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TTT BOD May  15th 2010

BOD Present: Ollie Gregory, Eric Donaldson, Steve Lee, Dan Shell, Michael Bradford, Kenny Sandifer, James Anderson, Buddy Cutts, Barry Klein, Kathy Lee

Members present;  Mike Nash, Bill Colvin.  

BOD Absent:  Lucas Ridley, Jeff Wilson, Miller Stroud, Jeff Nibler, Ricker Goldsborough.  Jeff Wilson has been absent three BOD meetings in a row.   Three consecutive absences starts an automatic resignation from the BOD.  The BOD voted unanimously to refuse his resignation at this time.

Ollie took minutes in Lucas’ absence.

Meeting called to order at 9:30 AM.  Central 

Minutes from April were read by Ollie and accepted unanimously

Steve and Kathy enjoyed using the gift certificate for St. John’s Restaurant in downtown Chattanooga!  Great food.  They thanked the TTT for giving the gift certificate. 

Steve congratulated Ollie on winning the Rigid Wing class at the Flytec Race and Rally

Old biz. 

Dan Shell reports: Whitwell LZ search continues.  No new information.

Storage Container: The board is not going to pursue this until there is more interest from membership.

Signage designed by Jeff Nibler is up at Henson’s.  Signs need to be installed at Whitwell.  James Anderson installed the signs at Henson’s.

James Anderson installed the launch crew safety restraint hardware on the ramp at Henson’s. 

Firewood for Rick Jacobs and TTT firewood:  The Lee Team will donate a cord of wood from their property they split up.  As funds become available, Kathy will still pursue a load from Harwood for the campers to use and to help cover the wood borrowed from Rick Jacobs. Discussion ensued about trees on the property that might be taken down and some on Dan Shell’s property that could be cut up.  Suggestions for members to donate time to cut up local down trees for the campers were discussed.  There is no big need for new firewood at this point.

Liability insurance for the land owners was discussed.  The landowner insurance forms are still here and need to be distributed.  Woerner, Hudson, Basham and Castle property are covered, but insurance certificates are in need of delivery.  The Church LZ certificate was delivered. 

New Business:

Land Trust:  A letter reporting of The Land Trust’s annual visit to check for our compliance.  We passed the land management assessment.  We are to let them know of changes in the use of our land in the Land Trust. 

Foundation for Free Flight donated $700 toward the Team Challenge 2010 in stipulating that there will be an article written that mentions the work of the Foundation to preserve hang gliding sites and to include the FFF’s logo in advertisements.

Sequatchie Co Chamber of Commerce sent TTT a letter about their activities and functions in our area along with a request for sponsorship monies.  TTT is a current member of the Dunlap Chamber of Commerce

There was discussion about the camping trailer parked on TTT property for most of this year.  Steve mentioned that he was in favor of allowing campers to be left here to encourage more pilots to come to our sites.  So far there have been no reported conflicts.  There was much discussion on this subject with concern about members taking advantage of the lax rules to store their campers on our property and take up desirable spaces. There was discussion of the liability risk to TTT with campers etc on the property.  Several potential solutions and compromises were suggested, but all would require policing of the property and enforcement.  There was discussion of charging a fee for storage of trailers or renting out the trailers when the owners were not present and the liability involved.  

Ollie motioned to encourage members bring their campers and RVs when they come to TTT to fly, but must take them home when they leave.  Ollie’s motion was seconded by James Anderson.  More discussion ensued.  There was a vote to end discussion. Finally, the motion to require campers and RVs to be removed from TTT property once their owners were no longer visiting TTT was passed unanimously.

We will consider investigating the development of RV sites in the future.

Tandem flights:  Tandem students must sign a TTT waiver and a USHPA membership form to fly.   Currently TTT receives only $5 a flight.  Steve mentioned that the club dues were increased but there was no increase in the dues for Tandem flights that are done commercially. There was much discussion of options to manage the tandem fees.  Buddy Cutts motioned to make the minimum membership a 3 day pass and no longer use the $5 tandem membership pass.  This would allow the change without a bylaws referendum.  There was much discussion concerning this.  The motion to no longer use the $5 tandem student pilot membership passed unanimously.  Now the minimum membership for TTT is a 3 day membership costing $25.  This will become effective 5-15-2010.

Other business and news: 

James Anderson discovered that one of the new window’s upstairs was without a screen.  Dan Shell will contact Curly Dunn to find out where it is. Update: Screen has been located and installed.

Rick Jacobs has marked the trails to the first bench and the trail down below the cliff with half dollar sized orange plastic markers at eye level on the trees along the trails.  Rick would like to have the ladder to the bench improved.  The entry to the trail below the dome house is over grown and needs clearing to allow rapid access below the cliffs in case of an accident.   A work party is needed to correct this.

There are foreign pilots who are using FAI cards to show their rating.  This does not mean they are USHPA members or covered with USHPA insurance.  They can get temporary USHPA membership to be allowed to fly here.  They should be referred to LMFP to get temporary USHPA membership.  BOD members should be aware of this before signing off on membership to TTT.

