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TTT BOD Minutes


 TTT Board meeting 10/10/09

Board Members present:  Dan Shell, Steve Lee Prez, Jeff Nibler Membership Chairman, Buddy Cutts Webmaster, James Anderson VP, Ollie Gregory Competition Committee Chair 

Members present:  Michael Bradford

Board Members absent:  Kathy Lee Safety Committee Chair, Mike Nash Bylaws Chair, Eric Donaldson Awards Committee Chair, Lucas Ridley Secretary, Mark Poling Social Committee Chair,  Ricker Goldsborough, Treasurer Jeff Dodgen, Jeff Wilson Maintenance Committee Chair, Keith Atkins Newsletter

Meeting called to order at 10:00 Central.  Ollie took minutes. 

This is the third consecutive absence for Kathy Lee, Jeff Wilson and Ricker Goldsborough.  By Laws require that these members are automatically up for resignation due to absences.  The board voted to rescind their resignations so they may continue as board members for the present time.

Business: Ollie read the September Board Meeting minutes.  Jeff Nibler motioned to approve and the minutes were unanimously accepted.

Old business: 

WW LZ:  Dan Shell reported on finding a new real estate agent.  Dan informed the agent of our needs for an LZ at Whitwell or, alternatively, to move from Whitwell if a matched pair of top and bottom lots could be found elsewhere.  There was much discussion about Galloway Airport, which may become available.

Michael Bradford talked about Galloway Airport history and the possibility of a lease. 

There was much discussion about investigating lots held by a developer of the bluff area above Galloway.  Thanks for looking into this Dan.


Bill Priday Law Suit:  Dan Shell reports no news.  Awaiting results of motion for Summary Judgment.

Post Cards:  James Anderson returned post cards.  Cards are to be stored here and creatively used in the future.

 Nick Berry Tee Shirts:  Most of shirts are small sizes.  We still do not have a plan on how to use them.

BOD ballots:  Mark Poling was not present to report.  Due to the pressing need to get ballots out, Dan Shell contacted him by phone to give a brief report.  Mark said he knew Kenny Sandifer was interested in running for the board again.  Jeff Nibler has committed to set up a voting system on line.  Ollie will contact Mark Poling regarding nominations and will solicit nominations to be forwarded to all board members. 

Michael Bradford and Kenny Sandiford want to get on the ballot.  All board members present at this meeting are interested in serving again.  Keith Atkins from Memphis doesn’t want to serve again, but has offered to continue the Newsletter Editorship.  Thanks Keith! 

Membership fee restructuring:  Mike Nash of the By Laws Committee had volunteered to lead this, but was not present.  The Board discussed the fee structure for membership that will be proposed as follows: One year $100; 5 years $400; Life $1000;  Family an additional $50; Three Consecutive Days $25; Tandem One Day $5.

Drop the $1 one day, and drop the 30 day tandem.  These changes will be reflected in the revision of the By Laws.  The revised By Laws will go out to all members for a Referendum Vote and will be sent out with the Ballots for BOD 2010. 

Ollie will send the proposed fee restructuring to all the BOD for a quick review.  Michael Bradford suggested that paper ballots are necessary and additionally, Jeff  Nibler will make an anonymous online ballot option available. 

Ollie will assist Mark Poling, Mike Nash and Jeff Wilson in getting ballots and fee restructuring referendum organized and out to our membership as soon as possible.

New Business:  New Tandem Pilots Credentialing. 

Steve Larson has applied and has submitted current USHPA Card reflecting his tandem rating for foot launch.  He is current with foot launch tandems and is an experienced tandem instructor.  Board approves his status as authorized to do foot launched tandems on the TTT sites.

Ron Knight applied and presented documentation of his qualifications.  He has extensive experience doing tandems and is a tandem instructor.   He is approved pending USHPA Card sign offs and current USHPA membership.   He could not be found on the USHPA membership site. 

James Tindle has applied and is a tandem instructor at Florida Ridge.  James is current with USHPA Card sign offs and is approved by the board for tandems.

