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TTT BOD Minutes 2011


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TTT BOD Meeting Minutes Nov 12, 2011

Called to order 9:20 am CST

Members Present: Tim Cocker (1)

BOD Present: Anderson, Bradford, Cutts, Dallas, Harlow, Gregory (6)

BOD Absent: Funk, Jacob, Kilgore, Klein, K Lee, S Lee, Nibler, Sandifer, Shell (9)

Sept 10, 2011 Meeting Minutes were read aloud & accepted as is. Seconded

Treasurer: MB reports finances are in good shape. Utility bills discussed. The fully functional hot showers were a huge hit during TC (positive feedback from members).

Gift baskets discussed.

Team Challenge 2011 discussed. Ideas for next year discussed including timing TC 2012 to coincide with either/or 1) the Sequatchie Bicycle Race (LZ could be either the start, finish, or a SAG stop) or 2) River Rocks events. What about holding a HG Boogie Event with bands & vendors in the LZ? We need a volunteer or two to step-up & start this process.

Ollie reports that The Chattanooga Ham Radio Club encourages us to join their club. Discussion about possibly holding a ham radio license exam on-site during TC (or any other time of year). Would the membership be interested?

Discussion about how to open even more lines of communication with the membership. We currently have the TTT website (including snail mail PO Box & all BOD e-mail addresses), Yahoo Flymail, Facebook (wall & message). Should there be a TTT Members Only version of Flymail? Something else?

A big Thank You to Ollie & Michael for organizing & executing the best Team Challenge yet! Our one big event each year is so important as a venue toward a hang gliding college education (B.S. in XC??) & especially to the TTT’s continued success. The website currently shows 151 members & is in excellent financial health!

Discussion about membership & the requirement for a BOD member to be available to physically sign waivers. Can this become easier? Currently if a trusted group of flyers (the Ohio contingent and/or the Florida contingent) travels here to fly, a BOD member needs to be here to sign waivers. Could we change the rules to allow a designated TTT member to act as a BOD proxy? What if waivers could be done ahead of time? Is a physical signature required or will electronic scanned waiver suffice?

On-site weddings discussed. The general consensus of those who were here for the two weddings held at Henson’s launch this year was that things went well. The hang gliders pilots & wedding parties cohabitated just fine. Concerns were raised about potential liability for free versus donations accepted versus paid events held on TTT property. Dallas volunteered to contact the TTT law department.

Michael noticed an interesting trend that our 3-day memberships were up significantly this past year. Discussion on how to encourage our 3-day members to become full year members.

Awards Committee: 2011 long flights discussed.

No new developments on our possible waiver change to include our new Sequatchie Paraglider friends. Michel B took action to research USHGA’s online waiver acceptance status.

Michael has set-up a TTT Vimeo account posting flying videos online. Members are encouraged to submit their work. Also the photos section of our website is long in the tooth. Anyone have recent photos they would like to share?

Given that we need to encourage more club participation not less, Dallas is going to work-up a set of BOD meeting Telecon Guidelines for discussion at the January meeting & has donated a speakerphone to the clubhouse. He has also created an account with Much discussion.

James brought up the concept of a non-voting, non-camping membership. A TTT "Booster Club" where one can buy a TTT sticker for say $10 for example.

Discussion on any spendy projects needed prior to end of the year when per the bylaws, "Half of the annual revenue remaining after the operational budget is met will be allocated to the landing field fund". Property taxes for 2012 will be paid soon since they come due in February. Security equipment needed to monitor our site? Some type of doors (sliders or roll-ups) for 3 sides of the pavilion?

Club house break-ins are continuing with no property damage noted. James volunteered to install a bolt on the door. Maybe we should start with a note asking our amorous teen-age trespassers to find another venue? Oh, and always use a condom (or refer to the on-site wedding discussion above).

Discussion on a web cam weather station for Henson’s? They run about $500. Is this needed? YES! Donations? YES! In short order, some of the BOD members present came up with the funds. How cool is that? Permanent Wi-fi at the pavilion was discussed.

Permanent Lifetime Membership awards were discussed for certain people in recognition of generous club support. Ollie politely declined.

Newsletter needs articles. We need an article about Team Challenge.

Website needs a supporters/sponsors page. Buddy takes this action.

Word on the expanded Allen Farm DNL needs to get out to the membership.

Safety: new safety harnesses are in the box donated by Ollie. Thanks!

Werner continues to fertilize & hay our LZ at no cost to the club. The mowing bill from our friend Jim Ellis was about $2k this year.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 am CST.



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