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TTT Board Meeting Notes 12/11/2010



Meeting called to order at 9:55 am Central Time.


Jeff Nibler acting as secretary.



Board Members: Steve Lee, James Anderson, Jeff Nibler, Kathy Lee, Ollie Gregory, Michael Bradford, Barry Klein, Dan Shell, Buddy Cutts,

Guests: Norman Neiderheiser, Dean Funk, Clell Logan,



Ricker Goldsborough, Miller Stroud, Eric Donaldson, Kenny Sandifer,


Old Business:

Whitwell LZ: Ollie states that the Henson Gap Southwest Site is up for sale and some Arkansas Pilots are interested in buying some land plots there (possibly working a deal out with our club to purchase a launch). Ollie also states that there is a block of land (40 acres on bottom on west side of the valley near Pikeville) with 10 lots on top that may come up for sale. This site faces SE. Dan states that he has not heard anything new on the Whitwell LZ and is going to switch realty companies.


Henson LZ Hay. No new news.


RV/Trailer Placement. Jeff Nibler still working on this. Map to come soon. Dan shell mentions one of the North spots Jeff proposed is on an adjacent property. Dan also mentions to encourage RV parking in the LZ and states that a condition of the LZ trust is that we can add power to the LZ. Kathy Lee mentions we should put power plugs toward the road up top so people can plug in there. Michael Bradford mentions that he walked the LZ to determine where RVs could park and said that there would be quite a few spaces. Suggested water and power could be added. Barry states we should investigate a small bath house, water, and power in the LZ. Dan Shell mentions that we should install one or two power poles in each place, as a start, and go from there. Kathy Lee volunteers to call the electric board to see how much it would cost to add power to the LZ.


Ballots: Received 14 mail-in and 36 online votes for a total of 50. Buddy and James agreed to count.


Favorite Neighbor Gifts: 9 Neighbors to give this year. 9 will be given soap baskets that Ollie & Jackie created. Favorite neighbors helps us demonstrate the club's appreciation to our neighbors. Kathy, Steve and Dan will be distributing the gifts. Gifts will be given to: Mrs Hudson, Mr Castle, Bashams, First Baptist Church, Dunlap Rescue Squad, Mr Galloway, Dale McCartney, Standifer, The family north of Whitwell LZ.


Tennessee Land Trust: We sent them a $500 check (Steve Lee sent it this year).




New Business:

Kenny is investigating the SW facing Henson site and confirmed that it is still for sale. Now that it is for sale, Jeff Nibler will contact the land owner's realtor to find out if the seller is willing to subdivide in order for us to get a launch. The club plans to ask for an acre and ensure easement to the road. If the acre doesn't provide access to the road, club will ask for the minimum amount of acreage required to get from the bluff to the existing road (for easement). Discussed improving the launch there in order to make it safer. Dan Shell mentions that the current seller/owner has sworn for 20 years that our club would be the first to be offered this property if he ever sold it.


TShirts. We have no shirts left. Steve says that the Tshirt printer is ready to print more shirts as soon as we are ready. The club has two different designs we can print. The Board agrees to purchase 10 smalls, 20 mediums, 30 larges, 15 extra larges, 10 xxl. Dan Shell suggests we consider contacting a different T-shirt company, for better quality shirts. Buddy seconds the motion. Barry suggests we have speed sleeves printed. Kathy Lee motions that we use Kip Stone to print shirts. Ollie will contact Kip Stone about the shirts. Barry Klein suggests we put Flytec logos on our speed sleeves so we are promoting for free to keep Flytec happy. Ollie will contact Steve Kroop to see if he'd be ok with it. Michael Bradford suggests a TTT Team Challenge version of the speed sleeves with Flytec logos on them as well. Michael Bradford suggests long sleeve t-shirts. Dan Shell mentions that in the past, the long sleeve shirts have sold fast. Board agrees to purchase 20 large long sleeve and 10 long sleeve xl and 10 long sleeve mediums. Budget $2000. Vote: If the above quantities of shirts result in less than $2k, then we will move forward. 8 voted in favor, one abstained.


