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TTT BOD Minutes 08/24/2013


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TTT Meeting Minutes for August 24th, 2013

Secretary Rob Dallas reporting. Meeting called to order at 9:20 am by RD because the President & Vice President were absent.


BOD members present: Michael Bradford, Robin Castle, Rob Dallas, James Dean, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Rick Jacob, Kathy Lee, Kenny Sandifer, Dan Shell, Roger Tubbs (11)

BOD members arriving late: James Anderson, Channing Kilgore, Steve Lee (3)

Absent: Tim Cocker (1)

TTT Members Present: Tim Conover, Jeff Laughrey, Kinsley Sikes, (others ??)

Guests: Erik Grabowski, Mike Eberhart, Soren Braddock, Dan and several others.

The July TTT Meeting Minutes were read aloud and accepted as is.

Kathy prayed.

Committee Reports:

Maintenance: Clark reports that Rick dragged the driveway and it looks great. LZ mowing reports. Clark takes an action to ask for mowing before TC.

Treasury: MB reports that we have about $15k cash in the bank. CD about $64,200.

Membership: 134 current plus a few applications found in the box recently.

Safety: Rick reports all is well. Wind socks are in place at Castles, Church & Henson LZ. Whitwell launch needs some love. Ollie and Rob volunteered to install wire crew safety tie downs there after the meeting.

Awards: Please submit your flights to Kathy for consideration.

Competition: 32 currently registered for TC & 26 paid in full. Kip Stone is donating T-shirts this year. Details of speakers, volunteers, Rick Gattone’s band, karaoke party, meal plan, outhouses, donation list, etc, etc discussed.

Bylaws & Website: elected to skip over these reports & get on with the main event.

  • Rick reports that the Southern Paraglider Pilots (SPP) recently lost a launch in the Sequatchie Valley due to the land being sold.
  • Rick has opened his land adjacent to Henson Gap as a new PG launch.
  • Rick also owns the PG launch just South of Whitwell HG launch.
  • There are PG pilots interested in joining the TTT.
  • Rick is also asking if the TTT would be willing at some point to manage these two new PG launches.
  • RD submitted a draft referendum that would ask the membership at large if the TTT BOD should 1) revise the bylaws to allow PG pilot members or 2) remain an exclusive hang glider pilot only club not through bylaws revision, but by submitting a formal exemption request to the USHPA per the Chapter Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This draft referendum was intended as a starting point. Discussion.
  • SL entered the room and after some theatrics, continued running the meeting.
  • A great deal of discussion ensued on the pros, cons, hopes, and fears of paraglider pilot membership in the TTT.
  • Jeff Laughrey pointed out that the TTT, through a previous BOD action, has a resource sharing agreement in place with the Southern Paraglider Pilots.
  • Dan Shell made a motion proposing the following 1) Talk to USHPA legal for more input. 2) Compile and distill all the BOD’s Pros, Cons, Hopes and Fears in one document.
  • It is hoped that this PCH&F document along with a PG membership referendum would be presented at the next BOD meeting on October 12, 2013. If the BOD can then agree on the verbiage, a PCH&F document along with a membership referendum similar to the draft referendum will be presented to the full membership for a vote. Dan’s motion was Seconded and Passed unanimously.
Motion made to adjourn at 11:30 am.

Next meeting Saturday October 12, 2013

NO MEETING IN SEPTEMBER (it was combined with this meeting).