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TTT BOD Minutes 04/09/2011


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Minutes TTT April 9, 2011 by James P. Anderson

Board members present: Steve Lee, James Anderson, Mike Bradford, Rick Jacob, Barry Klein, Jeff Nibler, Dean Funk, Ollie Gregory. 3 strike rule for Miller Stroud; resignation refused. Members Wayne Walker and James Stinnett joined us.

Called to order by president Steve Lee at 9:30 Central with a prayer.

Last months minutes accepted

Committee Reports:

Treasury report given by Mike Bradford: thanks Mike.

Website: Web master Buddy Cutts was not here due to health problems. Website is in great shape. Thanks Buddy.

Bylaws Chair Dan Shell not present.

Newsletter: There is a need for articles for the next issue. Please help.

Safety: Chair Kathy Lee had to be at work. We still have no ladder to help us reach the cliff ledge below Rick Jacob's house.
Ollie has a safety box for the Whitwell launch complete save for 2 carabineers and a way to secure the box. Thank you Ollie.
The windsock/tree problem in the main LZ has been fixed by the Lees.
We are getting a windsock for Castles' LZ. Thank you all.

IT report by Mike Bradford. Wayne Walker brought us a “new” computer. Monitor donated by Buddy Cutts. Various suggestions. Thank you all.

Competition report by Ollie Gregory – Team Challenge has 35+ paid entrants.
We need to give away the funds donated by the Foundation for Free Flight. A reminder: funds were donated by the FFF to encourage others to set up Team Challenge like operations in other places. Those funds are to be donated to help offset expenses for anyone who wants to try their hand at setting up their own Team Challenge in their own area.
Ollie needs help. Thanks Ollie.

Membership report by Jeff Nibler. Discussion about including a t-shirt check off box on the waivers. We still don't have waivers for all members on file, e.g. life time members.
We have 139 members.
Jeff wants' to go to e-mail acknowledgment of membership vs snail mail. Good idea.
The $1500 life membership that caused questions to be asked about the unusual amount ($1500 vs $1000) includes a $500 donation. Thank you!
Trevor Childress was accepted as tandem pilot. Thanks Jeff.

Maintenance report by Rick Jacob. He has moved rocks to encourage considerate parking.
The stove has been properly wired up (thank you Ozzie Lopez-Armas).
The trash problem continues with dogs spreading trash as well as their droppings.
Erosion around some trees near launch needs to be addressed; the trees are going to die if we don't do something.
We are expecting a work party next week to help clean up for Mayhem.
David Giles is willing to help us with our need for a projector screen. We need ideas on how to best deal with our lack of a projector screen.
Do we have a water leak? We have quite a water bill for a time span when we aren't using any water. We could turn off the water for a short period of time and see if there is any usage. There will never be a better time for it than right now.
Do we need an architecture/landscape committee?
What is the status of our water heater? We still want to get new one before TC.
A full sized motorcycle drove around the south side of the gate pole. Do we need another rock?
Thanks Rick.

Social Committee chair Barry Klein is looking for boilers for use with our low country boil for Mayhem. If you have (access to) one please let him know. The price will depend on the number of takers for the party and on the cost of the food, especially shrimp. If you have a Costco card you could help him out with, please call him. Thanks Barry.

No report from the awards committee because the chair was not present.

Paragliding committee no report.

Public Relations committee chair Dean Funk is working on it and shared a number of interesting ideas. Ollie Gregory intends to get an announcement about the Team Challenge into the Oz Report. Help in the way of videos, photos, etc. would be welcome. Suggestion to “mine” the tandem flights for possible good public relations. Discussion about social media.

Old Business:

Whitwell LZ was discussed.

Ollie suggested that we sell the Nick Berry t-shirts at auction at the Team Challenge.

Scooter tow: We need a cadre of trained people instructed in use of and flying with the scooter tow. Much discussion
Designated trailer parking was discussed and Rick Jacob reported he moved rocks toward that end.

T-shirts. Ollie Gregory discussed Dean Funk's designs as well as the traditional design. Kip Stone will be authorized $2000 for t-shirts to have for our club to sell. Ollie will do it now. Dean Funk reported on a web site plan to sell t-shirts for us.

Our treasurer makes the point that PayPal is not free.

New Business:

Cathy Lee has not yet had time to speak to Mrs. Hudson or the Mosiers (next to church LZ) about our buying landing rights.

We are reminded not to land during church and to conduct ourselves as appropriate for a conservative church group at all times.

The USHPA has sent us brochures and stickers. Ollie will distribute. Jackie Gregory may add a personal TTT touch to them.

James Stinnett brought US World team t-shirts: $35 dri fit vs $25 for cotton. Please help our world team. Call him and get one (or more) 706-463-0202.

Motion to adjourn by Jeff Nibler; seconded by Barry Klein at 12:20 PM.


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