Steve notes that the TTT has been in almost every issue of the USHPA magazine. Ollie encourages more articles to be written for Branches and the USHPA Mag by TTT Members to continue this trend. Dean Funk suggests a PR Committee. Michael Bradford suggests that Keith Atkins could head this committee. Ollie volunteers to e-mail Keith Atkins about this. Dan mentions that the Sequatchie Valley Chamber of commerce has new hang gliding video that includes footage shot this year from Henson Gap.


The club received a postcard from Tyson Richmond wishing us happy holidays.


Christmas party is 7pm Eastern, 6pm Central. We had 30 RSVPs for the party and are expecting many last minute attendees. Steve asks for a volunteer to greet at the door. Barry Klein volunteers.






Committee Reports:


$11,275.41 balance in checking account with all bills paid to date.

CD: $57,185.92 as of 11/30.

Notes that 50% of checking account must be put into CD fund.

Ollie mentions we need to credit funds for maintenance projects and T-shirts.

Discussion took place about which projects we should budget for December. After much discussion, Jeff Nibler motions to replace the old water heaters in the bath-house if it can be done for under $1500, purchase t-shirts within $2000 budget, freeze proof the plumbing in the clubhouse if it can be done for under $200, and completely rebuild the deck on the clubhouse if it can be done for under $1,000. Dan seconds the motion. Vote: Unanimous.


Web Committee:

Buddy Cutts reports the website is up and working properly.


Bylaws Committee:

Dan Shell reports no current issues or agendas.



Nothing to report. People are reminded to please send in articles.



Ollie notes that this year's annual dues increase does not seem to have had an affect on membership as the club currently has 141 members.

Ollie suggests adding a checkbox on the membership form for ordering t-shirts.

Steve Lee suggests we reach out to the lifetime members to get them to sign updated waivers. Jeff agrees to take care of this.


Safety Committee:

Accident report will be filed for C.K.'s crash.

Accident report will be filed for another pilot's crash (hereby noted as "subject"). It was brought to the board's attention that "subject" was a bandito (not a club member) at the time of his accident and he has also been seen flying TTT sites several times in 2011, while not having a membership. During the completion of the accident report, the board attempted to obtain "subject's" USHPA membership number and it was found that "subject" does not have a current, valid USHPA membership. "subject's" accident occurred when he flew too far back into the gap on a borrowed glider, and was unable to make the LZ, resulting in a crash into the trees. It was brought to the board's attention that "subject" had a crash under the exact same circumstances four years ago at Whitwell and was reprimanded for his decision making at that time. Dan motions that "subject's" site privileges be indefinitely banned and a letter be sent to him explaining the reasoning before this. The motion continues to state that "subject's" H-rating within the club will be reduced to H1 until such time as "subject" stands before the board and presents a case to the club showing clear evidence of remedial training. At such time, the board will vote to once again allow "subject's" membership, or leave the ban in place. In addition, "subject" will be required to pay $100 for his violation of TTT FRP for flying of site without being a member. Jeff Nibler seconds the motion. Vote: Unanimous. Jeff Nibler volunteers to send the letter to "subject".


IT Committee:

Discussion took place about whether we should consider board members as "present" if they attend via teleconference. General consensus was no. Michael states that he is waiting until summer to setup the new clubhouse computer. Ollie and Michael both mention they have some computer components that they can donated to the club. Buddy asks the board if we should consider making the meeting minutes available online only to club members. Michael states that he has code to do this, but that it would take time to get added to the site. Tom Primavera sent in a $100 donation to the club to be put toward web meeting access of the board meetings, and if that wasn't going to happen, then he wanted it to go to putting in a permanent restroom at Whitwell. Michael suggests we update the website to include more visibility for our donors.


Paragliding Committee:

Dean states that the paragliders have already obtained permission to land at Castle's field and that we should discuss this with them. Dean mentions that Whitwell is an H3 site and that we possibly suggest that the paragliders make their site a P3 or P4 site as well. Ollie states that we should consider asking the paragliders about flying etiquette, for our own education as to how best to share the air with them. Dean asks how site insurance will work for Castles field? Most agreed that our existing site insurance would cover paragliders as well. Dean suggests we partner with the paragliders on things such as DNLs and favorite neighbor gifts. Ollie suggests inviting the paragliders to Mayhem to discuss these and other topics. James suggests inviting PG and HG pilots from Arkansas to come and discuss the secrets to their success with sharing the air.


