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TTT BOD Minutes


April/May BOD Meeting 2009


Meeting starts 10:10 am Central


In Attendance:

Buddy Cutts, Ricker Goldsborough, Ollie Gregory, Steve Lee, Jeff Nibler, Mark Poling, Jeff Wilson, Dan Shell, James Anderson, John Hill (Wallaby)


Lucas: Read minutes from previous meeting– Jeff Nibler firsted and it was unanimous to accept



Old Business

Bill Priday lawsuit: Our lawyers suggest to file for summary judgement for liability, which means a judge would decide whether or not we are liable and the merits of the case. James Anderson motions to put forth a request to file for summary judgement, its not seconded. Ollie suggests we discuss it more. There are questions as to the specifics of the ins and outs of summary judgement. James withdraws his motion. Ollie motions that we check with USHPA's lawyer as to their opinion whether we should file for summary judgement. Jeff seconds and its unanimous. Tim, USHPA's lawyer, will send his opinion to Shawn, our lawyer, and we will carry out their advice.


Re-Vamp Plaque: The hole is dug on the corner of the clubhouse for the rock. Steve has heard excuses from the rock people for two months about why it has not been delivered. The last puzzle piece to this project is the plaque picture, which Keith had a few updates but no successes and is still pursuing possibilities. James, VP, supported the idea of looking into ceramic ideas.


Nick Berry's TTT Memorabilia: Ricker suggests we should at least take pictures of them to archive the designs. Ollie says put them under glass. The consensus is moving away from giving them away as awards. We plan to keep discussing this.


TTT Postcards: James, VP, has been in communication with USHPA and has not had much cooperation from them about getting the addresses of new H2's to send them the postcards. Ongoing . . .


Whitwell LZ: Dan Shell spoke with a realtor about possibilities . The realtor has kept our interests anonymous. About the school possibility, Dan says if you could level the buildings and then landscaped it. Property is 12-18 acres. It's not explicitly for sale. Dan says he's going to tell the realtor to get a price on the school field. Steve is going to talk to Bill Colvin to talk to Mr. Castle about his field.



Covenant clause in waiver: Jeff reported on the covenant clause. The USHPA representative said they've never seen it and said it might be a local, state law, Jeff asked the local lawyer, Shawn, and he said it's not required by local law.

Ollie moved to vote to remove the covenant clause, its seconded. 8 voted in favor, one abstained. The covenant clause will be removed from the waiver.


Ricker asked Clark to change an address for the bank account.



New Business

Ollie brings up raising the dues, Dan Shell points out we need to change our bylaws and receive a vote from the general membership to do this. Ollie's reasoning: its our sole source of income and we are talking about buying an LZ for Whitwell and we are making less and less money each year. Ricker supports his thoughts because our bank balance is in 100's and not thousands of dollars.

Ollie motions we increase dues and restructure our due schedule and to charge the bylaw committee to come up with something to come back to the BOD for our approval before it moves to a vote to the general membership and it wouldn't be in effect until Jan 2010.


Dunn Site update: SE facing site – Miller set Alabama distance record of 105 miles recently.



Treasury Report

Checking Account Balance: estimates $800

CD/LZ Fund: $53,548.08


Social Report

His band will not be able to play Mayhem. Mayhem is potluck dinner. He's going to get the paper products and drinks. Kathy will provide a Turkey and Ham, and Jeff promised two smoked pork butts.


Competition Report

Ollie will be at Mayhem to give weather reports. Team Challenge is sold out, June 15th is target for money or your bumped off the list. Ricker reported on sponsorship opportunities for Team Challenge (he has a separate report for this).


Awards Report

No report


Maintenance Report

Hardware for ramp repair is here, waiting on lumber. Entry gate repaired and painted. Two leaks in bathroom. Rick Jacobs filled in holes with topsoil and seeded and hayed. Whitwell needs a windsock.


Membership Report

Consensus is that members need to fill out a waiver each year.


Website Report

No Report


Newsletter Report

Send him stuff!


Safety Report

Thoughts about making it easier to access Henson launch windsock


Bylaws Report

No report


meeting closed at 12:30pm Central






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