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TTT BOD Minutes 09/08/2012


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TTT BOD Meeting Minutes for Saturday Sept 8, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 6:25 PM Central PM Humble Secretary Rob Dallas reporting.

Present: James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Rob Dallas, Ollie Gregory, Dan Shell, Rick Jacob, Kenny Sandifer for a total of 7 BOD plus special guest member (and former BOD member) Annie Horgan.

Meeting called to order with a toast!

For the Record this month’s BOD meeting was moved at the last minute to this evening because we had work to do at Whitwell and Henson’s launch.  Whitwell now has the beginnings of a new & greatly improved launch “ramp”.  Also picked up trash & cleared the Emergency Trail.  Still in need of a 12’ ladder section to continue down slope safely.  Thanks to all who helped especially Dustin Blewett for his expert skid-steer work at Whitwell & Henson’s!

Last month’s Meeting Minutes were accepted as posted on our excellent website.

Team Challenge: Ollie reports that TC is full at 50 contestants.  A H2 Launch & Landing Clinic by Mitch Shipley & Jim Rooney will also be slotted in using the “ET” Electric Tow Rig.  Works for PGers too.   Rick Gattone’s Band (The Gat-Tones?) is scheduled for the Sat night par-tay.  Friday party to include Karaoke compliments of Ray Helman. 

Safety boxes need to be filled & ladder need for emergency trail at WW & Rick is on it.   

Maintenance: The hot water is once again flowing @ Henson’s.

Henson’s camping is looking better than ever.  More work done today spreading gravel under the pavilion should keep TTTers out of the mud & dust.  Thank Dustin the next time you see him for his time & skid-steer work.

Discussion on moving the windsock out of “Shellville” to avoid the tree influence.

Membership is currently at 161 members.

Randy Rawlins our good neighbor has been kind enough to mow our setup area at Henson’s so if you see them driving around in their golf cart please thank them!

The FFF grant money will be used to offset the 6 PG pilot’s tuition flying with us in TC 2012.

Annie Horgan to help us connect with the Dunlap HS re: John & Dale Stokes Raptor Show.

Kenny volunteered to bring his artifact collection over if it gets slow at TC.

Treasurer: All is well financially with almost all TC money banked.  Discussion.

T-shirts donated again by Kip Stone- Thanks Kip!


Antique (first Team Challenge) T-shirts: Michael is working through washing 65 shirts to be sold or given away as bling at TC…  Thanks Tracy K. 

New/Old Business:  Ollie reports that Gordon Cayce from LMFP asked again about a possible TTT/LMFP field trip arrangement.  Discussion.  Tabled until the next meeting.  

Annie Horgan, Certified Massage Therapist will be available during TC so look for her sign-up sheet. 

Dan Shell presented his research on the Allen Farm DNL.  It’ s smaller than we originally thought.  Gpx file is available on Flymail. Thanks Dan!

Meeting adjourned at 7:30PM local time. 



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