  Plans are for a covered dish dinner at Mayhem ($500) and Xmas ($150).   Team Challenge party will be coordinated by Mark, but entertainment and other costs will come from the TC budget. 


NEWSLETTER:  Keith Atkins is interim newsletter chairman.  We really need this to be an additional way to stay in touch with our club members.  There was much discussion of how important a newsletter could be for those TTT members who are not on the internet or not local to our sites.  There was discussion about needing a PR/Development committee with long range focus to promote the TTT Club’s mission.


AWARDS:  Eric Donaldson had a budget of $350 last year and requested a similar budget this year.  Last year Eric spent $100 for end of the year awards.  Eric is planning on getting hats printed to give out to pilots with significant flights at anytime during the year.  Eric will coordinate Team Challenge trophies.


Board adjourned at 12:40 Central


Electronically Submitted to the Board for approval on 2/9/08 by Secretary Ollie Gregory


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