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April 10, 2010

Meeting started 9:10 central


Attendance: Steve Lee, Lucas Ridley, James Anderson, Kathy Lee, Ollie Gregory, Ricker Goldsborough, Dan Shell, Jeff Nibler, Buddy Cutts, Michael Bradford, Kenny Sandifer, Miller Stroud

Absent: Eric Donaldson, Mark Poling, Jeff Wilson

-Mark Poling: 3 absences - Ollie moves, Dan Shell seconds, unanimous vote with James Anderson abstaining to accept Mark's automatic resignation. Ollie motions to bring Barry Klein as a BOD member and Social Committee chair - it's unanimous vote and Barry accepts.

James moved, Buddy seconded - unanimous - to bypass reading of the minutes

Old Business:

Whitwell LZ - We're still looking for a property in the valley to buy as an LZ for the Whitwell launch or even a completely new site with accompanying LZ.

Favorite Neighbor Gifts - no reports back from Clark or Mark Poling if they deliviered gifts or not.

Storage Container at Hensons - the idea has subsided due to lack of interest. James Anderson reported on potential liabilities of the club with allowing people to store their gear on our site.

Firewood - Kathy has called about the firewood, but hasn't had her phone calls returned, she is still pursuing obtaining firewood.


New Business:

Harnesses and Ropes at Whitwell - have these at the Whitwell Launch for the wire crew. Ollie offers to buy the harnesses and the webbing. There are already i-bolts in the ground to connect them at the launch.

Hook In concrete sign - James brought back from Wallaby a mold for a "Hook In" sign. Miller Stroud offers to pour the concrete and bring back the signs

Taxes for Dues - Barry Klein brings­ up a 2009 TN state law that requires clubs to charge state sales tax. Ricker says he'll take care of it.


Treasurer: Ricker reports we have $56,925.43 in the LZ fund, $2,151.02 in the checking account which is still subject to pay for April's utilities ($200-$300) and clubhouse repairs. There are a few checks yet to be deposited as well. Ricker reports that USHPA wants us to list designated LZ's and get the certificate of insurance to the LZ owners. Ricker proposes considering including charities in the Team Challenge '10 that might make sponsors more willing to sponsor the event. Ricker mentions he is planning to reserve contingency money to cover unknowns and prevent overdrafts.

Website: Buddy says everything's fine.

Bylaws: Dan says everything is fine

Newsletter: Send Keith material for it.

Membership: 170 current members. Jeff shows the signs for indicating membership is necessary to launch. Jeff has adjusted the weekend series competition rules so other clubs around the country can use them - Jeff and Michael B. are waiting to hear back from USHPA to make a national program for this idea.

IT: Wireless and telephone service is down for right now, but people are working on today. Michael mentions the potential to use some of USHPA database as we begin to work with them through the competition projects.

Maintenance: Jeff is absent, Steve reports from him. Jeff owns time-share condo in Destin, FL and will rent his one week condo (May 7-14th) to any club member for $1,000 and donate the money back into the club - Repairs are ongoing. Dan mentions the trim isn't back up on the windows upstairs. $1,104 - materials and $2,107 - labor for the repairs, which makes us about $500 overdrawn in our checking account (Jeff L. donated $200 towards our over draft). The guy who mows will be mowing any day now and that is another concern for the finances.

Social: Barry is up to date on everything that's happened since he's been appointed.

Safety: Kenny put up the new windsocks, but there are no replacements. Kathy is working on getting the safety box to Whitwell. Miller mentions putting together an emergency protocol.

Competition: Weekend Series first day is today and costs $20 for the whole year of Weekend Series. All competitions are up on the competition website for registration.

Awards: Eric is absent. Lee team is donating some awards for the weekend series.

Club member names: John Corry, Bob Belshan, Alvin Slatton, Francis Jakobitz, Beth Haulum, Matt Barker, Jeff Laughrey

Meeting adjourns at 10:30 central













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