Competition Committee:

Ollie mentions the club will not host weekend series, sprints, or the Superman even in 2011 due to lack of interest and participation in 2010. Ollie and Jeff will discuss creating a year-long Online Competition website where members can enter the flights from any day in the year, and the flights will not need to be pre-declared or use TTT waypoints. It will work like most any OLC site. Ollie mentions that the Team Challenge will be modified slightly in 2011 to include a day or two of very long open distance flights, if conditions allow. Jeff comments that the TTT Online Contest website was not very well used this year. Buddy mentions that he is willing to enter flights into the TTT OLC for pilots who don't have a computer or don't want to take the time to do it.



Eric Donaldson will present awards this evening. This years awards go to:

- Dave Hopkins: XC Flight of the year (rigid wing) for flying an open distance flight of 74 miles.

- Trevor Childress: XC Flight of the year (flex wing) for flying an open distance flight of 54 miles.

- Ollie Gregory: Triangle Site Record for rigid wing of 87 miles.

- Jeff Nibler: Triangle Site Record for flex wing of 67 miles.


Jeff Nibler mentions that the club has a long standing history of awarding the XC Flight of the Year award exclusively to Open Distance flights, and that was the precedent established over 30 years ago when glider performance was poor and pilots didn't flew with GPS etc. Times have changed and suggests that the club consider recognizing triangle and out and return tasks in addition to open distance, for XC flight of the year. Jeff proposes that we have a total of 8 awards each year, 4 for flexwing, and 4 for rigid. The awards would be Furthest XC Open Distance, Furthest XC Out & Return, and Furthest XC Triangle flight. The last award would be for "XC Flight of the Year" and this would always be granted to the pilot with the furthest flight (of any kind of task), one for flex, one for rigid. Jeff mentions that a triangle task is defined as any task that has at least three legs, three waypoints, and includes two valley crossings (or any flight that adheres to the FAI triangle rules). Kathy Lee states that she doesn't believe we should have any single "XC Flight of the Year" award at all, and that we should not bother comparing open distance, out and return, and triangles, and that we keep it to six awards only (three for flex, three for rigid): Open distance, out and return, and triangle. The board agrees. Jeff makes a motion to set precedence for flight awards as follows:

Each year, six XC Flight Awards will be granted. The awards will be:

1. Furthest XC Open Distance Flight. Defined as any flight with a launch and a landing. Miles are scored by drawing a direct line from point of launch to point of landing. (One award for best flexwing flight, one award for best rigidwing flight).

2. Furthest XC Out and Return Flight. Defined as any flight with at least three way points (start, turnaround, and finish). Start must be a TTT launch site, and finish must be either the launch site, or a designated LZ below the launch site.  (One award for best flexwing flight, one award for best rigidwing flight).

3. Furthest XC Triangle Flight. Defined as any flight with four separate waypoints, at least one waypoint on the opposite side of the valley from launch (must be within 1/4 mile of the ridge bluff point), and the finish waypoint being the starting point or a designated LZ below the starting point. Alternatively, any flight that meets the specifications of an FAI triangle is valid as well. (One award for best flexwing flight, one award for best rigidwing flight).

Motion is seconded, voted: Unanimous.



Steve Lee has shut the water off to keep the pipes from freezing.

James Anderson mentions the Stove and Oven need to be wired up.



TTT Annual holiday party is tonight.



Steve Lee mentions the safety box was missing two carabineers; Steve purchased two new ones.

The rescue ladder below Rick Jacob's house needs to be replaced.


BOD Election Results 2011:

James Anderson

Michael Bradford

Buddy Cutts

Trevor Childress

Rob Dallas

Dean Funk

Clark Harlow

Rick Jacob

Barry Klein

Kathy Lee

Steve Lee

Jeff Nibler

Dan Shell

Miller Stroud

Ollie Gregory


Tree Topper of the Year Award: Jeff Nibler


Jeff Nibler motions to adjorn. Motion seconded. Meeting adjourned at 1:49pm Central Time.


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