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TTT BOD Minutes 11/10/2012


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TTT BOD Meeting Nov 10, 2012

Meeting called to order 09:30 Central.  Should have been 09:00 but the Secretary was late!  Short prayer. 

BOD Present & Accounted for: James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Rob Dallas, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Barry Klein, Steve Lee, Dan Shell, (8 BOD)

TTT Members present: Dustin Blewett, James Dean

2012 Favorite Neighbor gifts are in work & the list is long & distinguished… thanks to Steve & Kathy for taking the time for this important TTT business. 

New business:  

We were happy to host the Miami HG club here recently & by all accounts everyone had a fun & safe trip but a few paperwork & procedural issues came to light.  James Tindal who normally does a fine job running these trips couldn’t make it this time.  Some TTT Application/waivers were incomplete and out of date (if anyone is actually reading this, current application/waivers are always available under the “Application” tab at  The Instructor supervising H2’s at our Whitwell launch was not TTT BOD “cleared” per our Flight Regulatory Program.  Payments were all made in full thank you very much, but some were left in the unsecured top compartment of green box.   Secretary Dallas took the action to send James Tindal a letter kindly reminding our friends at Miami Hang Gliding of the above minor infractions & include copies of the incomplete paperwork, our Flight Regulatory Program (FRP), The Whutwool Addendum, & links to all the aforementioned stuff.

Treasurer Michael B took action to scan the incomplete paperwork & send to The Scribbler. 

Discussion of implementation of an Online Application that must be completed completely or else it’s  incomplete... 

It was pointed out by some smart person that the TTT doesn’t have a list of approved instructors on it’s most excellent website, so we decided it was high time to compile one!

TTT Approved USHPA Instructors List:  James Tindal, Ozzie Lopez, Mitch Shipley 

TTT Approved Tandem Instructors: Clark Harlow, Mitch Shipley, Ozzie Lopez, Trevor Childress, Don Murdoch.

If anyone is still reading this & would like to be added to either list above, kindly contact a BOD member and present your paperwork.



2013 Election:

1.       Ballot:  Besides Buddy & Barry who are Bailing, all current BOD members are willing to serve again in 2013.   


Dustin Blewett is willing & able to serve in 2013 and stated an interest in helping us put in a second launch at Henson’s.  Discussion.

James Dean is willing & able to serve in 2013 with website & some IT duties.

Thanks to Dustin & James for volunteering!

2.       Referendum to bylaws (see October 2012 BOD meeting minutes)

Old Business:

Scooter Tow:  Ollie reported that Roger Tubbs has been working hard on Wayne Walker’s scooter tow rig & it should be ready to go very soon.  Mark Dowsett is willing to come help instruct with it.


Committee Reports:

Treasurer Report: Michael B reports that we have $11.9k currently in Checking.  $63.7k in a dedicated Landing Zone CD.  Taxes are currently due.  $400 due for mowing.  $450 due for TC porta-johns.  Favorite neighbor & Christmas party costs will also be paid before end of year.


Allocate Funds for a new Henson’s Gap launch work?  Discussion.  Dustin estimates $1000- $1500 for several days work to clear a 2nd launch at Henson’s.   His crews are available in December.  The land is on Rick Jacob’s property.   This action could increase capacity for future Team Challenge (or other) competitions and thus pay for itself.  Discussion. 


IT: All is Well.

Membership: 158 Current Members per website.

Maintenance: No report. 

PG Committee: Ollie reports that PGers are planning a 2nd TC next year.

Safety: No report.

Competition: Ollie reports TC did well overall this year and is now almost weather proof!  Next year’s dates to be set soon probably adjacent to Labor Day.


History: No report.  Thanks to Tim Cocker for an excellent presentation during TC.


Bylaws: $10 daily instructional membership bylaws amendment discussed.


Awards: To be awarded at the Christmas Party: 1) 2012 XC flight of the year 2) 2012 TTTer of the year  3) 2012 XC flight of the year 4) 2012 Notable Flight of the year: James Stinnet’s declared Mayhem Henson-LMFP-Whitwell-Henson flight that he very nearly completed. 


TTTer of the year:  There were several names mentioned, but everyone knows that Dustin Blewett deserves it for all the time, money, heavy equipment, & effort he put in on the new Whitwell launch improvement project.


Steve Lee read his excellent summary 2012 TTT accomplishments aloud (also to be read at the Christmas Party).


Social Committee: The TTT Christmas Party will be held at the Backstreet Diner in Dunlap in Saturday December 8th 7pm Eastern.  Need to talk price & details.  Steve Lee action.  Buffet all you can eat...   


Next meeting Dec 8th 9:00 am Central same place. 


Meeting Adjourned at 11:30am Central


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