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TTT BOD Minutes 2011


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Tennessee Tree Toppers BOD Meeting Minutes May 14, 2011

By Rob Dallas, Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 9:10 am Central Time by President Steve Lee.

Attendance: BOD Present: James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas, Clark Harlow, Rick Jacob, Kathy Lee, Steve Lee, Dan Shell

Members present: Margaret & Freddie Craig, Alvin, Channing Kilgore

BOD Absent: Trevor Childress, Dean Funk, Ollie Gregory, Barry Klein, Jeff Nibler, Miller Stroud

The Club bylaws "3 Consecutive Attendance Strikes & You Could Be Out" Rule was discussed.

The April meeting minutes as recorded by James Anderson (in Rob Dallas’ absence) was read aloud and accepted as is.

A BIG Thanks to Margaret for making a hearty breakfast & coffee for us this morning!

Committee Reports

Treasurer: Michael Bradford reported in detail that all bills are paid except for the T-shirt payment and the club is in excellent financial health. Also that the CD’s were all converted to 12 month type. T-shirt costs & other details were discussed and 6 samples were available for examination and they look great! Final shipment is inbound so we WILL have T-shirts for Mayhem & most importantly for TC!

A possible water leak on the grounds was discussed. No conclusion.

Website: Buddy Cutts reported that everything is up to date on the Website.

Bylaws: Dan Shell reported that all is well (no activity).

Newsletter: Keith Atkins 3 articles were sent in to Keith in the past month or so. New articles are always welcome and needed from all members.

PR: Dean Funk (Absent due to FLYING in the Flytec Race & Rally): James suggested inviting all the TTT old timers, the Mayor of Whitwell, & Mrs. Hudson to Mayhem. Also it was pointed out that the party is not just for club members- all pilots & friends are welcome.

Rick Jacob brought up that Mr. Carson has published a coffee table type book featuring photos of TTTers flying (Clark etc). Also there’s a public library bookmark featuring a photo taken from our ramp available in Dunlap.

Membership: Jeff Nibler (absent) did report to the President that he’s working on a T-shirt check box on the waiver. Concerns were raised about fulfillment of orders, availability, keeping the waiver to one page etc. The check box idea was tabled. There are currently 133 members.

Safety: Kathy Lee reported that the Safety Equipment lock box at Whitwell now features carabineers and is installed. All necessary tree pruning is complete. A windsock & streamers @ Castles LZ is complete. Still in need of a ladder at Rick J’s to access rescue trail.

Steve Lee reported that he had a nice conversation with Mrs. Hudson about lease or purchase of a portion of her land to be used as a Club LZ. Mrs. Hudson expressed a very positive view of the TTT club and given that the idea was new to her, she would give it some thought. Steve also spoke to the Pastor at Whitwell’s 1st Baptist Church & the Club remains on good terms with him and we will be welcome to land there as long as he’s there. Steve was on his way after that to speak to The Mousers, but they were just leaving.

Channing Kilgore arrived.

Dan Shell arrived (Official Quorum) and discussion returned to BOD Membership & attendance. Miller’s situation and willingness to be replaced or not was discussed at length and a motion was made, seconded and passed (5 accepted, 3 against) to respectfully allow Miller to step aside to free up a BOD slot. The Board thanks Miller Stroud for his willingness to serve The Club and looks forward to his participation in the future.

Trevor Childress’s 3 consecutive absences, situation and expressed interest to make the next meeting & to continue serving was discussed. A motion to remove was made, none in favor.

It was pointed out that Kenny S is willing to serve on BOD.

Dan Shell pointed out that per the Bylaws, a BOD replacement can be selected by the BOD & does not necessarily have to be the individual who received the most votes from the previous election.

A Motion was made to nominate Kenny S to join the BOD. No seconds.

A Motion was made to nominate Channing Kilgore to join the BOD was made, seconded & passed (7 for one abstained). Channing is now on the TTT BOD effective immediately. Welcome Channing!

IT Committee Michael Bradford: All club IT equipment is a-ok after the recent storms. New website & store is in-work.

Comp Committee Ollie Gregory (absent) sent a report to The President and was read aloud. TC status is 45 registered, 21 paid.

Mayhem comp is planned to be very going to be low key.

Motion made to make Ollie’s flight a "Notable Flight" & linked on website. Seconded. Most in favor (I lost count).

3 nights of TC dinners taken care of. Aldonna is hired-on for TC breakfasts Thanks Aldonna!

Maintenance Committee: Rick Jacob reported that the water heater is still working and will not be replaced until it dies. Grass has been cut. Free mulch chips are inbound. Grass up top is not in great

shape. Rick to investigate possible water leak further. Sink water heater was purchased by Michael B but was not needed and was returned by Michael B. Michael also fixed all plumbing to clubhouse sink which now features hot AND cold water. Eye-sore tarp in pavilion was removed.

Deck replacement discussed & tabled until next meeting.

Para Gliding Committee: (Trevor absent) Rick reported that he is meeting with The Southern Flyers PG Club to clear Rick’s new Whitwell SE launch today. Sharing of Castles LZ field discussed.

Awards Committee: Clark H reports that there have been no notable awardable flights recently.

Social Committee Barry Klein (absent) reported to The President that a Low Country Seafood Boil is planned for Mayhem. Barry requested a volunteer to pick-up a keg of beer, tap & ice. Discussion ensued. Forget the keg due to the high hassle factor. Beer in cans to be bought at Costco. Ice to be donated by Channing. Thanks Channing! Two cookers & propane tanks being provided by Dallas. One backup propane tank for the event is requested.

New Business

1. Toilet in bathhouse needs some love.

2. Please pick up sticks & branches up top as you go to facilitate mowing.

3. Maintenance Punch list needed for clubhouse.

4. Driveway wash outs need attention. Rick volunteered to give it some.

Old Business:

Whitwell LZ Acquisition: Potential site at Doss Gap was visited by Dan & Clark but unfortunately would not be suitable for our needs. The search continues.

Scooter Tow: Thanks Rick J for pursuing this potential launch method. A Scooter Tow clinic was discussed. Motion made to form a Tow Committee to move this item forward. Seconded. Volunteers? Bueller? Clark volunteered to form the committee. Freddie Craig volunteered to assist. Thanks Gents.

Nick Berry Archive T-shirts are now clean, dried & folded & are to be auctioned off at Team Challenge.

Designated Trailer Parking: Discussion ensued. Dan Shell motioned to put in trailer slots (location & quantity TBD). Costs, potential income, length of stay, etc discussed. Seconded & passed (6 in favor, three abstain). Dan motioned to install (3) trailer slots (location TBD). Seconded. Discussion ensued. Passed (6 in favor, three abstain). Motion made to form a work party immediately after this meeting to decide where to install 3 slots. Seconded. Discussion ensued. Passed (7 in favor, three abstain). Six volunteered to stay and decide where to install. Will be looking forward to progress report at next month’s meeting.

T-shirts: were already discussed (see above).

TC Projector Screen: Michael B volunteered to contact David Giles about what the best material would be for a screen.

New Business: Vice President James Anderson brought up a Wedding on site request that he received. President Steve Lee has already contacted this person (and others) & informed them they are welcome to hold a wedding at Henson’s Gap. No fees required, donations welcome, scheduling coordination requested.

USHPA Calendar Photo request: Photos are requested for a possible collage calendar page focusing on Henson Gap. Deadline before May 31 2011. Details on USHPA web site and will also be posted on Flymail.

Next Meeting: June 11th 2011 week.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40 Central.




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