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TTT BOD Minutes 09/10/2011


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TTT BOD Meeting Minutes for Sept 10, 2011

Call to Order at 10 after 9 am local time

BOD members In Attendance: James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow Rick Jacob, Barry Klein, Steve Lee, Kathy Lee

BOD Members Absent: Channing Kilgore

Better Late than Never: Kenny Sandifer, Dan Shell, Jeff Nibler and Dean Funk

TTT Members Present: Dan Strobel, James Dean, and Brandon Russell

Honored Guests Present: Annie Horgan, and Action Jackson Shell

A BOD Speed Meeting is the goal today (it’s flyable and we have work to do!).

Financial Report: Michael B supplied a hardcopy report to those interested in attendance. Finances are in excellent shape.

Website Report: Buddy Cutts reports all is well on our awesome website.

Newsletter: needs articles!

PR: No report.

Safety: Kathy Lee (who’s kindly running into town to get us some breakfast). Ladders needed for Henson & Whitwell. Saws needed at Whitwell. 12’ sliding section ladder Henson needed. Well defined rescue trail needed at both locations (reflectors or survey tape).

Technology Report: Michael B. Site security discussion. Let’s keep the clubhouse locked up.

Paragliding Committee: Rick reports the new Whitwell PG launch is active and they have been invited to join us during Team Challenge especially at the Sat night Oktoberfest big party. Discussion on how to include that clubs members on our waiver form for Whitwell only.

Awards: Clark reports all is well.

Team Challenge: Ollie reports we have a full boat of 50 plus two on the waiting list. Eric is working on the trophies and they are looking awesome. Food is being well organized by Michael B. A T-Shirt design by Harry Martin himself was presented for all to admire. Thanks to Kip Stone for the nice donated the T-shirts.

TC camping/eating Survey results were briefed by Michael B.

There will be a great band at the Sat night party Oct 1!!

We are encouraging all current and ESPECIALLY former TTTers to attend the Oktoberfest party Oct 1. Tim Cocker will present TTT past photos. If you are in contact with former TTTers please pass the word.

Social Committee: Oktoberfest caterer is lined up. Discussion.

Membership Committee: Jeff Nibler 138 members not counting new members signed up due to TC. Jeff points out that Membership is now primarily web based (we’re not sending out stickers & notices anymore to save money). If you need to check your membership status, simply go to If you really want a sticker they are still available, contact Jeff.

Discussion of Tandem pilots and membership duration.

Discussion of the minimum P2 hang glider pilot requirement to be a member of the TTT club.

Discussion about sharing Whitwell sites with the PGer’s. Release form may be revised to include this contingency. Clark to contact USHGA legal to discuss implications.

Maintenance Report: (10am) Rick’s been working hard to clean up Henson launch (and it looks great!).

Plumber has looked at the water heater and it works. $755 new plus installation (extensive replumbing required plus new electrical service at water heater location). Water pressure regulator installation is being explored. Discussion. Movement made to have the work done as soon as possible (before team challenge). Seconded.

Trash detail during TC will need to be done every other day to avoid animals redistributing the garbage.

Porta Potties needed for Whitwell & Henson during TC. Comp Committee will make this happen.

Old Business:

Whitwell LZ: No news

Scooter Tow: no news

Mosiers LZ insurance: no news

Isaac Jones signature request: BOD has an Issue with the current wording. Michal volunteered to rewrite.

Long time TTT Life member, HG pilot & friend Chuck Toth passed away recently. Discussion.

Annie Horgan notified the BOD that her professional massage therapy services will be available during TC. Comp Committee to set up & coordinate a sign-up sheet. TC Award massages discussed.

Next Meeting: November meeting will be next (no October meeting). Seconded & voted passed.

New Business:

Clark briefed us on a recent minor breach of Tandem waiver protocol. Good natured motion made & seconded to make Clark load Rick’s truck with launch debris as punishment.

Motion to adjourn: 10:30 Central 11:30 Eastern.

1.5 hr meeting= new site record??

Henson launch work party began immediately after the meeting which included fabrication of super deluxe roll-up banners at the pavilion to block light during TC presentations, wonton weed whacking, pickup sticks, chain sawing of firewood, emergency trail clearing & survey tape marking below Henson ramp, etc etc. Thanks to all who volunteered to help out!





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