Ozzie Lopez-_______is thought to be qualified but doesn’t have any documentation for the board to review.  Ossie is well known as an experienced foot launch tandem pilot at LMFP.   He will be approved pending current USHPA Card sign offs for foot launched tandem flight.  He could not be found on the USHPA membership site.

Clark Harlow and Don Murdock are approved as a tandem pilots. 

Glider Storage Trailer:  Mike Nash was to report on this, but is absent.  There was much discussion of how to secure the gliders and manage liability and compromises in the trailers.  Dan Shell suggested that we have a storage container at the bottom as well for secure storage in LZ.  Jeff Nibler suggested that if we get a trailer we need a committee to manage it.

Committee Reports.

Team Challenge:  Ollie Gregory, Competition Committee Chairman, reported.  TC went well with lots of satisfied pilots.  Tee Shirts are pending.  We had a great meet with three task days, 5 flyable days and many exceptional seminars.  The pilots seemed happy with the format and experience.  There was much discussion about expenses for food and whether we made any money off the food.   There was some discussion of future goals and improvements. 

Jeff Nibler has been in contact with the Foundation for Free Flight.  Randy Leggett of the FFF was a pilot in the TC.  Randy announced that the FFF had voted to provide 5 scholarships to TTT 2010 to be used to encourage pilots to learn about TC and bring it back to their home sites. 

Many, many thanks to all the great volunteers and all who provide sponsorships, prizes and helped to find so much great support.  Thanks to all who pledged money, items and services to help out with the TC.  Once again, it was a huge success.  We expect to have an even better one next year!

Social Committee:  Mark Poling, Chairman, was not present.  The Octoberfest Party went well at TC with good food and drink and lots of good fun.  The Xmas party scheduling was discussed.  There were strong recommendations from several board members to have the party the second Saturday night of December, combining the board meeting and the party to save travel time and allow the people to come to the party from out of town and not miss work.   We are penciled in for Saturday Dec 12th 5PM at Johnson’s BBQ in Dunlap.  Thanks Dan Shell for helping with the reservations. 

Awards:  Eric Donaldson, Chairman, was absent.  TC awards were beautiful.  Thanks Eric. 

End of the year awards are pending. 

TTT of the Year Nominations:

Jeff Wilson nominated by Ollie for all his great volunteerism during the Team Challenge. 

Ollie was nominated by James Anderson for helping to organize Team Challenge. 

Michael Bradford was nominated by Ollie for helping out so much with great advice and TC registration and scoring.

Jeff Nibler was nominated by Ollie for his excellent work on programming our registration process, Team Challenge registration, writing and revising the Team Challenge scoring program and assisting on our website and all things to do with programming.

Buddy Cutts was nominated by Steve Lee for excellent work on the website and help with TC . 

Ricker Goldsborough was nominated by Ollie for helping with all the sponsorship for Team Challenge.

Thanks to all those nominated and all the many volunteers who have helped us so much.  Other nominations will be solicited.  All those up for TTT of the year will be on a separate ballot to be sent out with the TTT board member ballot and the Bylaws Membership Fee Referendum. 

Treasury report:

Team Challenge:  Ricker Goldsborough was not present but sent a report to Jeff Nibler.  Jeff read the report.  (The report follows.)  Cash from TC food and donations was discussed. 

Currently there is $8,428.08 in the checking account.  CD total was not available at this time. 

Pay Pal receipts have been received by Ricker.  Pending incomes are tandem fees from Clark Harlow and the registrations and donations in the box at the end of Team Challenge.  Ricker has communicated that he will write up forms to help us more easily document accountability of monies. 

Taxes have not been filed for 2008 due to not having access to information about taxes.   There was much discussion on this subject.  Steve Lee will get the bank records an other info from 2008 and find an accountant to do this unless Ricker has a better plan.  2008 was a time when eaClark had to drop out of the the Treasurer role and we only had Bill Colven volunteering to fill in as best he could. 

Bylaws Committee:  Mike Nash, Committee Chairman, was not present.  The major work of the Bylaws committee was the fee restructuring referendum project.  The board members present did this today.  Ollie will copy the proposed changes into the bylaws by line so this can be sent out for referendum. 

