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Nov 8th TTT BOD minutes

President Steve Lee called the meeting to order at 9:10 Central.

Present: Buddy Cutts, James Anderson, Keith Atkins, Steve Lee, Kathy Lee, Dan Shell, Jeff Dodgen, Allie Dodgen, Mike Nash, Ollie Gregory, Eric Donaldson, Tom Prouhett

Absent: Carl Burick, Mark Poling

Also present: Michael Bradford, Kenny Sandifer, Jeff Wilson, Clark Harlow, and Sean Martin our attorney in the Bill Priday suit

Old Business: Bill Priday Lawsuit. Shawn Martin reports. History of case. Adult children of Bill Priday filed wrongful death suit in Marion Co.TN vs TTT, Dean Funk, and USHPA

Much discussion.

Motion by Mike Nash to go to mediation and TTT Board gives our board representative the authority to guide Attorney regarding amounts acceptable. Vote passes with 11 for and one opposed.

Minutes for October Board meeting were read and unanimously accepted:

Keith suggested we reach out to Dean Funk.

Old Biz: TN land trust assoc. $500 to them for next five years. Steve thinks it is sent in. If not will do.

Old Biz: BOD and TTT of the Year ballots were discussed. Steve worked hard and had several new people interested and listed on the ballot for BOD. Paper ballots have been mailed. Buddy has on line voting available too with help from Jeff Nibbler. Steve did all this work and sent everything by mail $70 TTT money and time and effort. Buddy apologized for the frustration in sending email rant re ballot.

Old Biz: Favorite neighbor gifts: Mrs. Hudson will get a Keith Atkins soap basket. Mr. and Mrs. Castle will get a Keith Atkins soap basket. Mrs. Basham will get a ham. Mr. Standifer will get a soap basket. Whitwell First Baptist Church and Dunlap Rescue will get donations of $100. Mr. and Mrs. Mosier who own the LZ to the north of the Whitwell Baptist Church will get a soap basket. Mr. Galloway will get a fruit basket. Mr. Blevins will get a $50 coop gift certificate as a way to apologize for the landing on his crop. Dave Hopkins friend Sharon went by Allen Farms and talked with him about the landing field DNL status and said he was nice. Keith Atkins is donating the soap baskets! He makes the best soap in the world!

Old Biz: USHPA mixer. James Anderson reports. Got together with Matt to share the cost. Went well. Ollie and Jackie put together welcome gift bags with tee shirts, license plates, post cards, Jackie Gregory TC gift stuff and pens. The reason for the gift bags was to get the board to read our TTT Projects and Accomplishments Informational Packet with our goals and request to be helped and involved. A TTT Blank check given to Ollie. Ollie was thankful, but declined the money and will donated monies toward building of TTT barbeque pit.

Elsinore LZ membership requested help with LZ issues. We were to put it on web, but Buddy heard that all was settled and done so didn't put it on the website yet.

Old Biz. Revamp Recognition Plaque. Mike Nash reported that we still need a mounting rock and picture of the ramp needs to be engraved. Havenʼt heard back about the picture yet. All systems go. Getting cap rocks that are flat and cut angle so the level of the presentation will be appropriate. It will be installed in front of the clubhouse.

No other old biz.

New Biz. Mike Nash. last week met some nice people Dwayne Hooper and wife. Neighbors near Whitwell Launch site. Their bluff house is for sale. The couple know Mr. Castle well. They have some local insight re LZs. It would probably cost 1/4 million to buy large field. Mr. and Mrs. Hudson have no children and their nearest relatives are just nieces and nephews. Mr. Castle thinks the world of us. Need to approach both of them about when the property is passed on to allow a 99 year lease for use as hang gliding landing field. Of course would contract to have just landing privileges and parking privileges only. Wouldn't build any buildings. Just cut trees for approach and leave it in pasture with landing strip mowed and parking area. Bill Colvin and Dan Shell to help Mike with plans to talk to Mr. Hudson and the Castles possibly via Mr. Hooper. Dan says go in that direction. Reminded us of how the Henson's LZ was purchased with the extra money sold from lots bordering the LZ. Motion passed to pursue outline for this and report back to board. Mike to do this. Whitwell LZ may be a possibility sooner than expected!

New business: Jeff Wilson suggested we build a new concrete/block grill. Springtime project.

New business: James Anderson talked about the picture postcards we've bought to send out to USHPA members who have attained a higher rating. James met someone at the USHPA board meeting can get the addresses for us. James will pursue this.

