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TTT BOD Minutes 01/12/2013


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TTT Meeting Minutes for July 13, 2013

BOD Members Present: James Anderson, Michael Bradford, James Dean, Rob Dallas, Clark Harlow, Rick Jacob, Steve Lee, Kathy Lee, Kenny Sandifer, Roger Tubbs (10 total)

BOD Absent: Dustin Blewett, Tim Cocker, Ollie Gregory, Channing Kilgore, Dan Shell

TTT Members Present: Mr. Bradford, Robin Castle

President Steve Lee called the meeting to order at 9:15 CST followed by a prayer.

The June 2013 Meeting Minutes were read aloud and accepted as is.

Old Business:
Whitwell LZ: Rick reported that a Whitwell city council member had a conversation with a PG pilot about the possibility of land for use, sale or lease adjacent to the city's ball park. Any members with Whitwell city council connections who would be willing to run this lead down?

Scooter Tow setup is still sitting in Rick's garage. MB has already arranged to store it with Mr. Galloway and that could happen today. Scooter tow discussion ensued.

Due to consecutive absences and per our bylaws, a motion was made, seconded and voted to accept Dustin Blewett's implicit resignation from the BOD. Clark called Dustin during the meeting and spoke to him about it and he is ok with not continuing on the BOD. The BOD thanks Dustin for his service and hopes to see more of him in the future.

Robin Castle expressed a willingness to serve on the BOD. Motion made, 2nded, and passed to accept Robin on the BOD. Welcome Robin!

Team Challenge: James Dean reports we currently have 18 signed up with 12 paid to date. Need to get the word out more. Discussion on sign-up, attendance, meal plans, volunteers, etc. TC Work Party scheduled the w/e before TC on August 24th. The next BOD meeting has also been moved to that date. T-shirt design needed muy pronto

New Business

MB reported on a discussion with Honorary BOD member Mr. Mike Nash about placing the TTT's launch properties in a Land Trust. Discussion. Mike is willing to look into this issue for the TTT. Thanks Mike!

Committee Reports:

Maintenance: Clark reports that everything is in fine shape. Some little stuff: the membership box lock needs some love. Our club wi-fi range is very limited esp during rain and the antenna needs some troubleshooting.

Treasury: MB reports our finances are in fine shape & will send a current report via BOD confidential.

Membership: 146 current members per the TTT website. Rob volunteered to scan Ricks old TTT membership lists into a searchable format. Discussion on incomplete member applications and club rules regarding sign-off.

Safety: Rick reports everything is good

Awards: Kathy is working on this year's awards.

Paragliding: Lots of PG activity in the Sequatchie these days.

Competition: covered previously.

Website: James is working on the new website and server hosting.

No other significant committee reports. **August BOD meeting is moved to the 24th and will be a Pre-Team Challenge work party.
**No September BOD meeting (will be combined with the August 24th meeting).

October fest is planned for Labor Day w/e.

Motion made to adjourn at 10:40 am.