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TTT BOD Minutes


TTT BOD Meeting  - August 8, 2009. 

Meeting starts at 9:15 Central time

Present: Steve Lee, Keith Atkins, Buddy Cutts, Mike Nash, Ollie Gregory

Jeff Nibler,  Mark Poling, and Dan Shell


Absent:  Jeff Wilson, Eric Donaldson, Lucas Ridley, James Anderson, Kathy Lee, and Jeff Dodgen, Ricker Goldsborough

We are cutting back on printed agendas this meeting to be “Lean and GREEN”.

Minutes from last meeting were read and a motion to accept was made and seconded.  Minutes had unanimous approval.


Old Business: 

Whitwell LZ: 

Dan Shell provided some information.  A local realtor is looking around for us.   The Whitwell School was discussed.  Ollie expressed concerns about the size, approaches and problem with asbestos removal involved with the old school building.  Dan will keep checking with the realtor. 

Bill Colvin does not know Mr. Castle, so no contact has been made regarding purchase or lease agreement.  The club still wants to pursue this. 

Discussed combo launch and LZ purchase options.  There may be some possibility near Dunlap.   

Mike Nash reported on meeting with local philanthropists regarding getting a SE site

Bill Priday Lawsuit: 

Dan Shell:  USHPA agreed to motion for summary judgment.  Awaiting more news.

TTT Postcards:

 James Anderson absent

Ramp Project Plaque: 

Steve reposted there are still problems with the stone company!  We are not likely to get the appropriate rock.  Instead, we will find a stonemason to build a stacked stone column.  Motion to do this was seconded and approved with unanimous vote.   Mike Nash donated enough concrete blocks to for the stone mason to use for constructing the plaque foundation near the clubhouse.  Thank you Mike!  The masons will bring enough natural stone to build a fašade around the blocks.  Keith Atkins reports finding two metal workers that may be interested in the photo engraving.  They can easily do an engraving on aluminum and might be able to do the photo engraving on brass!  Keith is investigating other possibilities and,  at a minimum, will laminate an aerial photo for temporary use during Team Challenge.

TTT old tee shirts that have been donated: Still need to do something with them.

New Business:

Financial planning committee has suggested raising the dues.  Mike says he and Jeff Wilson will put together recommendations.  The changes will be proposed to start in 2010.  Keith searched around the country for dues for clubs and passed out a list of fees.   The data shows that for what the TTT offers, our dues are too low!

BOD balloting for 2010 needs to be organized.  Steve requested volunteers to get ballots going for 2010.  We need a volunteer!  Steve doesn’t want to do it!  But Mark Poling will do it!  Jeff Nibler will do as much possible with email.  No need to mention that since email newsletter is done online only, now.  TTT of the year will be put on the ballot.

A club member wanted to buy a camper and park it on the TTT property.  Jeff Nibler moved that we would review this at the next meeting.  Seconded and vote approved unanimously.

LMFP wants TTT give-aways for the Women’s Fly-In!  We have TTT license plates to give away.   We need TTT Tee Shirts, too.  Clark volunteers to get tee shirts.  Ollie will bring some to LMFP as give away items for the Women’s Fly-In.

Obtaining a container for glider storage was discussed.  Mike Nash volunteered to investigate obtaining a container from Mr. Wagner.  May be able to get one for very little; he thinks for free!  This will be another source of income for the club and a convenience to club members.  Thank you Mike Nash!

Children, pets and non-pilots on the ramp and issues with dogs getting in the way were discussed, briefly. Dogs fighting and someone being bitten and suing the club is a concern and a liability risk for TTT.  People have brought dogs here and their dogs got attacked.  Moved to postpone this discussion to a meeting in the near future was seconded and approved unanimously.   

Safety issues were discussed and will be further discussed during upcoming meetings, as needed.  We need a wind sock and Whitwell manager.  We miss Carl.



Committee reports:


Mark Poling reported that Mayhem had about $200 in donations and went well.  Discussed TC party plans.  Mark will coordinate with us.  Ollie has some ideas, too.


Ricker sent in a report.  $54,811.31 in LZ CD.

Checking account:  $1915 but that is not accurate.  Jeff has some $3000 of TC funds in his Pay Pal account that needs to be deposited into the TTT account.


Eric Donaldson was absent.  2009 plaques are not done yet!  TTT of year award was briefly discussed.


Ollie said Team Challenge is mostly paid up.  Ollie needs help with the first two days since he will not be here to organize.  Mark Poling will find someone to prepare on site breakfasts and dinner for the closing party.  Keith Atkins will help with printing needs for pilot handouts.  Jeff Nibler will be helping with the first two days’ organization. Sponsorships were discussed.  We will have good support this year.  Sponsors have donated lots of stuff! TC Agenda and schedule needs to be firmed up. Red Bull and crowd control were briefly discussed.  We might need caution flags.  Set up area and parking areas for TC were briefly discussed, but we have no clear plans for this yet.  We should expect to have a lot of spectators.  Ollie will solicit help and ideas.  


Jeff  has  modified the present form following the suggestions solicited from the board at our last meeting and from consultation with various board members.  Witness information is required with an address and printed name. No sign and fly!  Forms no longer have to be notarized but will not be active unless witnessed by a board member or until processed and a membership sticker is received in the mail.  The new form was exhibited.  There are two ways to get membership and fly.  Jeff must receive a valid membership application and will then mail the letter informing of membership with a sticker.  To fly, one must have either received the membership letter and sticker from Jeff, or a board member must witness a completed membership form and payment deposited in drop box, then the new member can fly immediately! Amendment: Board members and approved tandem pilots can both witness the membership form.




Jeff Wilson is absent.  Rocketman and Steve Larson helped with water heaters.  Clark Harlow finished the hot water repair in the shower area.  Ramp needs 56 boards to finish before TC.    Plaque and ramp needs to be finished before TC.  We need wind socks at Whitwell launch and landing field.   The upstairs clubhouse deck needs repairing because the railing is potentially unsafe. 


Buddy Cutts reported the website is in good shape.  Need to list new duration record by Jeff Sharp on king posted glider of over 8 hours! 


Mike Nash has nothing new to discuss.  He agreed to work with his committee and put together a proposal for a referendum on raising TTT annual dues.


Keith Atkins needs articles soon.  Need new blood writing articles.  There may not be enough articles for the planned September issue.  If not, articles submitted by Steve Lee and Ollie Gregory will be published in the next issue.


Kathy Lee is absent.  A few safety issues were discussed including the upper deck which needs new railing.  We need a new windsock man! 

Brief Discussion of Paragliders in TTT and exploring options with TTT.  Louis of Paraglide Atlanta will investigate this with us.   They now have a paragliding launch facing NW near the south blue water tower on top of the east plateau. 

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 Central



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