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Tennessee Tree Toppers

TTT BOD Minutes


January 10, 2009 Meeting


BOD Officer Elections:

President: Steve Lee

VP: James Anderson

Secretary: Lucas Ridley

Treasurer: Ricker Goldsborough



Steve Lee

James Anderson

Lucas Ridley

Ricker Goldsborough

Buddy Cutts

Jeff Dodgen - absent

Eric Donaldson

Ollie Gregory

Keith Atkins - absent

Kathy Lee

Mike Nash - absent

Mark Poling

Dan Shell

Jeff Wilson

Jeff Nibler

Club members: Michael Bradford, Bill/Jane Colvin, Dean Funk, Jim Lamb


Committee Chair Election

Mark Poling unanimous voted social chair

Eric Donaldson unanimous voted awards chair

Ollie Gregory unanimous voted competition chair

Jeff Wilson Bylaws assistant to Mike Nash bylaws chair

Ricker nom first and Ollie nom second: Jeff Nibler Membership chair

Kathy Lee safety chair

Buddy Cutts webmaster

Jeff Wilson maintenance

James Anderson first, Ollie seconds: Keith Atkins as Newsletter chair


l  46 people voted for Board Members this year

l  Kathy's breakfast was great

l  Jim Lamb mentions Whitewater's membership dues are $175 (separate from tows), Jeff Nibler mentions he could write a program to remind people to renew dues automatically


Old Business

    Lawsuit updates: mediation failed, they wanted too much/we offered too little. Dan Shell mentions USHPA is supporting us. Ollie mentions considering the mayhem meet to be renamed as the 'The Memorial Bill Priday Meet/Fly-in' or something like that. Or name a safety seminar after him that would be conducted at one or both of our meets. Dean mentioned we honored Bill Priday by flying the rest of the meet. Kathy mentioned the Treetoppers sent a planted tree, cards, and flowers to Bill Priday's home flying site after calling and asking what they wanted for their home site since they were erecting a monument to him and they wanted a tree which we sent.

  TN Land Trust – Steve Lee mailed them $500 donation for this year. Jean Nelson the Exec Director replied with a thank you letter, that is up on the bulletin board.

   Keith Atkins won TTT of the Year, beating out Jim Lamb by one vote. Steve received ballots after the Christmas party that would have changed the outcome but were late.

   Kathy Lee delivered all the favorite neighbor gifts, which Keith Atkins donated his soap baskets. Bashams (Whitwell launch) and Castles (Whitwell lz) were excited to receive our gifts and are happy to be involved with the club.

   Revamp recognition plaque: Mike Nash is being relieved of further work on it. The plaque was at the meeting, looks good, still needs a picture engraved on it, but everything else is etched and its ready to go once the picture is finished. Ollie says, Keith Atkins is working on the picture. Steve Lee is going to get the rock it will be mounted on.

    Bill Colvin took Jim Ellis $400 for the mowing of the Henson’s LZ

    Lucas got reimbursed $79.20 for picking up end of year awards


New Business

   Idea for leasing Castle LZ: Jim Lamb suggests talking to Castle about getting it into a land conservation easement and let us use it. Mr. Castle has agreed for us to use his field but the question is about its security after the land passes to his family. The idea about how to approach this situation is ongoing.

   James Anderson reads a letter from the US Paragliding Team asking for donations to support them to travel to the World's competition. Jim Lamb suggests donating to the Foundation For Free Flight for that purpose. Jeff Nibler has the idea to create a separate paypal account that members can donate to for an amount of time and then all that money raised will be donated to the Foundation for competition. Buddy Cutts is putting a link on the website to encourage members to donate. Ollie moves to donate $100 to the Foundation for Free Flight, Jim Lamb says he'll put in $100 as well – nothing more is mentioned because: Jeff Nibler is going to move ahead with his idea and make the website-side of what is needed for his idea, Ricker and Ollie will help with marketing and publicizing.

    H-2 mentoring program that Matt Tabor wants to work with TTT. Previously, the deal breaker was getting a observation of a flight at Henson’s before a H2 can fly Whitwell with one of LMFP's instructor. Kathy mentioned of previous programs where H2's ended up in the trees at Whitwell and stressed relations with landowners. This is tabled.

    Old part of the ramp, the flat portion, Steve mentions the decking is in bad shape. Eric mentions it would be good to keep the entire ramp at the same age. Jeff Wilson would also want to do a front porch on the clubhouse with extra lumber from the flat ramp lumber. Steve is putting it in maintenance because it is a smaller job.


  Checking is at $9096.53 and check from Clark for $100 that hasn't been deposited minus what was written to Lucas for the awards ($79.20). James Anderson says he’s donating $200 for CD fund.

    The extra revamp money ($4,500) was put into the CD/LZ fund also half of the money from the checking account (about another $4,500) will also be put into the CD fund. So that CD fund equals $48,728 plus revamp $4,500 and whatever the half of the checking account will be.

    $320 was raised for the club from the Christmas party. All the food for that party was donated.

    Ricker outlined how he will organize the funds and approved purchases, etc.


    Eric first, Ollie second Mark's band to play at Mayhem meet. $300 will be the fee


    Keith Atkins, TTT of Year. Steve Lee flight of the year. Stan 3rd, David 2nd.

    Eric mentions we should divide awards into classes since all flight awards went to rigids this year.


    Ollie: Mayhem coming up. TC 09 will have two class’s one normal, and one for 'getting ready to race.' Mike Barber and Kevin Carter will head that class up. TC will be starting the last weekend of September. And the fees will be increased this year and the racing class will be more expensive.


    No business


    Jeff is the new chair

    Dan Shell: we have 153 members with 3 applications pending. 32 life members. Greg Heckman is a new life member. Being diligent about membership status at the sites is emphasized.


    Tom Prouhet sent in the accident report from TC of Tom Galvin going into the trees


    No business. Thanks to Dan Barker and Buddy Cutts


    Jeff Wilson is new chair: fire rings for camp sites, bbq grill, some electrical improvements

    Jeff Nibler emphasized the loose railing on the upstairs porch of the clubhouse.

    Ricker mentions a form that he can create for committee's budgets.


    No business, thanks to Keith for his work.


    Steve makes a motion to skip February meeting. Ricker moved, James seconded. Voted in favor.

    Dan Shell first, Ollie second to make a 'Long Range Planning Committee' – Jim Lamb was making suggestions and support for the formation of this committee. Ricker mentioned County Commission of Walker County would support us to use the county-owned land especially if we could demonstrate how it would elevate tourism and increase economy of the county. Ollie and Jim Lamb offered to be co-chairs per Dan Shell's amendment to his motion to create the committee. Unanimous vote in favor.

    Steve offered to switch to having the BOD meeting at Lookout pavilion. It was tabled.

    All committee chairs will submit a budget next meeting March


Motion to adjourn: Buddy first, Ollie second







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