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TTT BOD Minutes


May 2008 board meeting 5/17/08 9:20 AM Central


Board Members Present: President Steve Lee, Buddy Cutts, Jeff Dodgen, Alli Dodgen, Keith Atkins, Mike Nash, Carl Buric, Eric Donaldson, Secretary Ollie Gregory, Bill Colvin acting Treasurer, Tom Prouhet, Dan Shell, VP James Anderson, Mark Polling, Clark Harlow,


Board Members Absent: only Kathy lee


TTT Members Present:  Dan Strobel from Ohio.  Kinsley Sikes of Atlanta


April Minutes:  April Minutes taken by Kathy Lee were read.

Dan Shell amended minutes to reflect that the Bill Priday Trial venue is being appealed to TN Supreme Court.  Easement Attorney Fees are all done. The Land Trust that assisted in acquiring the easement recommended that TTT make a donation to the Land Trust.


Alli Dodgen motioned to accept April Minutes as amended.   James Anderson seconded and the minutes were approved unanimously.


Old Business: 


Bill Priday Lawsuit is waiting a TN Supreme Court hearing on venue. 


TN Land Trust wants us to donate to their cause.  Dan Shell said it was in the neighborhood of $3000.  Discussion of Land Trust mission as it is understood by the Board ensued.  Motion by Ollie Gregory to donate $500 a year x 5 years to the TN Land Trust was offered and seconded by Alli Dodgen.  The vote passed.


Revamp Windows Vote.  Discussion:

Some members wanted windows.  An action item vote was taken and board members were in favor 8 to 6.  Later when there was time for more discussion in the April meeting there were lots of different opinions.  The discussion was tabled so all could think about it. 


Ollie Gregory moved to take a new vote on whether to have windows. This was seconded.  Vote was against windows 12.   Vote for the windows was one.  Two members abstained. Windows in the ramp were voted down.


Mike Nash reported that the Lexan purchased might be returnable.   Ollie offered to purchase the Lexan if it could not be returned. 


New Business:


Revamp the Ramp Project:

Revamp finished and the bills have been paid according to project manager Steve Lee.  The only part of the project left is the recognition plaque to be procured by Mike Nash.  Discussion on the plaque ensued.  Mike Nash will bring a draft of the layout to the next board meeting.  The Board talked about placement of the plaque.  A site near the ramp was selected.  We will get a message out on Flymail so all who contributed can correct names etc. Mike Nash will donate the plaque.  Motion to put the balance of revamp ramp funds into LZ Fund was made by Mike Nash and seconded by James Anderson. 

Discussion ensued.  TTT received $32.445 so far.  There may be some small expenses and checks outstanding at this point.   The motion to put the remainder of the funds into LZ fund when the costs and expenses are finalized passed.   Jeff Wilson donated in memory of Kim Meriweather.  Greg Lowd donated $99.95 in memory of Henry Maciesowicz.


Keith Atkins reported on the automated Pay Pal used for online donations.  To date there were 14 Tee shirt donators and 19 Revamp the Ramp donators.  This gave us $950 and $250 more recently which was added to the total today.   Tee Shirts brought in $410 already and $135 more was added to the total today.  (As I understand it the $32,445 includes everything up to this moment that has been donated, some of which is recently received and yet to be deposited.)


A motion to announce a dead line to get a donor’s name on the commemorative plaque was made.  After some discussion, a cut off date to get name on the plaque will be May 31th.  After that date, donations will receive a thank you response, but will not have their name on the plaque. 


Finishing the top half of the ramp will be done at a later date. 


Jessica Ladrick is getting married on ramp June 7th at 6pm. 


James Anderson reported on the Southernparapilots club.  They have a link to our site but no information that paragliding is not allowed at TTT sites unless the pilot is a P4 and has prior board approval.  Buddy Cutts will make a TTT website link to the board rules regarding Paragliding at TTT sites.   James will respond to the Paragliding club regarding a request to clarify the information on TTT sites and Paragliding regulation.


James Anderson reported on an email from Jeff Laughery that said a sailplane that landed in Nippers field resulted in the Nippers becoming very upset.  So far the Nippers have never had a problem with hang gliders landing on their property. 