Dogs:  James read a letter that someone sent him about the issue of dogs on launch, dog fights and dogs biting people.  This was discussed at length.  There was much discussion about dogs and liability risk.  A motion was made to address this by posting on TTT bulletin boards, websites and newsletters that TTT takes no responsibility for dog behavior.  If any TTT member or guest brings a dog onto TTT property, that person is responsible for their dog’s behavior.  Also several signs indicating that members and guests should “Beware of Dog” will be posted about the TTT property.

TTT Face Book site: There was discussion about TTT Face Book site and questionable posts left there.  To address this, a disclaimer that posts there do not reflect the opinions of TTT or membership will be made a feature on the site.

Mike Nash announced that Denny Haldeman has offered to write a history of the TTT.  He will be coming by during the Mayhem party and events to collect information for this project.

Michael Bradford wants to digitize all the recoverable history of the TTT as an IT project.

Committee Reports:


TTT Checking account has an available balance of $422.79 and all bills have been paid to date.

Frig and Stove Donations         -$1,151.00

DSL Donations     -$150.00

Balance       -$ 878.21


TTT CD Fund has a balance of $56,979.65 as of 04/30/10.

2009 taxes were filed last week at a cost of $100.00 for Certified Public Accountant filing to insure we are compliant.

Website:  Buddy Cutts, Website Chairman, reports the website is in good shape.

Bylaws:  Dan Shell, Bylaws Chairman, reports the Bylaws are in good shape.

Newsletter:  Keith Atkins requests articles be sent to him as soon as possible.  Ollie sent an article last night.  Steve will send in Prez’ Perch.  Others are needed.  Ollie can so several but doesn’t want to overload/bore the membership with his exploits and opinions. 

Membership:  Jeff Nibler, Membership Chairman, has been doing an excellent job with automated notifications of expired memberships which are copied to board members.  As of today our current members totaled 173. 

Information Technologies:  Michael Bradford, Chairman, reports that the DSL is open and running.  It was down for a brief time during the April BOD meeting.  The antenna needs to be reinstalled.  The TTT proposal to work with USHPA on the America’s Cup project of automating a online scoring/log website program to allow a more flexibility than the Online XC contests was described in the USHPA minutes as a chapter project.  USHPA had indicated interest and support of the project at the Spring BOD meeting in Utah.  USHPA has been difficult for Michael to contact regarding this project.  USHPA needs to clarify the degree of their interest and support in the project.  Several clubs have asked to use the program Jeff Nibler has developed for the Weekend Series at their sites. 

Competition:  Ollie Gregory Chairman reported that The Weekend Series has had two scored weekends.  The April Weekend was phenomenal.  The Sequatchie Sprints will kick off over Memorial Day Weekend.  Discussion ensued regarding accrediting the Sprints and the Weekend Series.   Accreditation would provide insurance to cover non USHPA volunteers.  The cost was thought to be prohibitive since we are striving to have very affordable meets and events.  Scoring programs for the Sequatchie Sprints were discussed.  TTT will need to have access to SeeYou program to score the Sprints.  This should be accomplished by the first Sprints competition. 

Safety:  Kathy Lee Chairwoman reports that the windsocks are all up and in good shape.  However, we do not have any reserves.  At this point we are too short of funding to purchase new ones, but will when the budget allows.  Miller Stroud has offered to help with a laminated emergency protocol sheet to use at both our sites.  This is an ongoing project.  Ollie encouraged BOD members to hold brief talks about launch safety tips and guidelines for out sites anytime we have a pilot gathering. 

Maintenance:  Jeff Wilson Committee Chair was absent.  There was much discussion about the sorry state of affairs at the Clubhouse.  Work party weekends were discussed.  There are multiple repair and maintenance projects that have been left unaddressed.  The cost of mowing the LZs was discussed with general agreement that the present arrangement was working well.  The Henson’s Gap launch site is growing up some.  The water pipes that froze in the clubhouse and subsequently flooded the clubhouse have yet to be repaired.  The cabinets donated by Michael Bradford have yet to be reinstalled.  The broken glass in window has yet to be repaired.  Steve mentioned that he could no longer bare the burden of doing the lion’s share of maintenance.  Work parties are needed.  There was much discussion of this.  Since the Weekend Series is an ongoing event, pilots will still be encouraged to come and form work parties when the weather isn’t flyable.   This and other projects will require coordination. 

Awards:  Eric Donaldson Chairman asked about awards needed for the contests.  Ollie suggested that printed certificates would be OK for the Sprints.  Steve Lee talked about the need for nice awards for the TTT of the Year and the Flight/Flights of the year.  There will be a greater need for awards this year with the many competitions TTT is hosting.  Steve made several trophies to be awarded to the winners of the Weekend Series. 

Social:  Barry Klein Chairman reports that TTT Mayhem party will be a pot luck.  All dishes should have an aeronautical name.  Turbulent Tacos was used as an example.  Ollie will contribute a keg of beer.  Eric Donaldson will bring it. 

After much discussion, the meeting was finally adjourned at 2:30 PM Central time.  Whew!  Ollie


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