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TTT BOD Minutes 2011


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                                                June 12 minutes of the Tennessee Tree Toppers


In the absence of the Secretary, James Anderson will take the minutes.


Meeting opened at 9:10 AM June 12, 2011.


Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as published.


Board members present: Barry Klien, Rick Jacob, Channing Kilgore, Michael Bradford, Buddy Cutts, James Anderson,  Ollie Gregory, Steve Lee, Dan Shell, Clark Harlow.


Absent:  Kathy Lee, Dean Funk, Rob Dallas,  Jeff Nibler, Trevor Childress(fourth consecutive absence).


Visitors:  Richard Amend, Alvin Slatten, Brent Benoist, Mike Nash,  Collin Hodson, Kenny Sandifer.


Rick Jacob moved to accept the resignation implied by the fourth absence of Trevor Childress and put in Kenny Sandifer.  Unanimous pass.


Committee Reports:


Treasurer's Report:  Michael Bradford provided a concise report.  We are in pretty good shape, even though much of the cash on hand is encumbered.


Website:  Buddy Cutts was directed to remove Miller Stroud as a board member from the web site.  Website is in its' typical great shape.  Thanks Buddy.


Membership:  Jeff Nibler was in Oregon.  Ollie Gregory moved that Mike Nash, Richard Amend, Dick Heckman and Miller Stroud be designated as honorary Board Members.  Passed unanimously.


Bylaws:  Dan Shell reported no changes.


Newsletter:  Keith Atkins needs articles.  If you haven't  sent him anything recently, please do so.


Public Relations:  Dean Funk was absent.


Safety:  Kathy Lee was absent, but we did have some discussion.

Channing Kilgore wondered about the possibility of the TTT setting up a mechanism for welcoming new members to our sites.

Member Norman Neiderhouser has demonstrated poor judgment to the extent that a warning letter will be sent to him.

We still need a system of ladders below Rick Jacob's house to ease emergency access to the cliff there.  Rick will work on that.


Paragliding Liaison: Richard Amend presented a great talk on paragliding activities in the valley.  It was well received.  He  reported on the paraglider launch site at Rick Jacob's Whitwell property.  Site insurance? Waiver?  Protocols?

Rick Jacob is now our Paragliding liaison.


Competition: Ollie Gregory reports that he has the Team Challenge well in hand.  He needs volunteers.  Dinner is covered for three days.  Aldona will do breakfast for the meet.  We still need to give out the scholarship money for those interested in setting up Team Challenge like meets in other areas.  If you have any ideas, please let him know.


Maintenance:  Rick Jacob has graded the gravel drive/parking areas and we need a little more gravel.  Rick was directed to get us more gravel.  Since he mows the setup area gratis, it should not be too much trouble for the membership to help him out by picking up branches and such.

Our gas bill is too high.  Mike Nash will intervene.  No signs of water leaks have been found.


Awards Committee:  Clark Harlow had nothing to report.


Social Committee:  Barry Klein reported that Mayhem went well.

Rob Dallas and James Anderson pulled it together. Channing Kilgore brought ice.  Some of the neighbors brought good stuff to eat too.  Thanks to all.


Old Business:


Whitwell LZ:  Dan Shell had nothing to report.


Scooter Tow:  Clark Harlow had thought there was insufficient interest in the scooter tow and discovered that was not true since various of the members preset were interested.  So he will continue to work on it.   Could we arrange a USHPA clinic?  Could we interest Mark Furst and/or Miller Stroud?


Projector Screen:  Michael Bradford reported that David Giles did not recommend a permanent outside screen.  Mike will get a retractable screen.


Designated parking/camping:  Much discussion.  Agreement that regulations/policies are needed. 

Dan Shell moved that Mike Bradford  research 3 sites up on top and 3 down in the northeast corner of the LZ as to cost and policy.  Passed.


New Business:


Rocket man made us some great vent covers for the shower room and installed another 30Amp breaker too.  Thank you Sir.


There was much discussion about the death of our pilot friend Tim Martin.  Our condolences.  There will be a memorial lunch for remembrances.  A pot luck lunch will be held at 2:00 PM central on the  26th of this month.  Discussion.


Next meeting to be announced by Steve Lee.


Meeting ended at 12:10 PM.


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