New Business: Jeff Wilson says he and others are beginning work to establish a new site next to the old Walkers Gap site in AL. Jeff handed out an informational packet and talked about the revival of AL Hang Gliding Assoc. Jeff plans to push this along and asks for help. The site is 700 ft AGL in a SE facing bowl which will eventually be launchable South to East with a huge set up area. The launch area is groomed, and top landable with a swimming hole. TTT will give assistance. The site is about 109 miles to SE as Steve Lee flies. The site is not open to unescorted pilots yet. Jeff Wilson and Ed Braiser are contacts for the site. All pilots who join will get the package. Many TTT Board members are supportive and joined.

Treasury business:

Acting treasurer Bill Colvin was absent. Clark was given information for a report. Our current checking account balance is $13,828.61. We haven't taken out the money for Whitwell LZ fund that already appropriated. $4,500 is presently owed to the Whitwell LZ fund. Landing field LZ fund CD is now at $48728.00. Record year for the treasury! Jim Ellis is owed $400 for mowing. Porta Potties are still sitting here, post TC. Dan Shell will call for porta potty removal.

Competition committee report from Ollie. The TC went great! Very good participation and a fabulous learning experience for all involved. USHPA is interested in using our Teaching Competition in a Box format to spread this kind of meet around the country. Talked about the evolution of TC with “Gettin Ready to Race” Class and the present Sport Class format. Ollie will help with TC for 2009.

Membership committee: Dan Shell is committee chair. There are presently 152 members. This is quite high over the last several years. 31 are life members. Revenue generating membership are the balance. Issues regarding pilots without appropriate information on the membership application was discussed. No USHPA info on several applications. Several with a non pilot status were wanting to be TTT members.

Question for bylaws. All memberships must be approved by TTT Board. Several pilots are applying without the minimum requirements. Dan is not processing any applications from anyone who hasn't completed the applications. Dan has contacted the ones he could to report delinquencies. Dan plans to try to contact those that are easy. The rest will be in a file but their name won't be on the list. May be able to put an explanation with a list. The checks are taken from the applications. Implication is that if we cash the check and they don't hear from us is that they are members. Jeff Dodgen explained his way to do it. Lots of work Mike says if bylaws changed, then could have a plan to address the mistakes in applications. Motion to change the applications with a statement that incomplete applications are invalid and moneys accompanying will become donations. Will need to amend the bylaws to reflect this as follow up. Jeff D brought up getting rid of the one day memberships. Dan reported that we had recently received 18 annual, 7 one flight and 1 three day memberships. The one day memberships are being abused. There was much discussion. Membership doesn't handle money. Treasury handles money. Tom says all lifers should resubmit applications/waivers. Jeff Dodgen has hundreds of old waivers. Clark says we should change the procedure for handling applications to collect more information. If the guy that takes the stuff out of the box can write down the address from the checks, that will help. Many applications come with cash and very little information. Motion to amend the application for membership to include clause about incomplete application money will become a donation to the club fund and the applicant must reapply carried with 8 for and 2 against.

Bylaws committee: Mike Nash chair. TTT bylaws require a full membership referendum on this change re money management and membership. Mike doesn't know if we can change it without changing the bylaws. It is was decided that we could change the application/waiver and await results of the referendum. It would be permanently implemented if approved by a membership referendum. If bylaws referendum fails will have to revisit. Keith Atkins volunteered to redo the applications to make them easier to complete without mistakes. To clarify regarding the referendums: Non flying membership and non voting membership was discussed. Getting rid of one day memberships and raising the dues to $75 for annual membership privileges were discussed as referendum items. These will be addressed by bylaws committee and presented to board.

Website: Buddy Cutts: USHPA BOD meetng had favorable comments about the TTT Web Site.

Safety: Tom Prouhet: will fill out the accident report for USHPA on Gavin Riley accident during TC


Awards: Eric Donaldson: reported on the TC awards plaques. He will be working on the TTT of

the Year Award plaque and flight of the year for 2008.

Maintenance: The Lee team paid $400 for mowing.

Social: Steve Lee reported for Mark Poling: Christmas Party at LMFP on Dec. 6. Ricker Goldsborough, Kathy Lee, Ray Helman, and Jeff NIbler will be preparing turkey and all the fixin’s. It’s BYOD (bring your own drink and your own dessert).

Newsletter: Keith Atkins: Quarterly newsletters will be published in 2009. Information is available on our web page. Good comments about the TTT Branches newsletter from USHPA BOD members during their fall meeting.

Many thanks to Kathy Lee for the delicious banana fruit bread for breakfast.

Adjourned at 1:10 central





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