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TTT BOD Minutes 01/12/2013


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Tennessee Tree Toppers board meeting January 12, 2013



Meeting called to order 9:30AM Central by Steve Lee.  Opened with prayer.


Present:  Members:  James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Tim Cocker, Roger Tubbs,    Dan Shell, Steve Lee, Clark Harlow, Rick Jacobs, Channing Kilgore, Kathy Lee, James Dean.

Absent:  Ollie Gregory, Rob Dallas, Kenny Sandifer, Dustin Blewett

Guest: Pete Bradford, Collin Hodson


Breakfast by Kathy Lee.  Coffee by James Anderson.  Minutes by James Anderson.


1.  First order of business for the new year is assignment of duties.

President: Steve Lee

Vice President: James Anderson

Secretary: Rob Dallas

Treasurer: Mike Bradford

Maintenance: Clark Harlow

IT: subsumed under maintenance

PG: Rick Jacob

Competition: Ollie Gregory

Safety: Rick Jacob

History: Tim Cocker

Membership/Website: James Dean

Awards: Kathy Lee

Bylaws: Dan Shell


Old business:  Report

2. Whitwell LZ

3. Favorite Neighbors report by Kathy Lee. Thanks KL


New business:

1. Scooter tow: Roger Tubbs.  Thanks Roger.

2. Dan Shell to send report to USHPA.


Committee Reports:


Next Meeting:  March 9th, 2013

Motion to adjourn: 10:50AM.


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