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TTT BOD Minutes 05/19/2012


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TTT Meeting Minutes 5-19-2012

Meeting Start 9:20am Central

BOD members Present: James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Tim Cocker, Rob Dallas, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Rick Jacob, Steve & Kathy Lee, Dan Shell (10)

Virtually present: Channing Kilgore (via phone).

Members Present: Michael Eberhart

Absent: Buddy Cutts, Barry Klein, Kenny Sandifer (3)

Thanks to Kathy for the awesome pancakes & eggs & fruit breakfast!!!

Last month’s minutes- motion made & voted to accept as is without reading aloud (yeah, it’s flyable today)...

Old business:

The State of TN has recently informed us that the TTT is a corporation in good standing again. It was a long, tedious, form-filled-out-in-triplicate type road. A big Thank You to Michael for taking care of this.

New Business:

USHPA Insurance: USHPA has secured liability insurance for the rest of the year. All chapters including the TTT have been tasked to come up with a risk management/mitigation plan for spectators. Discussion.

Committee Reports:

MB Reports the finances are in good shape.

Membership: 141 members 

Mentor Program: Ollie has signed up to be a mentor. Other members interested should contact Channing.

Bylaws: Dan S reports nothing to report.

TTT History: Tim Cocker is on it.

Maintenance: Rick Jacob reported that several dead trees around Henson launch need to be felled. Discussion. The LZ tree/bush removal, resculpting, seeding effort is looking great! Thanks Rick for taking the point on that.

Windsocks status: Henson launch is now in good shape. Whitwell launch windsock is now in good shape. Church LZ in good shape Castles LZ is in need of some love.

PG club as dumped 40 tons of rock at the WW parking area to be spread soon.

Thanks to Rocketman for all his good work while he was here.

Rob has a fiberglass extension pole for the weather station but he left it in the garage since the forecast is too good to work on it today.

Future Henson’s improvements were discussed including 1) Reshape the bathhouse floor for better drainage & paint floor? 2) Auxiliary LP portable shower? Discussion.

Safety: Rick reports that the new PG launch near WW is steadily being improved. PGers are excited about the dual team challenge this year. Discussion.

Whitwell LZ land prospects (our oldest Old Business) were discussed at length. The BOD intends to make an offer in the near future for a parcel of land for a much needed LZ serving our Whitwell launch.

Thanks Michael B for diligently checking the mailbox, the membership boxes, and generally keeping things in good order.

Competition Committee: Team Challenge 2012 sign up is underway! Ollie is lining up a dinner cook for the week. Food tickets will be used this year for better accounting purposes. TC party plans are active too & Leon is excited about cooking for the party. This year’s TC is going to be better than ever!

Our FFF "TC Seed" grant money has been transferred to the PGers for their TC effort this year.

A Team Challenge T-shirt design is needed post haste.

Social Committee: Mayhem Party is Sat 26th & the format is going to be byo food.

Next Meeting 2nd Sat June.

Meeting adjourned at 10:35 am.



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