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TTT BOD Minutes 01/29/2011


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Tennessee Tree Toppers BOD meeting 1/29/11 

Ollie Gregory taking minutes

Meeting was called to order at approximately 9:10 CST.

Present:  James Anderson, Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas, Michael Bradford, Rick Jacob, Kathy Lee, Steve Lee, Trevor Childress, Ollie Gregory, Barry Klein, Dan Shell, Clark Harlow,   Jeff Nibler, Dean Funk,  with some dribbling in later than others!

Absent: Miller Stroud

Minutes from December meeting were read and accepted


Electing of Officers:  

Steve Lee was nominated  for President .  No others were nominated.  Vote Unanimous!


Vice President:  James Anderson.  No other nominations and vote was unanimous.


Secretary:  Rob Dallas, Jeff Nibler were nominated.  No other nominations.  Rob Dallas was elected.


Treasurer:  Michael Bradford was nominated.   No other nominations.  Vote was unanimous.


Committee Chairmen were appointed by President Lee: 

Website:  Buddy Cutts

Bylaws:  Dan Shell

Newsletter:  Keith Atkins

Membership:  Jeff Nibler

Safety:  Kathy Lee

Information Technology:  Michael Bradford

Competition:  Ollie Gregory

Maintenance: Rick Jacob

Social:  Barry Klein

Awards Committee:  Clark Harlow

Paragliding:  Trevor Childress


Old Business:

LZ Search:  No news. 


RV/Trailer use of the Henson’s site: 

There was much discussion of how to manage this.  Wiring up a couple spots to encourage parking in designated sites was reviewed.  Placing obstacles to prevent parking in front of the pavilion was also discussed.  Jeff looked for the best places.  Jeff reported that the area to the roadside of the fire pit and the slots near the glider set up area on the west southwest side of the camping area are suitable.  Kathy looked into power pole costs.  Power company labor would be $50 per hookup on RV.  Other costs would be for the ditches, the PVC the wires etc.  Dan reminded us to consider a power outlet in the LZ to encourage RV parking below.  There was more discussion of putting power lines underground.  Estimates from Rick and Clark are that it would cost about a minimum of $250 a pole for two outlets on temp pole in the area of the Henson’s campground.  $300 to $400 for each station was also mentioned.  Much discussion of options and opinions on how to manage RVs ensued.   This discussion will be continued and continued in Old Business.


Favorite Neighbor gifts: Kathy, Steve, Dan S. and Michael B. delivered our favorite neighbor gifts.   The gifts were created and donated by Jackie Gregory.  First Baptist Church received a hand made soap basket and $100.  The Bashem’s, the Moseur’s, Dr. Dale McCartney,  the Standifer’s,  the Castle’s, Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Mary Barry all received hand made soap baskets.   The Galloway’s got a huge gift basket with hand made soaps, other little gifts and bags which was specially created for distribution to their employees.  Kathy donated a ham to the Bashem’s from the TTT.  Thanks to all who helped with this project.


Tee Shirts:  Ollie reported on Kip Stone’s figures for short sleeved men’s and women’s shirts and long sleeved shirts.  The prices were very good.  Now all we need is artwork and we can send it to Kip.  Dean Funk reported that he had some good ideas about some new artwork.  Rick Jacob suggested that a portion of tee shirts should be the classic TTT logo.  The tee shirt committee will move forward with this when acceptable designs are received. 


SW Bluff Launch report from Jeff Nibler.  Realtor was contacted and there is no plan to subdivide the land yet.   Will continue to monitor this site.


New Business:


PR Committee:  Dean Funk was appointed and accepted the position as the leader of the Public Relations committee to assist in getting the word out about TTT and our projects etc.

Marriage Ceremony request from Megan Keith was accepted. 

Motion to allow marriage parties on TTT property was made by Clark but not seconded.


Bicycle to be removed from the storage when Ollie can remember to do it!


Dale McCartney sent us a nice card welcoming us to use his property.  We also received a thank you letter from the Dunlap Rescue Squad. 


Committee Reports: 

Treasurer’s report:  Had a pretty good year.  Thanks to Ricker for good leadership in this area for the last two years.  Ricker’s financial statement read as follows:


TTT Checking account has a balance of $5,110.65 and all bills are paid to date. TTT CD Fund balance is unknown at this time because I have not received any mail associated with TTT accounts for over 30 days.

