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BOD Officer Elections:

President: Steve Lee

VP: James Anderson

Secretary: Lucas Ridley

Treasurer: Ricker Goldsborough



Acting Secretary: Jeff Nibler

Board Members Present: Michael Bradfod, Buddy Cutts, Kenny Sandifer, Ollie Gregory, Dan Shell, Kathy Lee, Jeff Wilson, James Anderson, Eric Donaldson, Steve lee, Jeff Nibler

Board Members Absent: Miller Stroud, Ricker Goldsborough, Lucas Ridley, Marc Poling

TTT Members Present: Bill Colvin, Jane Colvin, Marc Fink, Curly Dunn

Meeting started @ 9:20 central

Ollie read minutes from 12/12/2009

Elect New Officers:

 - President: Ollie Nominates Steve Lee. Dan seconds, Board votes unanimous
 - Vice President: Buddy nominates James Anderson. Dan seconds. Unanimous.
 - Secretary: Ollie Nominates Lucas, James Seconds. Unanimous
 - Treasurer: Ollie nominates Ricker. James seconds.  Unanimous
 - Bylaws Chairman: Dan Shell, Unanimous
 - Awards: Eric Donaldson, unanimous
 - Website: Buddy Cutts, Unanimous
 - Social Committee Chairman: Ollie Nominates Mark Poling. Unanimous
 - Competition: Ollie Gregory, unanimous
 - Safety: Kathy Lee, Unanimous
 - Maintenance: Jeff Wilson. Unanimous
 - Membership: Jeff Nibler. Unanimous


Old Business:

- Whitwell LZ Fund. Dan Shell and Cindy Gardner assisting. Have not heard anything. Dan shell says he is willing to continue working on this.

- Chris Thale Crash. Steve Lee gave Jeff Nibler Chris Thale's gear. Jeff will sell on e-Bay and donate the funds to Ovarian Cancer fund. Jeff will finish gathering the info for the accident report and submit next week.

New Business:

- Favorite Neighbor Gifts Report. Dan Shell and Clark Harlow delivered all gifts they was tasked to. Steve was unable to get in touch with Mark Poling to see if he completed his task. Michael Bradford Delivered the gift he was tasked to.

- Storage Container. Ollie said he talked with Stinnet who told him he'd get the container here for the same amount or less as Wagner. Ollie said he'd talk to Stinnet and see if we can get a better deal on it. James mentioned that a person would need to be in charge of the storage container if we got it (to handle payments, check inventory, security, etc). Michael Bradford said he wants to see exactly how many people WOULD pay... a concrete number so we know the feasibility. Michael and Jeff suggest sending out an e-mail to the entire membership to ask them of they would take advantage of it etc. Dan Shell suggests asking for pledges on the initial purchase price. Dan Shell mentioned the original purpose of the storage container was for LZ security

- DSL: Michael said DSL was ordered last Tuesday and deposit was paid. Teleco company said 2-3 weeks to install. Buddy has volunteered to donate and setup the RF equipment after the DSL has been installed.

- Jeff Signs - James Andersons votes, Ollie seconds. Unanimous voted. Jeff will buy signs. Eric motions to reimburse Ollie $300 that he loaned for the signs.

- Michael Bradford: Brings up that remote attendance for board meetings has been suggested. Kenny, Ollie, Michael, Buddy, James and several others mention that there are benefits and drawbacks to doing this. The general consensus of the board members is that it is not a good idea from a productivity standpoint, but most feel that broadcasting the meeting live on the net just for viewing purposes is ok. Ollie suggest that someone could present a report from someone who knows this technology. Michael suggests getting the DSL first, test streaming video, see if it works. If it works then great, else drop it.



Committee Reports:

- Membership: 171 members. Jeff requests budget of $150

- Treasurer: Ricker is absent. Report is attached to this minutes report. Discussion from his report included discussing Ricker's offer to donate laptops. Ollie moves that we have a new committee chair to focus on the IT needs of the club and also nominated Michael Bradford. Dan shell seconds. Unanimous vote. Several board members are interested in finding out the detailed break-down (for example: how much of the checking account funds are for DSL, how much are for a new stove, how much will be transferred to the LZ fund, etc).  Treasurer's Report

- Social Committee Chairman: Absent

- Safety: Ollie mentions we need a box with launch safety equipment at Whitwell. Kathy asks $500 for the budget. Marc Fink mentioned that a paraglider pilot landed in a field near Powell's crossroads and the owner has asked that on one land there. Marc will get coordinates for this field and give to Buddy to post on the site. The board then discussed inviting the paraglider pilots to our meetings so we can discuss these kinds of issues as well as establish communication, share information and ideas etc. Buddy mentioned he and James invited the Paraglider launch owner to our site but he apparently had a negative opinion of the club and claimed he had tried to work with us in the past and we were not willing to. Ollie suggests we should have a document on our website about landing-out etiquette. Eric suggests sending the paragliders our list of DNL fields as well as friendly fields. Bill mentioned rather than invite them here, we should go to them personally. Jeff offers to create a best-practices guide to landing out and will then pass it on to the rest of the board members for them to add to, then Marc Fink will give it to the paragliders.

- Competition: Ollie mentions the new weekend series comps we are holding, as well as the superman of the Sequatchie event (open-distance USHPA sanctioned meet), and the Team Challenge. The weekend series will be held every other Saturday during the flying season. Fourth series is called the Sequatchie Sprints (race to goal, closed course, turn points within view of launch, finish in LZ here, last waypoint will be launch). The sprints will encourage spectators because spectators will be able to see all the pilots during the flight. It will occur on Memorial day weekend, labor day weekend, 4th of July weekend.

- Bylaws: Requests $0 Budget

- Website: Buddy requests $30 budget. Steve Lee mentioned he'd like to see more pictures and videos on the website. Ollie mentioned instead of doing this, possibly link to our facebook page.

- Maintenance: Clubhouse roof has a leak on the roof. The porch and rail need to be replaced but Jeff feels it's ok for another year or so possibly. Steve lee mentions that we should focus more instensly on a smaller number of projects. Steve suggests the leak in the roof and cabinet installations are the #1 priority right now. Bill Colvin suggests hiring Curly for maintenance labor.

Steve Lee: Second meeting in March

James Anderson mentions that people should be encouraged to get their HAM license, in the spirit of being good neighbors.

James asks if anyone has ideas on how we could encourage members to become HAM rated.

Meeting adjourned at 12:07pm Central Time. Buddy motions, James seconds


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