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TTT Board Minutes 9/13/2008


Meeting was called to order by President Steve Lee at 9:50 Central Time.


Board Members Present:  President Steve Lee; VP James Anderson; Secretary Ollie Gregory; Dan Shell, Mike Nash, Tom Prouhet, Carl Buric, Eric Donaldson, Buddy Cutts, Mark Poling,


Absent:  Alli and Jeff Dodgen, Treasurer Clark Harlow, Kathy Lee, and Keith Atkins.


Also present:  Acting Treasurer Bill Colvin; Jeff Wilson from Alabama; Michael Bradford from Florida; Dan Strobel new local.   Wanda B.


Old Business:


Bill Priday Lawsuit:  Dan Shell reports TN Supreme Court denied motion for change of venue which means the trial will be held in TN rather in California. 


TN Land Trust:  We have agreed to pay the TN Land Trust legal aid firm $500 a year for 5 years for the balance of their bill for services resulting in our Hensons LZ inclusion in a protective land trust.  We have not paid this for 2008 yet.


New Business:


Mike Nash reported on the plaque commemorating the original radial ramp builders and the donors for the revamp the ramp project.  Keith Atkins has volunteered to lay out the design.  Denny Haldeman has been contacted to write a brief history of the ramp.  Mike has located an engraver and will pay for the plaques and mounting.  Hopefully this will be done before Team Challenge.


Hank Hughes life TTT member has recently passed away.  Hank was the visionary whose efforts enabled the TTT to make the land deals, purchases and sales for the eventual acquisition land for the Hensons Gap LZ.   It was suggested his name and contributions be included on the plaque. 


Complaints about hang glider pilots landing in crops was addressed.  Avoiding landing in fields with crops will be discussed regularly with all pilots flying our sites.

 James Anderson reported on the USHPA Board of Directors meeting is to be held in Chattanooga the third weekend of October.  It was suggested that we should host a mixer for the USHPA board, local pilots and TTT members. Ollie will contact Steve Kroop for more information on how to pursue this.

Committee Reports:


Treasurer Report:

Bill Colvin, Acting Treasurer, reported on the need for a Treasurer to replace Clark who seems to be dropping off the board.  Bill has done a good job of keeping up with the duties, but is not comfortable with the accounting program the TTT has been using, and has been doing it all by hand.  Bill describes the Treasurers job as having relatively minor time requirements.  He has only written 22 checks since he took over in January.  He does report that reconciling money received with the purpose of the contributor/team challenge fee/membership fee the check or cash was intended for has been frustrating due to inconsistencies with applications etc. 


Much discussion about this issue ensued.  At this time Bill will continue as Acting Treasurer.  Anyone may assist the Treasurer with the management of the TTT funds and Steve Lee will write the membership soliciting assistance.  Mike Nash has all the programs that will enable this to flow easily and is willing to tutor anyone volunteering to help with this task.  The checking account may be managed online as well.


As of July 31st 2008, the checking account had  a balance of $12,741.00.


Of this, $5,500 is Team Challenge entry fees and $5,292 is Revamp the Ramp money left over after all the bills for the ramp rebuild to date have been paid.    Subtracting these monies leaves us with an available operating fund balance of just $1,942 at the end of July.


Bill also reported that recent deposits of $1167 with $220 of that earmarked for Team Challenge Entry fees leave a balance of $2,455 in our operating funds.


There was a motion to deposit $4,500 from the Revamp the Ramp funds into the LZ Fund CD and  reserve $792 in the operating funds for fixing the lawn damage and dirt washout caused by the crane truck and replacing the remainder of the decking when that becomes necessary.


The Land Fund CD has a balance of $48,512.  It is now invested in low interest earning CDs that roll over every month.  This was done to allow us to more easily invest in a better earning fund.  We still await a presentation to the board from an investment counselor.  Stacy Murdock has offered her help, but efforts to finalize a visit have not born fruit. 


