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TTT BOD Minutes 06/08/2013


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TTT Meeting Minutes for June 8, 2013

BOD Members Present: James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Tim Cocker, Rob Dallas, James Dean, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Rick Jacob, Dan Shell, Roger Tubbs.

BOD Absent: Dustin Blewett, Channing Kilgore, Kathy Lee, Steve Lee, Kenny Sandifer

TTT Members Present: Robin Castle from MT, Dan Stroble from Ohio.

Meeting called to order at 0915 hrs.

No meeting minutes from last month (The Scribbler buggered off to fly in the Americus Comp).

Old Business:
Scooter Tow: Rick wants the scooter removed from his property. No use in the past 6 months. Belongs to Mr. Wayne Walker. MB to ask Mr. Galloway and CH left a message for Dr. Dale to see if they have a place to store it. This equipment has been available to the club and through many members donation of time and energy, (especially Roger) is in working order. The BOD is split on the wisdom of the TTT adopting scooter tow as another form of getting into the air. Discussion.

Whitwell LZ: no news.

Mayhem: Dan reported on this year's Mayhem party such as it was.

New Business

Clark bought the club a brand new lawnmower & gas can per last meeting's business. Thanks Clark!

New website: James Dean reports that a hang glider pilot friend is willing to host a new club website and suggested the Club comp a membership for this very valuable service. Motion made to start the move to the server and comp that person a yearly membership> seconded> voted> 8 in favor> no objections.

Team Challenge: 14 pilots registered to date. Ollie encourages everyone to sign up and spread the word to other clubs.

IT Report: MB reports that the DSL has been up & down, the wiring has been rearranged by someone (?),the Wifi is down. He has a donated (by Fred Day, Thanks Fred!) a new PC. MB to t/s and set-up the new PC with the weather station software etc, etc.

Membership committee: 149 current members on the website.

Next meeting 13th July

Motion made to adjourn 0955 hrs.