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TTT BOD Minutes 06/09/2012


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 TTT BOD Meeting Minutes for June 9, 2012

Secretary Rob Dallas reporting

Meeting called to order about 10 am.   (help me out here what did The Scribbler miss??)

Present: All 14 current Board members. Wow!

Members Present: Roger Tubbs

New/Old Business:

The dead trees at Henson launch will be taken care of shortly.  

Whitwell LZ (The Club’s Oldest Old Business): Discussion. Motion made, seconded & passed for Steve & Kathy to visit Mrs Hudson once again to politely inquire if her land is for sale.  

Discussion on possible Whitwell launch improvements.

USHPA Risk Management: Rick led this discussion and passed out six copies of the USHPA Risk Assessment.  He needs help filling them out & he will compile all and send back to USHPA.

Discussed two launch near miss incidents recently at Henson’s.  Motion made, seconded & passed to notify the two individuals involved requiring them to come before the BOD before their next flight from TTT property and explain what happened and why they should be allowed to continue flying TTT sites. 

Mayhem was the best yet with lots of flying going on.  Prize money paid out totaled $100.  Congratulations to ?? for ?? (help me out here someone). Discussion.

Committee Reports

Membership: Buddy Cutts reported 138 members per the website.

Mentor: Houston Kilgore reported no changes.

Bylaws: Dan Shell reported no changes.

History: Tim Cocker is active putting together a TTT “Old Timer” contact list for future events.

Maintenance: Castle’s field windsock (was there a second windsock fixed too?? -rwd) was fixed by Kenny Sandifer.  Big Thanks there!

Motion made, seconded & passed unanimously to support TTT grounds maintenance costs (primarily gas & equipment repair) for lawn mower, weed wacker, etc. on a case by case basis as presented to the Maintenance Committee.  Discussion.    

Whitwell safety box:  PGers have asked permission for access & a detailed inventory so that everyone that might be involved in a rescue might be aware of what’s available.  Discussion.  No objections raised.

PGers are also interested in supporting toilet facilities at Whitwell Launch.  Rob Dallas will research price & availability of a composting toilet.  Discussion.

 Technology:  Michael Bradford reported that Ollie generously donated a new CPU for the clubhouse.  Thanks Ollie!

Competition:  Ollie reported the sign-up is open and pilots are encouraged to do so. Ollie is also working out details of a Team Challenge Landing Clinic taught by Mr. Ryan Voight.  He’s also actively coordinating with Mr. Paris Williams & Mike Barber.  

Houston offered his home as a TC “roost” for a couple of pilots during TC.

Awards Committee: Kathy Lee led this discussion.

Safety: Rick Jacob reported that a USHPA incident report is still needed for the recent Whitwell unpleasantness.  Dustin B offered to donate some older but still serviceable climbing ropes for the Whitwell safety box.  Ollie took the action to inventory the box. 

New BOD Member: There has been an open position on the Board for several months.  Roger Tubbs was asked & is willing to volunteer.  He was nominated and voted in unanimously.  Thanks Roger & welcome aboard!

Decided to skip the July meeting and reconvene the 2nd Sat in August (the 11th). 

Motion to adjourn made at 11:56 pm.










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