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Tennessee Tree Toppers

TTT BOD Minutes


March Meeting (no Feb meeting) – start 9:50 am CDT



Buddy Cutts, James Anderson, Eric Donaldson, Ollie Gregory, Steve Lee, Jeff Nibler, Mark Poling, Lucas Ridley, Dan Shell, Clark Harlow, Alvin Slatton


Minutes read – Ollie first and its seconded to accept them.


Old Business

Bill Priday lawsuit – Dan Shell: we're waiting for a response


Revamp Recognition – Steve has found rock for plaque, without price, other trouble is getting it up here. Rock is 8' tall, 5' wide to be planted 3' deep so stands 5' tall out of the ground. Other question is whether we have 3' of soil to dig into, otherwise we may need some concrete. Ramp-side corner of clubhouse was previously decided to be location, but other ideas were considered because it will block ramp view from clubhouse window. The place won't do any custom cutting. Not pressed for time. James to email Keith about picture, to put it on porcelain.


Gate damage-guy: took off, but Steve knows where he is – says Bill Colvin will talk to the Sheriff, we still haven't gotten our $500 that the judge ordered him to pay. James has idea to paint straight bar of gate a bright color and to replace lock as its still shattered. Eric says he'll put reflector tape stuff on the gate bar next time he's up. Kenny Sanderford is the one that fixed the gate in a day.


James reporting on the idea to have USHPA list of new pilots to mail them postcards to invite them to come and fly. Estimated first year charge was $206.80


New Business

Supporting the US World team: Ollie, Dan, Buddy, James, and the club each are giving $100 to equal one check to them from the Treetoppers for $500.


Nick Berry box of archive t-shirts: Ollie mentions the Team Challenge needing goodies to give away, or auction them off to raise money for something, or Kathy had the idea of putting them all in a quilt


Talking to Mr. Castle for Whitwell LZ fund – Ollie: we need to get a plan together for this and James says table it for next meeting.


Matt Tabor wants us to drop the Henson visit to let H2's fly Whitwell. There was some discussion – Ollie offered to leave the program as it is for Matt to take up our originally passed proposal it was passed and everything stands as it has been.


Repair the flat part of the ramp. Steve has ordered the lumber for Jeff Wilson to redeck, it will be here by the end of the month. It will be redecked one board at a time, so that the whole ramp won't be torn up for the flying season coming up.


Dan volunteered to talk to a realtor to explore Whitwell lz's


Ollie wants to bring up increasing the dues next meeting


Committee Reports



LZ/CD fund balance: $53,324.19

Checking balance: $3,371.71 – does not take into account for Jan and Feb bank statements

- expenses paid out $348.73 to Jeff to pay for new membership stickers

- $1,147 for property taxes



Jeff Nibler got metallic membership stickers on a roll, that has 10-years worth of use and got 1,000 of them for the cost of his entire budget: $348.73

Changes to membership forms: two options to become a member or renewing – instant member privelages. 1: fill out form, and give money, to a Board Member who signs their form as a witness, receives the money and application and puts it in the kiosk. The Board Member witness must make sure the application is filled out correctly. 2: get a form, get a board member or a notary public to sign it and send it in and you will NOT be able to fly until you receive your sticker in the mail

Jeff is contacting lawyers Shawn Martin and Steve Greer about the covenant clause in the waiver that allows a new member to pay $300 to be able to sue us (basically). Also discussed raising that amount if we keep that in.

In addition, Treetopper-approved tandem pilots (Clark and Don Murdock right now) can also witness members to allow their passengers to fly.



$1,500 for budget (same as last year and didn't use all of it). Sat. May 30th is the Mayhem meet, potluck dinner. His band (steady river) plans to play at Mayhem, he's donating his pay so only his partner needs to be paid at $150.



No report



They're only mailed out to people who request them. Keith needs stories and pictures.



Mayhem will be a fly-in, not a scored competition. Team Challenge starts September 27th. It has event insurance that Ollie paid for last year, if its sanctioned it will cost twice as much. Mike Barber and Kevin Carter are still on for 'ready to race' class which will cost an extra $100 for entry fees.



Keith's TTT of the Year plaque is being finished. Kingpost, Topless and Rigid each has flight of the year



Gate repaired, rock ordered for plaque, lumber ordered for ramp, camp fire grates



No report



No report



VP James Anderson $206.80
Treasurer Ricker Goldsborough None reported
Membership Jeff Nibler $348.73
Social Mark Poling $1500
Website Buddy Cutts $0 (donated by him and Dan Barker)
Newsletter Keith Atkins $0
Competition Ollie Gregory $5000
Awards Eric Donaldson $400


Kathy Lee $0
Bylaws Mike Nash $0
Maintenance Jeff Wilson None reported


12:30pm  CDT meeting closed





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