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TTT BOD Minutes


TTT Board minutes 3/8/08


Called to order by Steve Lee at about 9:35 AM Central Standard Time

Present were President Steve Lee, Kathy Lee, Mike Nash, and Buddy Cutts, acting Treasurer Bill Colvin, Carl Burick, Tom Prouhet, Eric Donaldson, Vice President James Anderson, Keith Atkins and Secretary Ollie Gregory.


Absent were Jeff and Allie Dodgen, Dan Shell, Mark Poling.  Dan Shell sent in a written report of current membership, Bill Priday suit, and thank you letters from the 1st Baptist Church of Whitwell.  Clark Harlow called in information on the TTT banking and investment accounts.


TTT members and friends present: Rick Jacobs, Ned Stelzel, Jane Colvin


Old Business:

Bill Priday lawsuit:  Reported by letter sent by Dan Shell.  The local appeal of the ruling regarding denial of move of trial venue to CA was denied and is now being appealed to the state supreme court.


Land Easement:  From Dan Shell’s written report: The Law Firm of Miller and Martin sent a letter to address the extra fees charged for the Land Easement.  The Law Firm’s invoice reflects fees of $2506.67.  This amount is before the $500 sent by us.  The letter reflected that there was no pressure to pay immediately or pay all of the bill if TTT was unable to do so.  They will work with us.  Questions regarding the timing of the invoices and the extra work done by the Law Firm after payment were discussed.  Ollie moved to pay the debt with an explanatory thank you note for the Law Firm.  The vote was unanimous with 1 abstention to pay the debt now.  Acting Treasurer Bill Colvin will write the note and the check.


New Business:

Revamp of Ramp Funding and Construction:  Revamp is on schedule.  Footings have been poured.


Revamp Funding:  TTT has received a whole lot of donations.  Special thanks to Jim Lamb for his most generous of all donations and support of the tree toppers.  A great big thank you goes out to all the TTT supporters who’ve contributed money and volunteer labor and other assistance. Donations are still trickling in especially from Nate Newkirk’s tee-shirt fund raiser. 


The Board discussed how to recognize these donations.  Jim Lamb has suggested a book on the history of the TTT be written to recognize the club’s progress and all the volunteers and contributors.  Engraving planks was discussed.  Mike Nash and others were of the opinion that engraving names in boards would create a problem with weathering.  Mike Nash suggested an option of a professionally engraved metal plaque monument to include Denny Haldeman’s story of the origin of the ramp and a list to recognize all the original and current volunteers, the “plank contributors” and other contributors.  


Keith Atkins suggested putting out a document suitable for framing to send to everyone that contributed.  Motion was by Keith Atkins to accept the plan from Mike Nash regarding the plaque to recognize the original ramp designers, recent contributors and the history of the ramp.   After much discussion about how to organize the plaque, the art work, who to involve in the project, and the placement of the monument beside the ramp, a comprehensive motion was made by Mike Nash.  The Board voted unanimously to accept. Mike Nash was appointed as plaque project manager. 


We have collected $29,070 in donations including the bolts and nuts from Tom Primavera and the Ohio Flyers and Jeff Wilson of Birmingham donated a large box of drill bits.   


Ramp Construction Issues:  Discussion of bolt placements and drilling of boards ensued.  TTT will find the best way to install the boards starting at the top and moving down the ramp.  Mike will provide a commercial steel punch to make the holes in the steel. 


Board discussion of the small flat bump in the ramp above the roll off ensued.  After much discussion the Board voted to allow S n H Steel Erectors to take out the flat spot if the extra cost is not excessive.  This motion passed. 


The wreckage and scrap of the radial portion will be disposed of by rented dumpster at TTT expense.    Later in the year when the Board starts the replacement of the decking on the flat portion of the ramp, that decking will be used to make benches and tables.  TTT will use two bolts per Truss for 2/4 decking.  TTT intends to use Ace in Dunlap if they can deliver the appropriate decking in time.  If needed TTT will buy lumber from the contractor yard as needed. 


Revamp Schedule:  Marking, hole punching and staging of materials to get ready for decking will start Friday 3/21.  Decking will start Saturday, 3/22 through Sunday, 3/23; weather permitting.  Safety equipment/belts will be mandatory for workers at risk for a fall. There will be a party and food for lunch and dinner Saturday.  Food plan will be organized by Kathy Lee for lunch and dinner with keg paid for by TTT and donations of various dishes from the locals.      


Clark Harlow has donated low cost tandems for anyone working on the ramp.  Steve will give the construction supervisor TTT tee-shirt and others important to the project. 


Ned Stelzel furnished fire wood for the club house and fixed stove pipe.


Committee Reports:

Treasurer.  Taxes paid and site insurance for Whitwell and Henson’s have been paid.  Bill Colvin acting treasurer.  Clark sent in reports $3,039.80 new checking account balance after the dividend was paid we have $1376.90 in the operating fund checking.  Ramp Fund account is kept separate in this account. 


CD LZ $47,799.78  It should have been converted to a month to month CD.  Allie’s report from investment advisors at Wachovia Bank suggested staying in a good CD.  Stacy Murdock will give us additional information.


Membership: Dan Shell sent in a report.  We currently have 124 members.  James Anderson reported on Dan Shell’s efforts to do a membership mailing to 265 old members with an application and request for support and renewal of membership.  Letters were stuffed for this purpose during the board meeting and will be mailed out soon.  Tom Pruitt requested help with getting registration forms witnessed.  Ollie will get stickers for ‘sign here’ to help with witnessing mistakes.   


Maintenance:  Carl Burick no information on budget yet.  Kenny didn’t have a chance to do the leaking spigot due to working 7 days a week and will fix it when he is on the regular schedule.  Bathhouse water will be turned on for the construction crew.  Top windsock is down and the ones in LZ are in bad shape.  Mark Stump made 3 Tyvec windsocks with 5 gallon hoop and donated to TTT. 


Competition committee:  Mayhem Mini Meet was discussed.  TC plans are moving along well.  9 registered for TC and 2 for Mayhem so far.  The TC is on the Oz Report and USHPA magazine calendars.  The Mini Meet will be advertised in the Oz Report and the Newsletter.


Awards: Erick Donaldson will help with Mayhem awards and TC awards.  Team challenge awards will be similar to last year’s.  Eric is working on hats to give away for significant flights.  He will manage TTT of year and flights of the year awards. 


Social Director:  Mark Poling was not present:  We will have a Mayhem Party and Xmas party.  The Octoberfest Party will be funded by Team Challenge. 


Safety committee: Tom Prouhet chair:  FRPs are on the website.   Laminated copies of the FRPs will be prominently displayed at Henson’s and Whitwell.  Keith Atkins will provide the laminated copies. 


Web-site:  Buddy Cutts   Buddy thanks Jeff Nibler for all the help on the Website projects.  The webpage is updated daily. 


Bylaws:  Mike reports nothing needs to be done. 


Newsletter:  Keith Atkins reports Jeff and Nate are helping and Keith will come up with articles from material out of the flymail.  He will report on the many accomplishments of the TTT this year. 


Motion to adjorn  passed at 12:20 Central Standard Time


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