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TTT BOD Minutes


BOD minutes 12/12/09

Meeting called to order  at 9:20 central


Present :  Steve Lee, Kathy Lee, James Anderson, Buddy Cutts, Jeff Nibler, Mark Poling, Ollie Gregory

Members Present:  Alvin & Barry Klein, Dean Funk, & Michael Bradford

Absent: Jeff Dodgen, Eric Donaldson, Ricker Goldsborough, Keith Atkins, Mike Nash, Lucas Ridley, Dan Shell, Jeff Wilson

Jeff Nibler read old minutes.

James moves to accept minutes, Kathy seconds. Unanimous


Old business


Steve wrote check for the missing keg deposit.  The previous money order is still missing.


Bill P lawsuit: Resolved. Results have been sealed.  I would say favorably resolved.  


Whitwell LZ Search – Dan reports nothing new.  


Glider storage container – Ollie called Wagner who said a 40’ container costs $2k to have delivered and a 20’ would cost about the same. James Stinnet has a forty foot one and is willing to sell it, but there would be delivery fees and price is unknown. Wagner cautioned to watch out for high delivery fees when shopping for containers.


Firewood: $35 per ton but we don’t have any way to pick it up.  Kathy suggests that we pay a local with a dump truck to get it.  Kathy will call two people she thinks may have a dump truck to see if they’d do it and how much they’d charge. Mark mentioned that the firewood place won’t load the wood into the truck. Kathy mentioned Rick Jacob is in Puerto Rico for the weekend and won’t be back until January.  We owe Rick some firewood borrowed during Team Challenge. 

DSL – Michael Bradford said $99 covers installation.  Monthly fees are $40, $50, or $60 depending on the speed we want. We are able to get the fastest speed they offer.  To start service, we need to pay deposit and they will install 3 weeks from that time.  Michael Bradford will pay the deposit and meet the phone company at Henson’s for the installation.  Michael said Dan Shell is the only person authorized by the phone company to initiate the order so Dan will need to call the phone company. Michael will call Dan to ask that he do this. Board decides to get cheapest service and have it upgraded for the months where we have big events.


Team Challenge T-Shirts – 10 extra T-shirts. Ollie was not happy with T-shirt company service. Shirts were 6-8 weeks late. Manufacturer claimed he couldn’t figure out how to use the art that Ollie and Jackie sent him. Kip Stone is going to make and help design the TC shirts for next year and donate them.


Gift Baskets: Ollie bringing baskets made by Jackie for  Galloway, Hudson and Castle..  Kathy offers to deliver gifts to Basham’s and other Whitwell folks as backup in the event Clark or Dan can’t.


Windsocks: Clark got the windsocks and we have two 36” socks coming for the LZ


Chris Thale Fatal Accident:

Jeff Nibler filing accident report with USHPA. Police took Mr Thale’s equipment for investigation, called Wills Wing who told them to send it to Lookout for analysis. Mr Thale’s family is donating all of his equipment to the club.   Jeff Nibler offered to donate the glider wreckage to Lookout Mountain Flight Park and sell the remaining gear on e-bay then donate 100% of the proceeds to the ovarian cancer fund. James Anderson motions to accept, Buddy Cutts seconds. Unanimous.


James Anderson & Buddy Cutts count ballots.


Committee Reports

Treasurer reports Checking Acct Balance: $7,415.94. CD fund as of September: $53,653.79. For further details see Treasurers Final Report 2009.


Awards:  Eric Donaldson making awards for party tonight.


Membership: Jeff Nibler reports 171 members. One new lifetime member: Lucas Ridley. Jeff reminds board members that they need to verify applications are completed properly and to check their USHPA cards.  Ollie mentions having renewals without board member signatures, with less than 6 month lapse. Jeff shows new sign with instructions for the drop box. Michael Bradford mentions “Completion of this form is not permission to fly” and separate the process of completing form vs permission to fly.


Jeff asked if he could post the tandem app online.  Board agreed.


Safety: Kathy thanked Jeff Nibler for handling USHPA report on accident.

Jeff Nibler created new membership signs for posting on the drop boxes and around the launch sites. Also mentioned he will create launch procedures sign for posting near the ramp at Henson’s and Whitwell.

Ollie motions to have signs printed, not enough board members present to vote so Ollie loans the money until board can vote on it..

Kathy suggests a new rule to require 5 witnessed foot launches in the LZ before clearing tow pilots to launch off our mt launches.  James suggests we make a rule that everyone goes down to the red line when launching. Barry suggest sign that states starting from the red line in ALL conditions.  Ollie mentions we need AWCL signage on the ramp. Ollie suggests photo sequence of launching on sign. Dean Funk offers assistance for sign creation. Alvin mentions he thinks we should have the red line rule. 


Website: Buddy Cutts states all is well.


Bylaws: No news  

Maintenance: No report. Michael Bradford states he has some cabinets he could donate. Ollie suggests putting the cabinets along the wall.  Ollie offers to use his truck to pick them up. Dean Funk and Barry offer to donate counter tops.


Social: Mark Poling purchased a banner for, and coordinated the Christmas party. Steve Lee setup a glider with Christmas lights on it in front of the party venue.

Competition: Ollie mentioned the creation of a Weekend Series (March to November) on the second Weekend of each month. It will include a variety of contests that will involve pilots of all skill levels including open distance, streamer drop, duration, spot landing etc.  Also discussed new USHPA sanctioned meets. Ollie wants to have an open distance meet which would be as many laps as you can fly over a pre-determined course.


2010 Board: Steve Lee, Jeff Wilson, Jeff Nibler, Ricker Goldsborough, Kathy Lee, Michael Bradford, Dan Shell, Kenny Sandifer, Eric Donaldson, Lucas Ridley, Oliver Gregory, James Anderson, Miller Stroud, Buddy Cutts, Mark Poling.

Tree Topper Of The Year: Ollie Gregory


Jeff Nibler motioned to adjourn. Buddy Cutts seconded. Unanimous. Meeting adjourned at 12:04 central.


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