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TTT BOD Minutes 2011


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TTT BOD Meeting Minutes Aug 13, 2011

Ollie kindly shared the tale of his XC from Henson’s to LMFP. Clark enjoyed repeatedly seeing the top of a rigid wing from his tandem office at 4000’. Barry made it XC to Whitwell despite his new vario’s desire to return home 9000 miles away to Sweden. Nice job guys!

0925hrs/1025 hrs Eastern Meeting Called to order with a short prayer.

BOD Members Present & Accounted for: James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Barry Klein, Steve Lee, and Rob Dallas scribbling.

BOD Members Absent: Buddy Cutts, Dean Funk, Rick Jacob, Jeff Nibler, Kenny Sandifer.

Members Present: Tim Cocker & Isaac Jones

The previous Meeting Minutes were read aloud & accepted as is.

BOD Members Arriving Better Late Than Never: Kathy Lee, Dan Shell, & Channing Kilgore

Isaac Jones was invited to present potential New Business to the TTT BOD summarizing in great detail his formal complaint submitted to the FAA in Washington, DC regarding trailer based payout winch towing at Lawrence County Airport near Courtland, AL. Mr. Jones requested that the TTT BOD sign a letter joining his formal complaint and then if the FAA rules in his favor, all current & future TTT members would be allowed to trailer tow with Mr. Jones at the Lawrence Co Airport. Mr. Jones read aloud his letter that he was requesting President Steve Lee to sign joining his formal complaint.

Motion made to accept Mr. Jones’ signature request and it was seconded. Discussion ensued.

Michael volunteered to contact USHPA at the Executive Director level to make them aware of this situation and get a reading on USHPA’s position on this matter.

Motion was made to Table this new agenda item until the next meeting (9 for 0 against).

Committee Reports:

Treasurer: Financial details were disclosed & in summary, the club in good financial shape.

Website: Website is in great shape. Buddy’s webmeister efforts are greatly appreciated.

Newsletter: No articles received. Please help Keith out with a contribution.

PR: Dean Funk not present, no report.

Membership: Jeff Nibler not present, no report. 137 current members (according to website). Jeff thanks for doing a great job processing membership applications expediently etc.

Safety: The need for a ladder on Rick’s property prior to TC was discussed.

The warning letter to Norman Neiderhouser was discussed.

IT Committee: Michael took care of research & TTT purchase of a 100" retractable screen for use during Team Challenge presentations (or any other TTT event). An Ethernet cable is needed from the Clubhouse to the pavillion for use during TC.

Competition: Team Challenge is almost here! September 25th thru Oct 01 2011! It’s a full event of 50 pilots plus two paid on the waiting list. Everything is organized and lined-up! Awesome job Ollie & Michael!!

Tim Cochran is pulling together a TTT History presentation for TC. If you have historical photos etc, please send them to Tim. Visit his Facebook page to view historical photos & info.

T-shirts: Awesome artwork by Harry Martin have been completed & an order will be placed soon.

Maintenance: Rick’s been busy getting driveway gravel spread. It’s looking great, thanks Rick!

Next BOD meeting shall be a working meeting to prep the site for TC so bring your implements of yard work.

Awards Committee: Clark awarded himself for being higher than Ollie not once but twice yesterday.

Social Committee: Barry reported everything’s all set.

Old Business:

LZ Search: No updates

Scooter Tow: Clark is actively pursuing a scooter tow clinic instructor. If you have any tips, please advise.

RV/Trailer Parking: Discussion. No motions made & no actions planned.

Projector Screen: Purchased & available. Thanks Michael!

New business:

Mentoring Program: Discussion led by Channing Kilgore. USHGA mentoring program discussed.

News: The TTT wishes our friend Pastor Craig Thomas of Whitwell Baptist Church best of luck with his new church.

James brought up that the clubhouse had some uninvited non-members present recently. Please remember to lock up the upstairs & downstairs doors & windows.

Motion made and seconded to add The Mousers LZ field to the TTT Club insurance plan. Discussion ensued. Steve & Kathy volunteered to speak to the Mousers about this as a first step. Voted Yea unanimously.

Motion to adjourn 12:40 Central/1:40PM Eastern

Next Meeting Sept 10, 2011.



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