Discussion of James Stinnett’s idea about construction a pavilion on the flat near the creek was initiated by Ollie Gregory.  This would serve to refocus the landings to the flat area that may be more conducive to Hang 2 level pilots.  Placing a windsock near the bottom would help encourage more landings there.  Parking cars near the flat would help refocus H2s to that area.  The Board talked about developing assets such as our property on the creek.  Alli Dodgen talked about advanced pilots encouraging other pilots to consider landing in the flats.   The Board discussed putting windsocks at both sides of the LZ. 


Ned is going to make a few benches to put around.  Some may be used at the area near the Flats LZ.  

Fall Risk signs were discussed.    Dan brought up the possibility that liability issues from simply labeling the risk could result in increasing the liability.  This needs to be investigated before deciding to place Fall Risk signage.


Committee Reports


Treasury:  Clark Harlow helped with the report.  Bill Colvin is assisting as the acting treasurer.  There is $25,907.51 in the checking account as of April 30th.  A check to S&H for $20,451.30 had not yet cleared at that time.  Total cost on the ramp so far is $26,743. 


Maintenance Report:  Carl Buric is committee head.  Dan Stroble plugged up holes in roof around stove pipe and fixed the leak.  Dan Strobel completed the plumbing project initiated by Jeff Wilson.  We now have water in the clubhouse and the sink drains.  We hope to add a small hot water heater with a timer soon.  Preventive maintenance on the steel understructure will continue with volunteers.  Carl and Eric will check Whitwell and weed wack the launch.


Competition Committee Report by Ollie Gregory:  Mayhem Mini Meet is to start next weekend.  We expect 15 pilots entered in the Mayhem Meet.  35 pilots are already registered for TC.  In order not to discourage interested pilots, we may allow more pilots on a team, but cap the max cost for a Team at $550.  The TC will only allow 5 pilots from a team to fly in the meet each day. 


Awards:  Eric Donaldson is committee head.  Eric has plaques for Mayhem Mini Meet and TTT Caps to be given out to recognize pilot extraordinary flights.


Social Committee:  Mark Poling is the committee head:  Mayhem food will include covered dishes from the locals and any others who can help.  Mayhem will have music.  The donation cup will be out. 


Safety committee:  Tom Prouhet is the committee head.  The safety box is considered to be in good shape.  There will be a need for windsocks.  Wind socks will be done before next weekend’s Mayhem Mini Meet.


Membership committee:  Dan Shell is the committee head.  TTT has 127 current members.  Thanks to Tom Prouhet and Wanda for getting the membership materials out in the mail.  There is still a problem with incomplete membership applications.  These are sent back unprocessed and membership is not valid until it is corrected and resubmitted.  If pilots fly on an uncompleted application they are considered to be trespassing.  TTT must also send back payments with uncompleted applications.  The TTT website needs to add a warning that membership apps submitted incomplete will be sent back and the app will be considered invalid. 


Website:  Buddy Cutts is the committee chair.  The website is excellent.  Many thanks to Jeff Nibler for his good work helping so much on the new website initiatives.  The site is up to date as of today.


Bylaws:  Mike Nash is the committee head.  The Bylaws are up to date. 


The official name for our area is Henson Gap instead of Henson’s Gap.


Newletter Committee:  Keith Atkins is the newsletter chair.  Keith created a fantastic newsletter.  Keith thanked the TTT for the many great submissions.  The next newsletter will not be as long.  Stuffers and Stampers and Mailers were thanked.  The Board talked about covering the extra expense of sending newsletters out to the various VIPs and former members.  Keith and Buddy talked about the option of opting out of the printed Newsletter on the TTT website.  This will save some expense to the club.  Ollie brought up the possibility of mailing out Newsletter announcements on the post cards the club has to give pilots a heads up that a new Newsletter was ready.  Mike Nash moved that the club pay for the total newsletter expenses.  This was seconded and the vote unanimous.   Keith said to expect newsletters to come out 2 times a year and requested new submissions.


Dunlap Fire Dept sent a flier to the club to ask for a special donation.  We donate annually to Rescue. 


Nick Berry, Life Member, had a stroke and is now in a nursing home on in Soddy.    Wife Mary will be invited here for Mayhem and will get a card for all TTT to sign at Mayhem.  Bill Colvin will get the card. 


Club members and the Board need to police up the clubhouse when meetings are over.  



Motion to adjourn was seconded and the meeting ended at 12:15PM Central. 







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