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TTT BOD Minutes 03/10/2012


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March 10, 2012 TTT Meeting Minutes

Secretary Rob Dallas reporting

Meeting Start: 9:15 Eastern

Present: Anderson, Bradford, Cocker, Cutts, Dallas, Gregory, Harlow, Barry (better late than never!) Klein, Jacobs, Steve Lee, Sandifer, Shell,

Virtually Present (listening in on speakerphone): Kilgore

Absent: Funk, Kathy Lee

The January 2012 TTT Meeting Minutes were read aloud and accepted as is.

Old Business: 

Whitwell LZ, nothing new.

Awards: (sorry I missed this discussion, was most likely daydreaming about hang gliding. –rwd).

Hay: Rick Reported having trouble contacting Rusty Whitley who may be interested in buying our hay.  Rick to continue efforts to contact Rusty or failing that, commit to Randy so he can get on with fertilizing, etc.  Discussion.

New Business:

Maintenance Committee Report:  The gulley and the clump-o’scrub in middle of the LZ are growing larger.  Action needed to fill gulley & remove the clump.  Rick offered & authorized to get a quote and proceed if not above $1000.  Thanks Rick!  Discussion. 

Liability Insurance vs on-site non-hang gliding related events (weddings).  The E-mail exchange between Rob Dallas and Mark Forbes USHPA Insurance Committee Chair was read aloud & discussed.  Motion made & unanimously passed to contact the individual planning a June 5th 2012 wedding at Henson’s launch & politely explain the situation & inform her that the TTT BOD will now require a minimum of $5 million liability coverage for her event. 

A second Motion was made, discussed & unanimously passed to remove the small sign at the Henson’s entrance (“public welcome while hang gliding activities are underway” my recollection -rwd) pending further information/advice from USHPA Insurance Committee.  Sandifer volunteered to remove the sign after the meeting.  Thanks Kenny!



Committee Reports:

Competition: Ollie informed us about the article CJ is writing for the USHPA magazine.

The Team Challenge format is being adopted by Steve Larsen at the FL Ridge Flight Park next month. Discussion.

Social Committee: Barry fielded suggestions for the Mayhem party eats, etc.   

Bylaws:  Dan reported no issues to report.

IT Report: Michael reported on our February informal meeting via Skype conference call.  Results were generally quite good between the 5 or so participants.  Would be very suitable for subcommittee meetings as well.  The Skype account name is “TTTSecretary”.   

An Executive Committee Meeting is tentatively scheduled for next Sat morning 9am/10am.

Awards Committee: Steve reported that Kathy is working on some great awards so members are encouraged to get out there & fly fly fly!

Safety: Rick left the meeting to rest his eyes so no report. 

New windsocks are needed, (who? –rwd) please to order 6. 

Membership: Buddy reported 136 current members. 

TTT Archive/History:  Tim is compiling an in depth HG history in the SE and a big part of that is our TTT history.  Tim told a tall tale about the origin of the name “TreeToppers” and other interesting tidbits.

Dan delivered a big box o’musty/dusty TTT records to Tim today.

Mentor Program: Steve reported that Channing is looking for more volunteers. If interested, contact Channing.

Treasurer: Michael reported that our finances are in great shape.

The TTT’s corporate registration with the TN Sec of State office requires attention due to Annual Reports not submitted since 2008.  Discussion.  Michael & Rob to address this in the coming weeks.

The newish IRS rules on Not for Profit 501-3-c7 status were discussed. 

Website:  Buddy reports All is Well! 

A small Paypal frame issue is now fixed so the TTT’s online T-shirt sales can come flooding in.

Rob advised all of the new wedding at Whitwell request he received via e-mail.  His reply was read aloud.  Rob to inform the individual of the new $5 mil insurance requirement.

Meeting Adjourned at 11am. 

Then Barry & Rob went out and soared for HOURS!!!  James, thanks for driving for us!



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