Membership Committee:   Jeff Nibler, Chairman, reports that we have 127 members not counting the ones who registered during the last days of Team Challenge.  There was a long discussion of how to remind pilots of their need to rejoin.  Jeff will do an automated system to remind pilots who have an email address.  Dan Shell described his system of sending out paper reminders with a registration form to pilots with expired memberships.  Dan did this a couple of times a year.  Dan said this usually brought back a number of members. 

Safety Committee:  Kathy Lee, Chairwoman, was absent.  There seems to be no pressing safety issues at this time.   There was some discussion of the responsibility to maintain wind socks being assigned to this committee in the future. 

Maintenance Committee:  Jeff Wilson, Chairman, was absent.  Steve Lee reported on cleaning up for 4 days solid after Team Challenge.  There was discussion of the need to work on the clubhouse deck and railing, and columns for the deck.  Rock columns would cost an additional $2500 if done within 90 days according to Steve Lee.  No decision on the columns could be made today.

There was much discussion of the need for DSL and Wireless at the clubhouse.  Jeff Nibler, Ollie Gregory, Michael Bradford, Buddy Cutts, James Anderson and Dan Shell pledged $50 each to get the project started.  Team Challenge members will be asked to pay an additional $10 registration fee to access the Wireless network during the meet to help fund this.  We will ask our neighbor, Rick Jacobs to assist with this if he is able. 

Website Committee:  Buddy Cutts chair reported the website is in good shape.  Many thanks to Buddy and Jeff for all the great work!

Awards Committee:  Eric Donaldson, Committee Chair not present.  The awards for TC were well received.  Thanks Eric for making those cool trophies! 

TTT flight of the year awards were discussed.  Straight line distance is the only format in consideration this year, but there will be awards for rigid wing, topless and king posted gliders. 

At this time it seems that Steve Lee will have the Rigid Wing distance flight of the year.  We think Trevor may have the longest Flexi flight if Whitwell to Standifer’s is longer than flights to LMFP.  It seems four pilots on king posted wings made it from Henson’s to LMFP and tied for that award.  Jeff Nibler, Nate Newkirk, Ricker Goldsborough, and Greg Heckman all made that cool trip.  If anyone knows of a longer flight in any of these categories, then let us know.  We will plan for awards for all the above at this time. 


Below is Ricker’s Treasurer report:


BOD Meeting 10/10/09

Treasurers Report

2008 Tax paperwork – Not filed yet.


Team Challenge Cash Rec accountability ledger.

Breakfests $872 rec.

PD out $160 for Chicken dinner supplies

PD out $410.00 to Mike Barber

    Deposit $302.00 cash

(Aldona spent a total of $553.43 on supplies and we paid her $300.00 to cook for us)


Thursday Night Steak and Friday Night Food $2,664.00  (cost of steaks $1080.00)

PD out $1075 to me for steak purchase

PD out $225 to Robert Dallas for supplies

    Deposit $1,339.00


Pizza Night $163

Ollie PD for food ($260) but was repaid.  Not sure where the money came out of to pay him back.

Deposit $163.00.


Soup Dinner $124 rec.

PD out $63.00

Deposit $61.00


Sat. Night Party  $0.00 rec.


“T” Shirt Sales   Deposit $120.00

Registration   Deposit $390.00


Pledge Money rec.  Deposit $325.00

TOTAL CASH DEPOSITED $1,625.00 via my check


Other associated costs

Beverage   $236.00

Misc    $54.36

Sat. Night Dinner  $1,400.00

Port-O-Let   $575.00

Ferrell Gas   $?

Trophies    $350.00

Thank you gifts and cards $394.00

Prize purchases  (aprox) $550.00


There is currently $8,428.08 in our checking account.

No information has been receive yet about our CD account.

Total money received for TC09 Registration has not been completed to date.  Although the majority of money

received is reflected in our account, there is still a small amount not yet received.

We have not received any tandem money from Clark in the past two months.

Modifications to our existing processes of accounting for money spent and received needs to be addressed.

Team Challenge Sponsors will be receiving a TTT TC09 Post Card that I have designed and had printed.

Red Bull and Flytec will be receiving a Sony 7” digital picture frame with associated pictures pre-loaded as well as a formal letter that includes all the thank you emails I have received to date.




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