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                                                Minutes of the Tennessee Tree Toppers

                                                                October 9, 2010

                                                respectfully submitted by James Anderson


Meeting called to order by  president Steve Lee  at 9:30 am CST.  James Anderson volunteered to take the minutes.


Present:  board members present include Steve Lee, James Anderson, Buddy Cutts, Jeff Nibler. Ollie Gregory, and  Michael Bradford.  Dan Shell came in later. 

Absent were Ricker Goldsborough, Eric Donaldson, Barry Klein, Kathy Lee, Kenny Sandifer, Miller Stroud, Jeff Wilson.   We do not have a quorum. 

Visitors included Richard Amend, Keith Atkins, Al Atkins, Dean funk, Mike Nash, Freddie Craig, and Emily Byars.


Old Business:


            Whitwell LZ:   No change.  $20.00 donation from Erin Rinn to the LZ fund with the suggestion that we seek funds from the Foundation for Free Flight.  The foundation has been approached by James Anderson who discovered that the foundation wants to know, among other things, how much money we want, which we can not supply without finding a place to buy.  Much discussion.


            Haying our LZ:  Our efforts to find someone to do the job had been left in the hands of Kenny Sandifer.  Since he was not present, the fruits of his efforts are unknown.  Mr. Woerner took it upon himself to hay our field on his own right before Team Challenge.   Mr. Fletcher of Fletcher Trucking, Greg Gaston, and Harmon Held were suggested as possibly being able to do the job for us.  Discussion.


           Tandem dues:  Jeff Nibler reported that he found that Clark Harlow did not feel a dues increase was justified, since much of his efforts should qualify as good public relations for the club.  Clark now has the student waivers in the green box before the student flies.  The problem of collecting said dues in a timely manner has been solved by Clark's paying a block of money up front.  Discussion.


            Team Challenge 2010:  TC recognized as a great success.  Exact state of the financial situation ref TC is unknown at this time.  The donation cup yielded $295.00; donation box $339.50; dinner collections $337.00 (making us $177,00 thank you Margaret Craig); T-shirt (thank you Kip Stone for your generous donation of the t-shirts) sales at $15.00/shirt $185.00.  We are reminded to thank our sponsors for their contributions.  Dean Funk made the point that he had successfully introduced several new pilots to the site during this time frame; that he is mentoring these pilots.  Good job Dean.  Mike Bradford thanked Steve Lee for his efforts.  James Anderson thanked Freddy Craig for his many efforts, especially Freddy's handling of garbage – which has been a big problem in the past.  Discussion.


            Southwest site:  No luck.  Discussion.


            Refrigerator:  Mike Bradford is donating his almost new frig to the club next Tuesday.  He seems quite certain his old frig will fit into the same space and states that his old frig is almost new.


            Stove:  Steve Lee threw out the old stove while on his pre-TC cleaning spree so that we were without a stove during TC.  Mike Bradford volunteered to pick up a new stove for us.  Mike Nash has spoken to the Florida crew – due soon – and says they will install the stove for us.  Ollie Gregory feels any money left over from the stove/refrigerator donations should go toward our physical plant.  Mike Bradford believes the clubhouse plumbing should be redone in Pex.


            Scooter tow:  Dr Dale and Mike Nash both have volunteered storage for Wayne Walker's scooter tow.  Much discussion about where to fly it.  Mike will look into that.


New Business: 


            Richard Amend:  Richard spoke to us about plans for a para-glider launch just north of our Whitwell launch site.  He is quite certain there is enough money and labor to clear a good PG launch.   Much discussion about where they plan to land.  Dean Funk (chair), Ollie Gregory, Jeff Nibler and Michael Bradford are our committee to work with Richard and his group on procedures to safely fly together.  Thank you Richard.  Editor's note:  conversations with Rick Jacob place the site some 1,000 foot south of our launch, not north.


            Miami Hang Gliding:  James Tindle is going to run one of his mountain clinics here October 22 – 25.  He  is seeking local involvement and input.  He is requested to ensure that all pilots, especially  instructors, be sure to bring documentation/certification as they, like all pilots, can expect to be carded.  He is planning a BBQ on Sunday, October 25 and all are invited.  Ollie Gregory feels that we need to consider a set of policies/procedures for non-flying activities.


            Officer elections for2011:  Election time again.  All present board members agreed to stand for reelection.  Clark Harlow agreed to run, suggesting that he might take treasurer again.  Jeff Nibler is going to set up an online procedure for volunteering to run.  Ollie Gregory will print ballots.  Support your club – run for office.



