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TTT BOD was called to order 9:20 Central by Steve Lee President

BOD Present:  Steve Lee , Kenny Sandifer, Barry Klein,  Ricker Goldsborough, Miller Stroud,  James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Ollie Gregory acting secretary in Lucas' absence.  

TTT members present: Wayne Walker, Ross Davis were in attendance.  

BOD Absent:  Buddy Cutts , Dan Shell, Eric Donaldson, Jeff Nibler, Jeff Wilson, Kathy Lee, Lucas Ridley is moving and resigns as BOD member.  Thanks Lucas for all the good work you have given our club. 

Minutes from the last BOD meeting were read and accepted. 

Old Business:  Search for Whitwell LZ.  No news

Miller made the hook in markers to be installed in the ground near launch lines.  They look good.

New Business:

James Anderson discussed the water heater that runs the bath house sinks doesn’t seem to respond.  The other two heaters work well so the showers still have hot water.  This needs to be done before Team Challenge.

Ricker Goldsborough reports that the Cloud Base Foundation raised monies for the Dunlap Handicapped School.  Over three thousand dollars were raised toward projectors and other audio/visual aids for the school.  Local media will be there for the presentation and TTT members encouraged to be there to support and represent the club at the awards.  Also the Cloud Base Foundation has other projects that are fund raising now.  Projects in TX, Africa, and other places are being addressed at this time.  One is a water tank for a village in Africa.  There are ongoing projects in Canoa, and Guiquile, Ecuador where the Cloud Base Foundation idea was originally envisioned.

The TTT BOD thanks Ricker and the CBF for all this great work, which is probably the best promotional endeavor for hang gliding ever.

Steve discussed the need for members to continue to contribute toward TTT projects and for us to be positive about the club and help promote the club when we can. 

There was discussion that the TTTflymail site is public and is read by thousands and needs to be treated as such.  There was discussion about need for a TTT BOD discussion site or a way to just copy all the BOD with BOD business. 

Kenny Sandifer initiated discussion about investigating the SW launch site situation again.  A team was identified to carry this out.  Mike Nash, Dan Shell and Kathy Lee were nominated pending their approval.  Motion carried and the proposed team will be notified. 

Several ideas were discussed about acquiring launch and landing sites.

Mr. Woerner not able to hay the landing field.  Kathy has pursued another option, but the party wasn’t able to help.  There was much discussion about how to organize a hay bailing arrangement that could be an income stream for TTT.  Jim Ellis mows the landing area and may be a resource. 

Pastor Huston Kilgore crashed on landing here Thursday.  He broke a femur and fractured some facial bones.  He is in Erlanger and had surgery yesterday.  He is expected to make a good recovery.

There was discussion about the pilot proficiency program.

The neat old stereo has disappeared from the clubhouse, but the speakers are still here. 

Pilots have approached board members out of concern about management of applications and payment for tandems. Applications with dues should be placed in the collection box before each flight. 

Committee Reports:

Newsletter for June has been completed by Keith Atkins and is available on line at the website.  Keith has done an exceptional job with his wonderful newsletter.

Treasurer Report:  Ricker Goldsborough reporting.  The checking account balance   is currently $800.78 at the end of June.   The LZ fund has $57,078.07.  The PayPal account for Team Challenge was temporarily deactivated and is now reactivated.  TTT now has it’s own PayPal account.  Please pay for Team Challenge! 

Website:  Buddy Cutts Chairman.  The site is considered to be in good shape

Bylaws:  Dan Shell Chairman.  Bylaws are considered to be in good shape

Membership:  Jeff Nibler Chairman.  Last report 172.  Total TTT members now: 142. 

Information Tech:  Need to fix or replace the computer damaged by the lightning strike.  Ricker volunteered to take it home and attempt a repair. 

Safety committee:  Kathy Lee chairwoman.  An official USHPA accident report on Huston’s crash will be filled out and sent into USHPA.  Windsocks are still up at launches.  Whitwell LZ windsock is marginal at this time.  Rescue trails are well marked by orange disks at eye level.  We need to replace the wooden ladder for the first trail and clear the trails a bit.

Awards committee: Eric Donaldson is chairman.  Awards are in good shape.

Competition:  Ollie Gregory chairman.  TTT hasn’t had a lot of luck with the Sprints with weather and competition with WW demo days at LMFP.  We need to publicize the rest of the competition season. Ollie will pursue this. 

Social committee:  Barry will organize for the Team Challenge party/Octoberfest.  He hopes to have a committee to assist in the planning. 

Maintenance:  Jeff Wilson Chairman is absent:  This may be the forth absence for Jeff in a row.  The countertops for the donated cabinets still need countertop and installation.   The Florida TTTs led by Rocket Man Sweigert with Rodger and Tyson helped fix our plumbing under the sink.  We still need a good drinking water hose to supply the sink in the clubhouse.  The grass for the clubhouse area has continued to be cut by Steve, Kathy and Rick Jacobs using their own equipment and gas.  Our club mowers are dead.  We need good mowers and will need to have them in our budget.  We need to have ways to get invoices to document the work done, money spent and ways to recognize the work our members do for the club. 

We need more help from volunteers to keep the maintenance up to date.  We need a written list of things that need to be fixed and addressed. 

We need a leader to help with maintenance from the membership. 

James Anderson commented that the stated business of the TTT is to promote hang gliding.  Wayne Walker has a scooter tow system and may be willing to work with us to pursue scooter tow for our club.  He has a system that is capable and just needs a place to store it.  Wayne and Mark Fink are qualified to do the training and operate the system.  We need a place to store the system.   There was much discussion on how to pursue this.  Mike Nash and Bill Colven may have access to land owners on top of the plateau who may be willing to allow scooter tow.  Galloway airport could be another option. 

Meeting adjourned at 1:06pm Central



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