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TTT BOD Minutes


TTT Board Meeting 11/14/09


Meeting is called to order at 9:20am


BOD Attendance

Present: James Anderson, Buddy Cutts, Ollie Gregory, Steve Lee, Mark Poling, Lucas Ridley, Dan Shell, Clark Harlow, Barry Klein, Michael Bradford, Jeff Wilson

Absent: Keith Atkins, Jeff Dodgen, Eric Donaldson, Ricker Goldsborough, Kathy Lee, Mike Nash, Jeff Nibler


Automatic resignations declined: Jeff Dodgen, Kathy Lee, Mike Nash, Keith Atkins


James A. first and Buddy seconds accept Lucas reading of last month's meetings


Old Business:


WW LZ search: Dan Shell reports no new news from the real estate agent. Ollie says Ricker is interested in helping out with this process.


Bill Priday Lawsuit: Dan reports no new news. Ollie mentions that there might be some changes coming at how USHPA considers insuring competitions and isn't sure what this means for TC in the future.


BOD Ballots: Mark Poling took that on, who was absent last meeting, and Ollie teamed up with him and Jackie Gregory helped out. Thanks for your all's work.


Glider Storage: Mike Nash is absent, and Ollie nominates Jeff Wilson to take on this cause. There aren't enough members for a vote on whether we want to purchase this. Dan recommends also having one in the LZ, since the original purpose of this discussion was about the security of the LZ. Jeff W. is going to investigate this and report on it: prices, etc.


New Business:


Favorite Neighbor Gifts: Ms. Hudson of Whitwell and Mr. Castle – soap basket from Ollie and Jackie and Clark H. and Dan Shell will deliver. $100 donation to the Whitwell Church that Clark and Dan can deliver. Galloways – Michael Bradford will deliver a gift basket that Jackie G. will make for his employees. Standifers – Mark Poling will take care of that one and donate a Riverside Cycle gift card. Bashams of Whitwell launch – Dan and Clark deliver a ham and a turkey. See Ricker or Steve for the money and the gifts will be distributed at the Xmas party meeting.


DSL: Buddy will propagate the signal and donates that. 6 people have donated $50 each ( Jeff Nibler, Ollie Gregory, Michael Bradford, Buddy Cutts, James Anderson and Dan Shell) and it costs about $80 a month. Fred Day and Lucas Ridley donate another $50 each. That's a total of $400 donated towards this effort. Ollie moves and Lucas seconds, and is unanimously voted that Michael Bradford head this up. There was discussion of setting up a Paypal payment to allow people to use the signal.


Tandem Pilot Approval: Ron Knight and Ozzie Lopez are still not approved for tandems. It was a question of whether or not Ozzie was a TTT member when he flew recently. Ollie presented a form that Jeff Nibler created for approving tandem pilots.


Committee Reports:


Social: Mark Poling – Saturday December 12th 5pm central at Johnson's BBQ. There was a question about Rob who helped out with a keg and the club was to return the keg and send him his deposit back. Mark got a certified check that didn't go through, he is going to look into that and find out where that $100 is, meanwhile Steve is just going to send Rob a check to get that cleared up, sorry Rob there was confusion. Mark says a big thanks to everyone who helped out with the TC party. Everyone wanted to know the exact amount donated during the TC party, Ricker should have that information, but no one knows the amount yet.


Treasurer: Tandem money is on the way to Ricker, Steve has paid for the mowing and the feral gas bill so all bills are paid. James A. brings up that we need to reimburse our Rick Jacob for firewood from TC. The checking account hasn't been balanced for October, it is $9,074 and the TTT CD fund $53,653.79. Steve Lee is going to get two cords of word and reimburse Rick with one and stock Henson's with the other, it's approved by everyone here. Clark filed the 2008 taxes.


Maintenance: DSL – Michael Bradford looking into it. Jeff Wilson, committee chair is looking into: glider storage, fix hand rail and porch at clubhouse. Clark makes a point that we should improve the defense of the clubhouse against mice, and have a strategy of trying to keep them out instead of killing them once they're in and before we get a new stove and refrigerator. Fixing the handrail and the porch of the clubhouse is the main priority. There was a lot of discussion on taking down the entire top porch, reflash that side of the clubhouse and discover and repair the known damages to that wall of the clubhouse because of the rain that leaks in, pouring a concrete front porch, and building the new top porch on top of that. A BBQ grill was discussed. Replacing the refrigerator was discussed to replace with a self-defrosting refrigerator, Ollie's going to send Mark Poling and email to see if he'll look into it. Ollie suggests replacing the stove with a cook-top to set on a table-top, and a separate oven to attach beneath cabinets that were also discussed about building cabinets. We also need new pallets to stand on for the shower that are rotted and the picnic tables are also needing replacing. Jeff W. will get a new security storage container to put over at Whitwell.


Membership: Jeff N isn't here, but reported that we mailed 165 ballots out. And Jeff made an automated reminder


Awards: Trevor Childress has the topless flight of the year at 33.2 from Whitwell. Steve Lee has the rigid class, and there's some confusion about the king-posted record, last meetings minutes reflect a flight from last year not this year.


Bylaws: Mike Nash is absent


Safety: Kathy Lee was absent. Ollie mentions including ropes and harnesses in the Whitwell security box for the wire crews


Website: Buddy Cutts reports that the website is working well. Ollie suggests adding a place for photos and videos since that's where any new visitors will go first. Lucas will email Buddy about putting some videos up there.


Competition: Ollie brings up the idea of the once a month competition that would start next year. The idea is to encourage a monthly fly-in kind of atmosphere and keep score throughout the year.


Ollie mentions a SW site that we should investigate near the end of the valley.


Lucas first and Jeff W seconds to adjorn at 12:11 central





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