Social Committee Report: 

Mark Poling SC Chairman reported on plans for the TC and Octoberfest party.  Lupi's Pizza will cook pizza to order on site with brownies.  Cost $950 to feed 100.  Two Kegs of beer will be purchased along with other drinks and necessities for the meal.  Much discussion about options to please everyone ensued.  At the end of the discussion, Mark is going to  proceed with his plans and Steve Lee will investigate whether other volunteers would like to prepare additional options.  There will be no band.  Mark will have sound system and will DJ. 


2 Porta potties will be at Hensons and 2 at Whitwell.  If one is needed in the Hensons LZ for overflow camper, it will be ordered during TC.  Cost $100 per potty for 7 days expect $400.  Fire wood will be purchased.  All the cost of the party will come from Team Challenge funds.  Budget for above estimated at $1,740 to $2,000.


Breakfast for TC will be prepared by Aldona and a helper she has found.  Breakfast will be $5 a meal to be collected at the time of the meal.  Money for Aldona to start the process will be made available. 




Maintenance Committee Report: 

Chairman Carl Buric reported on Whitwell launch status.  He has weed wacked around the launch area.  The set up area needs mowing and hopefully the locals will help with this.  Ollie Gregory placed launch crew safety anchors.  Yellow Jacket nest was killed at Whitwell.  Tom Prouhet placed anchors for the launch crew safeties at Hensons.  Jeff Wilson installed the Hot Water heater donated by Ollie Gregory.  Jeff Wilson installed an outdoor shower on the east wall of the bath house and donated the materials.  James Anderson installed a motion activated light over the out door sink on the south side of the bath house.  Ned has been hired to mow camping spots for Team Challenge.  Two loads of gravel will be bought for the drive into Whitwell.  This will come from Team Challenge funds.


Membership Committee Report

Chair Dan Shell reported that there have been an increasing problem with incompletely filled in membership applications.  The Team Challenge online forms will no longer have a submit option.  Applications must be downloaded, filled out completely and sent in with checks in the future. 


Dan reported on individuals who have been involved with TTT flying that are not USHPA members.  Greg Heckman is neither a TTT member or USHPA member.  Chris Christopherson is not a USHPA member.


Website Committee Report: 

Chair Buddy Cutts reports that the website is up to date and functioning well.  Buddy thanks Jeff Nibler for all the help and TTT thanks Dan Barker for hosting the site for us without charge.


Safety Committee Report:

Chairman Tom Prouhet reports the status of the safety box, wind socks and launch sites is good.  Ollie put in anchors for the wire launch crew safety lines at Whitwell.  Tom put in anchors for the Ramp wire launch crews.  Ollie provided biners and webbing for launch crews at Henson's which are in the Safety Box. 


Bylaws Committee Report: 

Mike Nash Chairman reports there are no changes in the bylaws.


Newsletter Report:

Newsletter Chairman Keith Atkins was not present, but has completed the fall version of the newsletter and has it ready for printing.  An online full color version is available.  It is strongly recommended that the newsletter be downloaded to save considerable cost to the club from printing and mailing costs. 


Competition Committee Report:

Ollie Gregory Chairman reported that the Mayhem Mini Meet and Fly In went well.  We made a little money and had some fun.  Tom Prouhet won second or third place in the streamer drop contest and is owed $5!


Team Challenge update:  We expect 56 to 60 for team challenge plus 20 to 30 free fliers and volunteers  These along with additional family members will result in approximately 100 people camping and using the TTT facilities every day.  Keith Atkins, Steve Prater, Michael Bradford, Jeff Wilson are coming to volunteer all week.  Our usual TTT members will help out.  All the seminar speakers are confirmed.  Tee Shirts designed by Nate Newkirk are ordered.  Ollie paid for these, but will be reimbursed from Team Challenge Funds.  Cost $485.  A few extra shirts will be available to give away or sell. The board approved purchase of event insurance if that can be accomplished before Team Challenge.  Cost $190.


Awards  Committee Report:

Eric Donaldson Chairman has ordered trophies for the top three teams and expects 6 per team so 18 trophies.  He will also order TC newcomer of the year and A team leader of the year trophies.  Team Challenge funds will cover the cost of trophies.  He will plan for end of the year awards after Team Challenge.




Meeting was adjourned at approximately 1:45 Central time or later.  


Thanks to Dan Shell, Wanda and Tom for the breakfast. 








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