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Tennessee Tree Toppers Board of Directors Meeting


January 12, 2008


The meeting was called to order by President Steve Lee at 9:52 a.m. Central Time.  Roll call was taken with the following board members present:   Steve Lee, Kathy Lee, James Anderson, Ollie Gregory, Buddy Cutts, Keith Atkins, Clark Harlow, Dan Shell, Eric Donaldson, and Carl Burick.  Absent were Mike Nash, Tom Prouhet, Jeff and Allie Dodgen, and Mark Poling.


TTT members present were: Marc Fink, Alex "Fingers" Holstead, Jeff and Alex Laughrey, and Bill Colvin.


Steve and Kathy Lee once again kindly bought over $100.00 of breakfast groceries for the BOD meeting.   Kathy prepared delicious omelets, fruit salad, banana bread, and juice for 15 people.  Thank you, guys, for another terrific breakfast! 


Ollie Gregory read the December 2007 BOD Minutes which were accepted by the BOD.




President:  Ollie Gregory nominated Steve Lee which was seconded.   No other nominations.  Steve won by acclamation.


Vice President:  Steve Lee nominated James Anderson which was seconded.   No other nominations.  James won by acclamation.


Treasurer:  Dan Shell nominated Clark Harlow which was seconded.   No other nominations.  Clark won by acclamation.


Secretary:  Steve Lee nominated Keith Atkins as interim Secretary since he said he would not be able to attend every meeting.   This nomination was seconded.  No other nominations.  Keith won by acclamation.




Steve Lee appointed the following Committee Chairpersons:


Social:  Mark Poling.  Mark has plans to save money and actually try to make   money for the TTT.


            Safety:  Tom Prouhet


            Membership:  Dan Shell


            Website:  Buddy Cutts


            Maintenance:  Carl Burick


            Awards:  Eric Donaldson


            Competition:  Ollie Gregory


            Newsletter:  Keith Atkins


            Re-Vamp the Ramp:  To be appointed.


Each Committee Chairman will submit a budget during the February 2008 BOD meeting.




1.  The Christmas Party 2007:   Clark will mail a check for $150.00 to Matt Taber for one keg of Sierra Nevada beer consumed during the party.   The Christmas Party write up is posted on the TTT Home Page.


2.  Steve Lee mailed awards to out-of-town pilots.  Clark will write a check for $30.00 to Steve to cover postage.


3.  Matt Taber has requested that LMFP be included in the TTT flight of the year contest.   After discussion, the BOD voted against this proposal.


4.  Steve Lee awarded Keith Atkins a T-shirt for assistance with Team Challenge, donation of six Favorite Neighbor soap baskets, and USHPA articles and photos.


5.  Bill Priday Lawsuit:  Dan Shell said the motion to dismiss was denied and we are awaiting the TTT's attorney's advice regarding interlocutory appeal.


6.  Endowment Fund:  Stacy Murdock, CPA may be willing to advise the BOD about how best to invest funds in the LZ Endowment Fund.


7.  Land Easement Project:  Clark talked to Mr. Allen about the fee and paid a $500.00 down payment.   Mr. Allen told Clark he will talk to his partners and see if he can get the fee reduced to around $2500.00.


8.  Favorite Neighbor Gifts:  Kathy Lee delivered soap baskets to Ms. Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. Castle, and Mr. Standifer plus a ham to Ms. Hudson and a check for $100.00 to the Dunlap Rescue Squad.  







1.Clark Harlow reported that he has received Re-vamp the Ramp checks totaling $400.00, so far.  The BOD appreciates these early pledge contributions, initiating the TTT's "Re-vamp the Ramp" fund raising efforts.  The following pilots have pledged $100.00:  Tom Primavera, David Giles, Jeff Nibler, Ray Helman, James Anderson, Candice Azermendi, Alain Azermendi, and Nate Newkirk.  The following pilots have pledged $200.00:  Keith Atkins and Jeff Laughrey.  The BOD encourages everyone to pledge whatever amount they can and send in their checks as soon as possible.

 Re-vamp the Ramp:  Jim Lamb has generously agreed to match whatever funds the TTT raises for the ramp project.


Steve and Kathy Lee arranged for S & H Steel to bid on the ramp project which will include ten 3x3 angle iron supports rolled to the same curve as the existing ramp.   Two light weight beams and six light weight support legs embedded in concrete will also be installed.  The ramp will be decked with wood to maintain the look, feel, and characteristics of the ramp we all know and love.  


Ollie and Carl suggested that we raise the funds needed to have the project built professionally.  General discussion ensued and the BOD agreed to get additional bids on this project.  The Re-Vamp the Ramp Fund Raiser will be planned and we will petition USHPA Foundation for Free Flight for matching funds.   Clark will set up the necessary account for the Ramp Project.  Ollie plans to write and submit an article about the history of the ramp and the plans for rebuilding the ramp for The Oz Report and/or USHPA magazine.   Bill Colvin suggested an engineer for a second opinion.  Fund raising plans will get underway after the BOD makes a final decision on the best bid for the build. The tentative starting date for rebuilding the ramp will likely be after Team Challenge 2008.


2.  TTT in the News:  Keith Atkins, Ollie Gregory, Steve Prater, and Kevin Carter had their Team Challenge articles and photos published in the January 2008 issue of USHPA.   Additional Team Challenge photos by Cheryl Uhl, Ray Helman, Colin Hodsdon, Dave Dunning, Wayne Walker, Jerry Keller, and Cathi Hayes were published in the same issue.   The TTT and Team Challenge garnered fantastic exposure from the contributions of these writers and photographers.





Treasurer's Report:  Clark Harlow reported the General Account total is currently at $3225.17 and the CD total is $46, 232.81. 


$16,731.41 income for 2007

$13,611.58 expenses for 2007

$3119.91 net profit for 2007


Safety Report:  Tom was absent.  Dan Shell has written the Wire launch FRP revision which he read during the BOD meeting and approved by the BOD.   Buddy will add the FRP revision to the TTT web site. Dan also read his suggested revisions about Tandem Approval.  After discussion, the BOD approved these revisions which will be added to the FRP link on the TTT web site by Buddy.   Well done, Dan.  As of now, Clark Harlow and Don Murdock are the only approved Tandem Pilots and Marc Fink's application for Tandem approval is in process.


Ollie filed his accident report and Tom Prouhet filed Jim Salletti's accident report.


By-laws:  Mike Nash was absent.


Website:  Buddy had nothing to report.


Membership:  Dan reported we have 107 current members; 66 are annual members.   Ollie raised the question of increasing membership dues and discontinuing the $1.00/1 flight a year option.  These issues were tabled for committee discussion and coordination with Mike Nash on the By-Laws.


Maintenance:  Carl will assess needs and take suggestions for 2008 maintenance projects.   Ollie suggested building an outdoor shower.  Carl will report back next month with a plan.


Awards:  Eric had nothing to report.


Social:  Mark was not present but has plans to save money on social events this year.


Competition:  Ollie has sent notices to The Oz Report and USHPA about TC 2008.    Ollie moved that the BOD investigate an East Coast Points Comp for 2009 or 2010.  James seconded.  Approved.


Newsletter:  Keith asked for contributions to the newsletter and will post a request for newsletter material on the TTTFlymail and Region 6 hang gliding forums.


Meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m. Central time.


Submitted by Keith Atkins


January 12, 2008



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