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TTT BOD Minutes 08/11/2012


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TTT Meeting Minutes: Aug 11, 2012


Secretary Rob Dallas reporting.


Meeting called to order at 9:20 am CDT



 Present: James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Tim Cocker, Rob Dallas, Clark Harlow, Rick Jacob, Channing Kilgore, Steve & Kathy Lee, & better late than never: Kenny Sandifer, Dan Shell, & Roger Tubbs.


Absent: Buddy Cutts, Barry Klein


Members present: Ron Paesh

Thanks to James for the coffee on this good & beautiful clear cool morning.

June meeting minutes were read aloud and accepted as is. 

Steve Lee reported that Whitwell Baptist Church has a new pastor and a social visit is in order.

New Business:

Rick has been working hard compiling, filling out & mailing in Risk management forms to USHPA.  Risk management folder being set up.  Discussion.  USHPA liability insurance is in place for 2012. 

Roger reports that Gordon Cayce of LMFP is interested in bringing H2’s over from LMFP.  All H2’s are welcome to become a member & fly here per our Flight Regulatory Program (FRP=rules & regs) which are always available at under “Applications”  or the "FRP" tab.

Dan Shell is active determining the current true DNL’s in the valley.  Discussion.  His file is currently available on Flymail under “Files” filename “TTTWaypoints&DNL.gpx”


Committee Reports:


Treasurer: Finances are in excellent shape.  Discussion.


Membership: 158 members currently shown on website.


Bylaws: No change


History: No change


Social: Barry “Barely Climbing” Klein is off sailing today so no report.



 Rick reports that most all the dangerous trees have been removed.  Thanks to Adrian and his flying friends for this important volunteer work! 

Pavilion needs more gravel & some PT timbers to control water erosion.  Motion made & 2nded to approve Rick to purchase & install.

Water heater is still down due to lightning strike.  Discussion.  Rick to figure out the best way forward to repair or replace hot water heater before TC. 

New windsocks are on order. 

Rick volunteered to bush hog down in the camping area of LZ.



 Rick reports that Dustin donated harnesses, rope & ascenders.  Ollie inventoried the box & reported on Flymail.  Still need loppers, bow saws, carabineers, throw bag, etc needed.  Motion made & seconded to authorize Rick to spend up to $300.

PG’ers are active planning for the dual TC. 

Thanks Rick for all your volunteerism!



 Michael has been working hard on the club’s computer set-up to recover from the recent lightning strikes.  Router & other stuff had to be replaced but our new weather station somehow survived.  Thanks for all your hard work Michael!



 Kathy reports no changes.



 No report.  Michael B: 25-30 people signed up for TC to date.  Mitch S is planning to come up from Quest with his electric tow rig. 


Work party moved to another w/e because it’s flyable today!


Next Meeting: September  8th.


Meeting adjourned at 10:30am CDT!


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