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TTT BOD Minutes 03/12/2011


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Tennessee Tree Toppers March 12, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to Order by President Steve Lee at 9:40 AM Central

(10) BOD Members present: Steve & Kathy Lee, James Anderson, Buddy Cutts, Michael Bradford, Rob Dallas, Clark Harlow, Barry Klein, Ollie Gregory, Dan Shell

(5) BOD Members Absent: Trevor Childress, Dean Funk, Rick Jacob, Jeff Nibler, Miller Stroud,

(0) General Members Present:

Thanks to James for starting the fire & making coffee for us.

Ollie’s Feb TTT BOD Meeting Minutes were read aloud and accepted as is.

Steve Lee observed that this BOD meeting’s attendance is good & it seems that getting the word out via Flymail, & Facebook (versus Steve’s individual phone calls) seems to be working well. Discussion ensued about what constitutes good netiquette for posting videos & photos of the good, bad, & ugly landings etc to the website & FB ensued.

Old Business

LZ search

Dan Shell reported contact with a Century 21 Realtor who has located a potential LZ off Doss Mtn Rd which is approximately 12 acre squareish & listed for $84-89k. Currently it’s a hayfield & might be paired with a suitable bluff lot to create a new launch. General area of this potential LZ is near the Centerpoint power lines S of Galloway’s. Several other possibilities were discussed.

The big field near the center of Dunlap would be nice to have as one example.

Castles LZ history & future possibilities were discussed. Moseurs LZ history & future possibilities discussed. Mrs Hudson’s field (next field S of Castles) was discussed. Kathy Lee volunteered to approach Mrs Hudson & the Moseurs about selling or leasing suitable LZ land to the TTT. TTT landing site USHPA insurance was discussed. The possibility of partnering with the Southern Para Pilots in an LZ purchase was discussed. Suitable LZ sizes & costs discussed.

Designated Trailer Parking Development

Discussion ensued regarding the pros & cons of accommodating large RV/ trailers both at launch and in the LZ. Will it tend to bring in revenue for the club for not much investment? How much development? Bathroom in LZ? A shower? Will it solve the very large RV/trailer or bus parking issues? Is this a real issue? Step 1 could be to carve out a place to park large RV? But where? Top of driveway?

Motion very nearly made to go forward with one space up top, but it was withdrawn due lack of Committee members present. Stay tuned, no firm decisions were made on this old business.


Ollie Gregory reported that several good designs have been submitted. Rob Dallas provided a printout of one simple preliminary oval design & passed it around. Other designs were described & discussed. Action is needed in the next month based on popular demand throughout the year, not just at TC.

Bradford reported that 2010 T-shirt sales recorded totaled $95 but the real income to the club was much higher due to the "on the fly" (pun intended) nature of the transactions.

New Business: (11:50 am)

James Anderson announced Wills Wing Demo Days March 23-27, 2011 at Wallaby. A landing clinic is scheduled. Check WillsWing.Com for details.

Maintenance Committee: Kathy Lee reported that an individual recently expressed an interest in cutting & removing the Henson LZ hay periodically. Details are being worked out but it was pointed out that the Club should tactfully inform Mr. Werner if this comes to pass.

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report

Michael Bradford provided several copies of the current & very detailed Treasurers report complete with bar and pie charts which was passed around to much acclaim.  The Club is in excellent financial shape with all bills paid to date & checking account in good order.

TTT has committed $4,000 to various approved projects in 2011.

Treasurer’s Budget; $150 for a club copy of QuickBooks & $98 for a battery backup for the Clubhouse Wi-Fi to date.

Team Challenge Fees banked; $1,520.

James thanked Michael for the best TTT Treasurers report he’s ever seen.

TTT has a safe deposit box containing various real estate docs & contracts. Airspace Inc contract was discussed.

Treasurer announced & took the action to convert the monthly CD back to annual for a slightly better return. There were no objections.


Buddy Cutts has no budget request for 2011 because he donated all TTT website costs out of pocket. Buddy received round of applause.


Dan Shell has no 2011 bylaws budget request and reports no bylaws business brewing.


Keith Atkins (not present) needs material to reach critical mass for the next newsletter. Articles requested.


Ollie reported for Jeff Nibler (not present) that the TTT currently has 140 Members. All expired members were appropriately teased.

Motion made to comp TC Major Volunteer memberships out of the TC budget. Ollie agreed to include (2) in his TC budget.

Safety Committee

Kathy Lee reported that two Safety reports were submitted to USHPA.

Lock box needed at Whitwell for safety harnesses, rescue instructions, etc. Ollie to donate an appropriate box.

Tree trim & windsock replacement needed at Henson LZ.

Hang 2’s flying at Henson’s (an unmonitored site) was discussed. Reminder that we all need to help watch over & mentor all Hang 2’s flying at Henson.

Safety Committee 2011 Budget Request: $500

IT Committee

Michael Bradford reported no IT Budget Request at this time.

Michael announced his development of a new TTT website in the works to include a secure area for membership info, an on-line store, etc. This will make it easier for the membership to pay dues, buy T-shirts, etc as well as ease the accounting burden. Website costs are being donated by Michael up to the "live" date which is TBD.

Server & Wi-Fi is up & running in the clubhouse.

Comp Committee

Ollie Gregory reported that Mayhem will be a fly-in only (no competition unless someone comes forward with a plan).

Team Challenge registration is up & running with some funds received. TC budget is to come out of the registration income.

Steve Lee took action to contact Aldonna and ask if she would be willing to be hired for TC to provide breakfast on-site. Dinner really needs to be on-site due seminars & presentations. Ollie needs volunteers to organize a night or two. Plan for 70 people per night except last night (party) which is 100.


Rick Jacob (not present)

Hot Water heater is #1 priority. One large on-demand heater for bathhouse & one small on-demand heater for kitchen planned.

Deck repair is still desperately needed.

Question was raised about the water bill; is there a minimum bill amount? Or do we have a leak?

PVC & PEX being donated by Michael for kitchen plumbing.

Social Committee

Barry Klein asked if anyone has a Costco membership. No one present does.

Barry requested use of (4) propane tanks & (4) burners for Mayhem party. Hard to plan a party for a weather dependent day.

Awards Committee

Clark Harlow took care of all the old trophy business.

Budget Request: TBD

Paragliding Committee

Trevor Childress (not present) No report.

Next Meeting: April 9th 2011

Ollie reported that Miller has decided to resign. James Anderson questioned that statement. Other candidates from the election include John Corry, Kenny Sandifer, Channing Kilgore. No actions taken.

Kathy Lee made a vigorous motion to adjourn @ 12:20 PM Central.


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