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TTT BOD Minutes 04/14/2012


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Regular April 14, 2012 meeting for the Tennessee Tree Toppers was opened at 9:25 AM, president Steve Lee presiding.  Minutes taken by James Anderson as our regular scribe is off to attend the funeral of a fellow Hang Glider pilot laid low by cancer.  Meeting opened with a prayer by Steve Lee.


Present were James Anderson, Buddy Cutts, Michael Bradford, Kenny Sandifer, Rick Jacobs, Barry Kiein, Tim Cocker, Kathy Lee, Steve Lee, Clark Harlow, Channing Kilgore, and Dan Shell (late).  Also present were Alvin Slatton and Jackson Shell.


Thanks for the breakfast food.


Dean Funk is now absent for his third consecutive meeting.  His implied resignation was accepted.  Discussion on who to replace him. Search continues.  Suggestion to announce we need a new board member on fly mail?


Last month's minutes were accepted as published.




Whitwell:  no change.


Awards Committee has not completed the last set of awards yet.  Current chair Kathy Lee expects to get them done when she does the next ones.  Thanks Kathy.


Hay in our LZ:  Rick Jacob continues to work on this problem.  Thanks Rick.


Michael Bradford reports that insurance for weddings and other such non-flying events is not avaialable at any sane cost.  Discussion.  We will wait for USHPA clarification.  Current thought is to not schedule any more such events.


Kenny Sandifer took down the sign at the entrance to our property right after the end of the last meeting as dirrected in that meeting.  Thank you.




Note was taken of our club coverage in the USHPA magazine.  Thanks for the good efforts.  Please keep up the good work.


Discussion on the efforts to improve our LZ.  That is a lot of work and we thank you.  Discussion for possible further improvments, including maybe using part of it as a training hill.




Treasurer's report given by Mike Bradford.  Thanks Mike.  The club made no money last year due to expenses  related to over-estimations of attendance during the Friday and Saturday catering during  the Teram Challenge.  Point made that local businesses are happy to have our business.   We might consider how to best use this as a tool for good community relations.


Maintenance Committee:  Rick Jacob reported on the work on our LZ. Much discussion. Need more work on training hill concept?  Grant from Foundation for Free Flight?  Put more LZ work off till we can expect more reliable rain so the grass will live and grow.

Kenny Sandifer has been working on our windsock maintenance, especially at Whitwell.  He is still working on it.  Thanks Kenny.

Discussion on painting our safety ladders below Rick's place.  Decision to pass.

Discussion on need for wind indicators for Castle's field.


Membership Committee report by Buddy Cutts,  The Team Challenge admission form is up.  Thanks Buddy.


Paragliding Relations committee report by chair Rick Jacob.  There is considerable overlap expected between our Team Challenge and theirs.  Thanks Rick.


Awards Committee chair Kathy Lee is on it.  Thanks Kathy.


Mentoring program.  No change reported by chair Houston Channing Kilgore.


Social Committee:  our next event is Mayhem.  Looks like most are favoring the idea of a "bring and burn your own steak" concept.  Expect to revisit this topic at the next meeting.  Thanks Barry.


Bylaws:  chair Dan Shell reports no change.


IT committee report by Mike Bradford.  There was much discussion, much of it about the weather station donated by some club members, with many differing ideas about cameras.  Thanks Mike.


Comp Committee report:  In the absence of chair Ollie Gregory (off at a comp: go Ollie!), report given by Rick Jacob.  Costs and details.  Five are already signed up.


Due to Mother's Day conflicts we will hold our next meeting on the third saturday in May.


Tim Cocker reported on the  History Committee.  He is on it. 


Channing has sprayed for buggs, the better to avoid Lyme disease and such.  Thanks.


Buddy Cutts made the motion to adjourn.



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