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TTT BOD Minutes 12/08/2012


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TTT BOD meeting Saturday Dec 08, 2012


Meeting called to order 0915 am CENTRAL  with a quick prayer.

Present:  James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Tim Cocker, Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Rick Jacob, Steve Lee, Dan Shell, Roger Tubbs.

Absent: Barry Klein, Channing Kilgore, Kenny Sandifer & Kathy Lee (both had to work today).

Thanks to James & Tim for fire & coffee!

Old/New business

Favorite neighbor card & gifts are in work.  Thanks to Steve & Kathy for this most important work!

Rick reports that our best friend & oldest member Mary Barry (will be 92!) is moving to Kentucky today.

Michael B said due to other commitments, he wasn’t able to get mail-in ballots out this year.  We received 36 ballots online.  Motion made & passed unanimously to go exclusively with online ballots for BOD elections.   

BOD elections: all 15 members that were on the ballot were voted in for 2013.  {Insert sound of drum roll} Your 2013 TTT Board of Directors: James Anderson, Dustin Blewett, Michael Bradford, Tim Cocker, Rob Dallas, James Dean, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Rick Jacob, Channing Kilgore , Kathy Lee, Steve Lee, Kenny Sandifer, Dan Shell, and Roger Tubbs. 

The membership has voted Dustin Blewett as 2012 TTT of the year.  Congratulations Dustin!  Bylaws change question:  89% approved 11% opposed & everyone answered so the bylaws change is hereby adopted. 

Scooter tow:  Roger Tubbs reports that the scooter tow work is still in progress- electrical gremlin is lurking.  

Miami Hang Gliding: Email sent by the Secretary.  Rick spoke to JT at length previously about this so all is well & we look forward to hosting MHG in 2013.

Committee Reports:

Treasury Report: $12,285 (before taxes) $63,775 in Whitwell LZ fund.  Per our bylaws we are planning on making a big contribution to the LZ fund this year.

Maintenance: Rick reports that Fred is interested in buying our old water heaters for $100.  BOD unanimously ok’d.  Whitwell launch is looking great.  Awesome job on the anti-erosion mat & rye grass.  We need to get the word out to not drive in the set-up area.

PG Report: Rick reports all is well. 

Safety:  Rick reports all is well.  No incident reports received this year.  Discussion on Dan’s write-up about the gust front accident in 2011 and how to check weather radar for prognostication.   Article for the HG magazine? 

Competition:  Ollie reports Team Challenge has been officially moved to Sept 1st- Labor Day w/e.  Discussion.

History:  Tim Cocker did an awesome job on the TTT history presentation at Team challenge.  Discussion.

Bylaws:  Referendum passed (see above). 

Awards: Kathy Lee has awards ready for the party tonight.  Clark volunteered to add Dustin Blewett to TTT of the year plaque. 

Social: No report.  Christmas party this eve 6 PM at Back Street Diner all you can eat buffet. 

Membership: 162 active members (a new record?).

Website is in great shape as usual. 

Motion to adjourn made at 10:25 am.

Next meeting Jan 12, 2013 9am Central.


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