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TN Tree Toppers  

March 13th BOD Meeting Minutes

10:30 am Central Time


BOD members present: Steve Lee, Kathy Lee, Ollie Gregory, Jeff Nibler, James Anderson, Buddy Cutts, Dan Shell, Michael Bradford, Kenny Sandifer, Lucas Ridley.


Absent: Ricker Goldsboro, Eric Donaldson, Mark Poling, Jeff Wilson, Miller Stroud


Members present: Chris Christopherson, Nick Magini, Barry Klein, Mike Nash



Lucas read minutes and Steve first to accept Dan second, unanimous


Old Business:


- Whitwell LZ: Dan countinues the search, and mentions he will continue to ask a new realtor every so often.


- Gifts: We're not sure if Standiford received gifts, Steve has called Mark P. but has not heard anything. Not sure if Clark has delivered his gift either.


- DSL: It's working! Thanks Michael and Buddy - antennae will be reinstalled to get better reach of signal after clubhouse repairs are finished.


- Glider Storage: Issue has not been pursued further, because interest has wained. Ollie hasn't pressed James for a better price. It's a simmering subject. Dan Shell mentions that the original matter of LZ security wouldn't be addressed if a storage container was put next to the clubhouse.


- New Signs: Jeff reports they're  4 signs for Henson, 2 for Whitwell, we also will need some steel poles and dig holes for the signs. Ollie still needs to be reimbursed $300.

- Chris Thale accident: Jeff filed the accident report to USHPA after he and several other board members went down to the police station and watched the video of the accident. Jeff sold Chris's vario and radio for roughly $275 and donated the money to the Overcoming Together Ovarian Cancer Fund and sent Chris's wife about this and she responded that that would have made him very happy. Any time there is a fatality involved with the club a representative from the club will have to visit the police station for a report. James read a letter to the club from Chris's wife. Kenny mentions his concern about what could have happened if spectators were on the rock outcropping.


- Firewood (Rick Jacobs). Michael B spoke with Rick, Rick told Michael not to replace the wood and that he would be happy to donate it to the club. Steve Lee mentions that we still need to get some firewood for the club for the 2010 season.


New Business:


- Ricker mentions the Cloudbase Foundation and asks for Child-based charity needs.


Committee Reports:


- Website: Buddy thanks his committee members


- Bylaws: Nothing New


- Maintenance: Jeff Wilson absent. Kenny helped Curley and states that he believes the leak is fixed, and siding replaced as required to fix the leak. Needs paint and caulk still. Ollie spoke with Curley about the repairs: Curley installed cabinets, fixed outlets, fixed wiring, rebalanced circuits and added wires and new circuits. $1687.50 Labor. Materials = $961.34. Kenny donated some labor and paint. Curley states we need another electrical line installed to be dedicated to appliances. Water line needs to be added outside so it can't freeze and burst. Also mentioned a list of items he would suggest we do to maintain the clubhouse. Cabinets aren't completed. Chris Christopherson fixed the grommet on the flapper valve on the toilet tank in the bath house.


- Treasurer's report: Check acct $3281.08. All bills paid to date. $1,151 of that is for specific donations such as fridge and stove and $150 is for DSL leaves $1,980.08 free balance. CD = $56,925.43.  2009 Tax paperwork has been given to CPA. Ricker has filed forms with bank for internet access. Ricker has built lockboxes for donations at events to ensure accurate accounting. Ricker requests that no money be spent without treasurer's approval. Ricker requests we notify him of the current TTT Clubhouse repair bill.


- Safety: Kathy and Kenny are coordinating new windsocks. Kenny has the new windsocks and says he'll replace the launch and lz windsocks by the end of next week. The status of the Whitwell windsock is unclear, Kenny says if someone reports they need replacement he'll work on them. We will order backup windsocks for both sites.


- Competition: Ollie updates, today was the first day of the weekend series (weathered out), Jeff, Michael, and Dean are doing great work towards this. USHPA will post about our compeitions in the May magazine. Dean is on the chapter support committee at the USHPA board meeting right now. Ricker is on working for sponsorships again, he said Icaro has already pledged to sponsor. Ollie wants to reserve a portion of the money raised for the weekend series meets to go towards paying for awards for them.


- Awards: Eric is absent


- Social: Mark is absent


- Newsletter: Keith Atkins is working on it. Kenny mentions it would be nice to include the 'opt-in' option for getting a mailed copy of the newsletter on the membership form, which Jeff makes a note of.


- IT: Jeff N., Buddy C., Dean F., Keith A., Ollie G., John Corry, Barry Klein are a part of a development IT team that Michael is heading up. Goals include integrating all of the individual efforts of the club like newsletter, website, virtualizing the meeting. Michael mentions that he is open to receiving stories from pilots that he will keep them anonymous for the newsletter and possibly fictionalize them for creating a story with a lesson.


- Membership: 172 members. Jeff read off some of the local pilots whose membership has expired.


-Last minute notes: We need to include Dr. Dale on the favorite neighbor list for gift baskets as well as notifying him about any competitions with the potential of landing in his field in the future.

Meeting adjorned at 12:12pm central

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