A deposit of $5,887.70 was made into the LZ fund account and in accordance with TTT Bylaws.

Checks are being written out of the account without contacting me so that they can be entered into the records. It is impossible to keep accurate records if processes are not followed.

All accounting records were sent to my CPA three weeks ago for IRS filing. This concludes my services as Treasurer.

Please advise me as to whom the new Treasurer will be so that I can notify the bank and transfer all accounting records and files.


Bylaws:  Dan Shell Chairman:  There seemed to be nothing new to report.   There was some discussion of the Flight Regulatory Program which allowed use of Whitwell by appropriately trained and supervised Hang 2s.  The Florida Ridge group took good advantage of this program as evidenced by many good flights from Whitwell. James Tindal's flight instructors were successful in launching Hang 2s off Whitwell in compliance with the TTT FRP. 


Newsletter:  We need to send articles to Keith Atkins.


Membership:  Jeff Nibler Chairman:  Need new applications for boxes.  We need to put a check box for Tee Shirts on next printing of applications.  Michael Bradford reported having a good source for a fast printer with the Galloway’s.  Lifetime members need to fill out applications every year.  Jeff will send out requests for update of the waiver to life members who can be contacted. 

Discussion ensued about reviewing records of life members to seek current waivers and establishing an ongoing data set.   TTT has 143 members as of today.


Safety Committee:  Kathy Lee.  Accident reports not yet sent in for 2010.  The two reports have been filled out but need to be sent in.  The problem of the bandito pilot who crashed into trees was discussed. 

Tree trimming for the LZ wind sock needs to be done.  Dean will contact the man who can help with a bucket truck, or Clark suggested a longer pole could be mounted to raise the sock.  Rick reported that we need a new ladder to get down below the bluff for rescue of pilots the trees on ledges below launch.  Rick suggested that he could build a wooden ladder that would be more pleasing to the eye than an aluminum one.

Rick Jacob will help organize the ladder and trails maintenance to allow easy access below launch.  Work parties to be announced.

Need to review condition of socks and replace worn windsocks at all sites.


Information Tech:  Michael Bradford Committee Chair:  Good shape.  Router configuration will be improved.  Maybe some more hardware/computer come springtime.  No evidence of lightning strikes to the clubhouse so far this winter. 


Competition:  Ollie outlined plans for TC.  Maybe something could be created for Mayhem.  Registration links for TC are up and running.  We hope to do something like the Region 6 series of Online Competition with Buddy Cutts helping prod this along. 

Linking a Facebook like button for announcements to go to facebook etc. for flights reports was suggested and Barry K mentioned that he would help do this.


Maintenance Committee:  Rick Jacob is the new committee chair.  There are many projects to pursue including a new hot water heater for the bath house, freeze resistant plumbing in the clubhouse, replacing the deck, mowing, cleaning etc.  There is lots and lots to do! 


Social committee:  Barry Klein returns as Chairman.  Barry will plan the Mayhem, TC party/Octoberfest party and Xmas Party.  Barry suggested a Low Country Boil for Mayhem which sounds mouthwatering!


Awards Committee:  Clark Harlow will be responsible for Six flight awards and the TTT of the year award.  2010 Flight of the year award needs to be sent to Dave Hopkins.  Jeff Nibler’s plaque for TTT of the year needs to be done.  Receipts for what Eric spent on awards were delivered.  There was a left over 3rd place for TC plaque that was from Dean’s team.  He will try to chase down the person who left it.


Paragliding Committee:  Dean reports on discussion with the SouthernParaPilots.    SPP members may be interested in meeting at Mayhem for discussion of our sharing the skies.  Trevor Childress will be the Paragliding Committee Chairman


Website:  Buddy Cutts reports that the Domain fees came due.  Buddy donated it.  Dan Barker donated the site fees.  Sequatchie Competition domain is in Dean’s name and will keep the  domain for the time being. 


Committee Budgets need to be ready for next meeting in March! 


Jeff Wilson came to talk about AL Hang Gliding Association and received fees from several TTT members to support the site. 


Motion to close the meeting was given and seconded about 11:20 CST 



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