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TTT BOD Minutes


TTT BOD Meeting – September 12th, 2009 – 9:30 central start


Present: Jeff Dodgen, Eric Donaldson, James Anderson, Buddy Cutts, Ollie Gregory, Steve Lee, Mike Nash, Mark Poling, Lucas Ridley


Absent: Keith Atkins, Ricker Goldsborough, Kathy Lee, Dan Shell, Jeff Wilson, Jeff Nibler, Gene Christy


Old Business:

Whitwell LZ search: no new news, still looking


Bill Priday lawsuit: awaiting for hearing for summary judgment


TTT postcards: James reported that USHPA emailed him and said they need to rehire a person for the position that James had been trying to get the information from and James will bring the postcards back on his next visit, but this is ended as old business.


Revamp Ramp: is finished! This is done as old business


Nick Berry t-shirt ideas (there are 75): Eric mentions a raffle idea, Ollie mentions using them for next years Team Challenge


New Business:


New, raised, dues: Mike Nash will present the referendum possibly next meeting for approval by the board. Ideally, this referendum, if approved by the board, would be mailed out with the 2010 ballots.


Treetopper Ballots for 2010: Mark Poling is working on getting the ballots together and is soliciting to get any new board member names.


Glider Storage: Mike Nash no new news, will look into it this week with Mr. Wagner, but realizes his 40' trailer won't make it back here to the clubhouse, he's going to look into it.


Women's fly-in: Ollie gave them 12 female t-shirts, LMFP gave us several t-shirts that Ollie gave to Ricker for the Team Challenge.


T-shirts: There are 75 t-shirts for sale at $20 each.


Member wanted to keep a trailer here, Steve told him that any member can bring campers, etc up here but must take them with them when they leave the treetoppers.



Committee Reports:



Team Challenge/Octoberfest party:

Mark Poling reported on the Sat. Oct 3rd party catered with food, drinks, and plates and drinks at $10 each except for volunteers and registered Team Challenge Pilots. But WE NEED about five 8' tables. There will also be a couple kegs and a professional dj.

Port-a-pottys will be two at Whitwell and three at Henson. Mark estimated somewhere around $2,400 for all of the described above.

Steve suggests getting firewood for Team Challenge



CD $53,600.91

Checking Account $6,157.51



We owe $428 to someone unmentioned in Ricker's report

Ricker's credit card $1,869.55


2008 tax paper work not filed, send money

$310 from tandems Jan 1st 2009


Team Challenge: Red Bull Wednesday and Thursday will be setting up a tent in the Henson lz with dj

received over $2,000 in prizes to be given out at Team Challenge

We need a volunteer to pick up fresh fruit on Sunday: Mike says he'll do it with Steve reminding him.



Eric brought an example of the wooden Team Challenge awards he's made. TTT of the year and flights of the year still need to be done once they're decided



Clean up trash under ramp (Lucas says he'll do it) – Sort out lumber in the yard between good/bad – toilets in the bathhouse are wobbly and need to be mounted firmly (Eric says he'll do it when he gets back from AZ comp) – gutters at pavilion need to be cleaned out (Jeff Dodgen says he'll do it).

Carl has windsocks fixed at Whitwell launch



Ollie reports we need drivers for team challenge, mentions we said somewhere that we'd do something for the top five teams. The big thing is Ollie will not be here until Sunday at Noon so Jeff Nibler and Mark Stump have volunteered to organize registration and everything for the first two days. Otherwise, we're all set for Team Challenge.



Jeff's not here – 167 members



Buddy got record duration put up on the site.



Keith just got out the September newsletter and needs new contributors.



Already discussed about the referendum and trying to get them out with the ballots



Bolts put in the ramp for the wire crew to tie off to. Steve suggests adding the responsibility of windsock maintenance to this committee chair.


Jeff Dodgen firsts and unanimous for meeting adjourn

10:45 central adjourn





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