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TTT BOD Minutes


Minutes of October, 2008 meeting of the Tennessee Tree Toppers.


Meeting called to order by President Steve Lee at 9:23 central standard time.  James Anderson volunteered to take minutes.  Present were James Anderson, Buddy Cutts, Dan Shell, Mike Nash, Steve Lee, Kathy Lee, Mark Poling, Bill Colvin, and Carl Burick.  Members in attendance were John Sumner, Dave Hopkins, and Sharon Tubbs, who was kind enough to cook a very fine and much appreciated breakfast for us.  James Anderson made coffee.


Buddy Cutts read the minutes from the last meeting.


Old Business:
Dan Shell reported on the Bill Priday lawsuit.  Little has changed.  As it stands, the legal proceedings will be held in TN, not in CA.  Dan reported that there was a request that we enter mediation.  Carl Burick moved (seconded by James Anderson) that our feelings on any mediation were that "If they want to drop the lawsuit and cover all our expenses associated with it, we are OK with that."  There was much discussion.  Motion passed.


New Business:
A plea from the Elsinore Hang Gliding Association for funds to provide for their legal defense of their landing zone was read by James Anderson.  Mike Nash moved that it be placed on our web site.  Seconded by Buddy Cutts.  Unanimous.


Mike Nash showed the brass plaque.  Missing only the acid etched photograph (which is coming), everybody agreed that it was magnificent.  A location right out in front of the club house was selected for the plaque's permanent location.  Mike Nash will look into a suitable rock on which to mount the plaque.  All expressed their appreciation for Mike's (and others) great efforts.


Thanks to Steve Lee for seeing to the rock by our gate to block traffic around the gate.


Thanks to Ollie Gregory for securing insurance for the Team Challenge.  Unanimous vote to reimburse him.


Board members agreed to send $500 to the TN land trust in accordance with earlier discussions by the board.


Discussion on the shady bottom pavilion.  Carl Burick volunteered the use of his truck to move a bench there, a long overdue move.  Thanks Carl. 


Discussion of gifts to our favorite neighbors.  Kathy Lee volunteered to take care of it for Mrs. Hudson (soap basket), Mr Standifer (likewise), the home owner beside the Whitwell church LZ (fruit basket?), Mr.and Mrs. Castle (ham/turkey?), and Mrs. Basham (likewise).  A $50 gift certificate to the Co Op will be mailed to Mr Blevins (included because an inconsiderate member landed in his crops).  Mr. Galloway will be recognized and our standard $100 check to the Whitwell church.


Steve Lee sought nominations for the coming year's board.  The current board is willing to stand again less Tom Pruit and Clark Harlow.  Additional members willing to stand for election include Nate Newkirk, Mike Bradford, Jeff Nibler, Ricker Goldsborough, Lucas Ridley, Tip Rogers, Brian Barnes, and Johno Fisher.


James Anderson reported on his progress with the USHPA board meeting mixer.  The board voted to support the mixer.


Treasurer Bill Colvin reported that there was little change on our permanent treasury items.  There is still some confusion at this point, but there were net gains from various donations, Ricker's keg, Jeff Wilson's food.  The only tiny loss was breakfast at -$135, which everybody agreed was well worth it anyway.  Steve Lee reported a net gain of $3,874, more or less, for the TC.


Competition Committee chair not present.  Many thanks to Ollie for the great job on the TC.


Awards Committee chair not present.  Everybody needs to be thinking about who should be the TTT of the year.


Social Committee chair Mark Poling reports another big success.  The band (Mark Poling, Robert Sims, and Chuck Fergeson) was much appreciated.  Mark will ask LMFP if it is OK to have our Christmas party in their pavilion on the first Saturday evening in December.  The Pizza providers cooked an additional 15 pizzas beyond the call of duty.  James Anderson moved a check for $150 be sent them to cover that effort.  Second Buddy Cutts.  Unanimous.  The only complaint was that the only drinks provided by TTT were beer and water, leaving little choice for the non-drinkers, youngsters, etc.


Membership Chair Dan Shell pointed out that Greg Heckman is now in compliance with TTT rules and moved that the board meeting requirement be waived.  Second James Anderson.  Unanimous.  Tom and Wanda are checking our database. Thank you Tom and Wanda.  There was discussion of creating a non-flying non-voting membership status for those who wish to support the club even if they don't fly.  Tabled.


Newsletter Chair not present.  Send him something to publish.


Web site Chair Buddy Cutts reports all is well.  Many thanks Buddy.


Bylaws Chair Mike Nash will consider the non-flying non-voting membership status problem.


Safety Chair Tom Pruit (not present) is reportedly looking into an accident report for the incident where Mr. Gavin hit a tree during the TC even though there was little damage.


Maintenance Chair Carl Burick gave his report.  The gravel at the Whitwell launch needs smoothing out and the Basham's need to be paid for mowing the Whitwell launch.  Thank you Carl for a job well done.


Bill Colvin announced that the Lewis Chapel VFD benefit was going on and a good place to get lunch.  We agreed to send them $100.


Dan Shell will tell Sean Martin he would be welcome to attend our board meeting.


Carl Burick motion to adjourn.  Buddy Cutts second.  Unanimous.


Meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM CST.


Respectfully, James Anderson.





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