            Suggestion to put back into the clubhouse the mouse proof box before they eat up any more of the clubs resources; at least but not limited to t-shirts.  Done.  Consider putting paper goods in there too.  (Editor's note:  hidden in the box below some defunct electronics was the “HOOK IN” marker that was to have been installed at Whitwell before TC.  James Anderson and Buddy Cutts have since installed the marker.  At least it will be there for the next TC.)


            Favorite neighbor gifts:  Ollie Gregory volunteered to assemble the soap baskets that were so well received last year (thanks Jackie) again this year.  List:  First Baptist church in Whitwell, Mrs. Basham, Dr. Dale, Mr. Castle, Mrs. Hudson, Mr. Standifer in Pikeville, the rescue squads in Dunlap and Whitwell,  Mr. Galloway, and a tandem for Carol Galloway.  Delivery by Steve and Kathy Lee and Dan Shell.


            School donation:  The Cloudbase Foundation donation of 2 projectors to the local school system got us some good positive public relations.


            John Freitas is on the centerfold of the current HG & PG Mag.  Nice to see TTT members appreciated.


            Jeff Nibler spoke to the idea of gathering thoughts on the topic of RV placement.  It seems that the placement of the RV right in front of the pavilion created a lot of negative comment, especially during TC, the greatly appreciated works of Margaret and Freddy Craig to the contrary not withstanding.  Perhaps assigned placement and/or no parking areas might work.  Perhaps a tiered system geared to how long an RV had been parked on TTT property might also be in order.  First 30 days free, next week a nominal fee, later a less nominal fee, etc..  Dan Shell noted that some usage was made by RVs parking in the corner of the LZ.  Some discussion about putting a toilet down there.  Much discussion.  Gather up your ideas and bring them to the next meeting.


            Dean Funk is working on his instructor certification, soon to be granted.  He is very excited.  He is looking to revisit Mat Tabor's proposals so that we can fly with more  (thus recruit more) pilots.  It looks like he will be a great help in matters affecting both TTT and LMFP.


            Scooter tow qualified operators:  We need a bunch of scooter tow qualified operators (not (necessarily) instructors) for Wayne's scooter tow.  Clinics may be offered at Blue Sky and/or Quest.  Michael Bradford suggested the possibility of getting an instructor to come here and teach us here. If you plan to be able to ride it, you should consider learning to drive it.  We are going to need a set of policies and procedures regarding the operation of the scooter tow under the flag of the TTT.   Gather up your thoughts and bring them to the next board meeting.


            Treasurer's report.  Treasurer was not present.  Jeff Nibler  reported a current balance of  $8,580.80 in the checking account plus $282.24 in Paypal.  We owe $245.44.  $1,151 are dedicated to the stove and fridge fund.  $150 dedicated to our DSL, which should be used to pay the telephone bills.  $700 for TC scholarships.  Which leaves some $6,616.60.  There is $57,167.00 in the CD LZ fund.


            Website:  Buddy Cutts has the website in its' typical excellent shape.  Thanks Buddy.


            Bylaws:  Dan Shell has no business for us.


            Newsletter:  Keith Atkins continues to do a great job for us.  Thank you Keith Atkins.  There is a need for articles – if you haven't written an article lately, please do so.


            Safety committee:  Chair Kathy Lee was not present.  Buddy Cutts mentioned that one of the safety harnesses is missing a carabiner.   Steve Lee said he would look into it.


            IT:  Michael Bradford pointed out that we still need to be mindful of the potential for lightening strikes.  Much discussion on whether we should have a computer, how much computer to get, various forms of protection (starting with what we had before – which was nothing – and going on from there).


            Membership committee:  Jeff Nibler reports 131 current members.


    Awards: Eric Donaldson was not present.  Various suggestions for awards include Trevor Childress – flex wing 50.9 miles; Dave Hopkins - rigid 70 miles and Ollie Gregory's 86 mile triangle his rigid wing.  It was noted that Jeff Nibler flew a similarly difficult flight from Whitwell to Sandifers to Henson and back to Whitwell. Ollie flew Whitwell to Sandifers to Marion County Airport and back to Whiwell. Much discussion.


            Competition committee:  Ollie Gregory reported ideas for a year long self scored series similar to the weekend series and some other great  competition ideas.  Save up your competition ideas for Ollie.  Much discussion.


            Social Committee:  Barry Klein was off racing sail boats, but he sent his ideas.  He is suggesting that we do the Blue Orchid this year, even though it might cost members slightly more than last year.  The idea of using the same date as the December board meeting was well received – Second Saturday in December.


            Maintenance Committee:  Steve Lee has taken up the mantle of this committee since Jeff Wilson left us.  Most things seem to be in good shape (thanks Steve) with the exception of the water heater situation in the bathhouse.  Please bring your water heater ideas to the next meeting.


            Next meeting:  general consensus that a meeting in November is badly needed.  Please come and bring your ideas.



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