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TTT BOD Minutes 01/14/2012


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TTT BOD Meeting Notes for January 14, 2012

BOD Present:  James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Tim Cocker, Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas (scribbling), Clark Harlow, Rick Jacob, Channing Kilgore, Barry Klein, Kathy & Steve Lee, Dan Shell (12)

BOD Members AWOL: Dean Funk, Ollie Gregory, Kenny Sandifer (3)

TTT Members & Friends present:  Jeff Wilson, Alvin Slatten, Jeff Laughrey

Meeting called to order at 9:40am/10:40 Eastern with a quick prayer.

First off many thanks to Kathy for the getting up early & cooking up an unbeatable breakfast for us all.  Yum!  Thanks to Buddy & James for making coffee & getting the wood burning stove fired up & the clubhouse all toasty.

Down to Bidness/Food Coma:

 TTT Officer & Committee Head nominations/voting/wise cracking ensued and the results are as follows {please insert drum roll sound here}: 

President: Steve Lee

Vice President: James Anderson

Secretary: Rob Dallas

Treasurer: Michael Bradford

Competition Committee: Ollie Gregory

Social Committee: Barry Klein

Bylaws Committee: Dan Shell

Webmeister:   Buddy Cutts

Information Technology: Michael Bradford

Awards Committee:  Kathy Lee

Safety Committee:  Rick Jacob

Membership Committee:  Buddy Cutts

Maintenance Committee:  Rick Jacob

Newsletter Committee:  Discussion.  2011 saw nearly zero articles contributed to our wiling & able Volunteer Newsletter Editor in Chief Keith Atkins.   Couple that with the fact that the trend in member communication is moving online (our most excellent website,  TTTFlymail, Facebook, SurveyMonkey, etc) this responsibility is tentatively being suspended for 2012.   

Public Relations: This position is being dropped for 2012.

New Informal Responsibilities Created for 2012:

Mentor Program: Channing Kilgore

TTT Historian/Alumni Committee: Tim Cocker

Old Business:

Kathy reported that an individual is interested in buying/cutting the hay from the LZ perimeter (not the landing areas which are mowed separately).  TTT friend Mr. Randy Harvey has been taking it/maintaining the field & haying equipment up to now.    Discussion.    Rick to negotiate with Randy H about the future of our hay. 

TTT Friend Mr. Jim Ellis mows the grass on the landing strip areas for a fee 3 or 4 times a year.

Favorite Neighbor gifts: Channing reported on last year’s gift deliveries.  Discussion.

XC Awards: Clark to handle adding Mr. Michael Bradford’s name to the TTTer of the Year Award plaque.

New Business:

Another wedding is planned at TTT Clubhouse Henson’s Site for June 5, 2012.  Steve Lee has been in contact with the wedding party. 

Team Challenge scheduled for :September 30th to October 6th.

PGers are flying at Rick’s new Whitwell launch.

Mentor Program:  Channing explained the USHPA Mentor Program & how it might be helpful to new TTT members.

Tim Cocker wants to locate musty, dusty TTT records especially former membership records.  Please contact Tim (e-mail on website).

Jeff Wilson announced that the Alabama HG Association Membership drive is underway.  Please consider joining to keep the Dunn’s site viable (insurance) for only $35/year.  Chainsaw work needed at Dunn’s for half a day.  The AHGA has a Paypal account: 

Next Meeting: March 10, 2012

Feb Meeting will be a Telecon!  Imagine that.  Details TBA.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15/12:15 PM (only 1.5 hrs woo-hoo!!!)





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