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TTT BOD Minutes 03/09/2013


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TTT Meeting Minutes for March 9, 2013


BOD Members In Attendance: James Anderson, Dustin Blewett (is on site volunteering with his crew of professional tree surgeons) , Michael Bradford, Tim Cocker, Rob Dallas, James Dean, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Channing Kilgore, Kathy Lee, Steve Lee, Kenny Sandifer, Dan Shell, Roger Tubbs.  (14)

BOD Absent: Rick Jacob (who’s down South in Paradise)

Former BOD Members Present: Buddy Cutts

TTT Guests Present: Don Vemeer, Steve Bellerby, and Gage Dean

Steve Lee led a short prayer.

Meeting called to Order at 9:35 am

Kathy Lee provided us all with a fine breakfast- Thanks very much Kathy!! 

Old Business

Whitwell LZ- no news.

Steve reported that there is still one Favorite Neighbor gift due the new Pastor at the WW Baptist Church that Steve hasn’t been able to connect with yet.   Kathy & Steve have generously donated all the favorite neighbor gifts for last year. Thanks Lee’s!

Dustin Blewett’s TTTer of the year plaque is in hand & will be installed on the big board. 

Fred Day bought our old water heaters for $100 and hauled them off. 

New Business

Whitwell launch improvement: Feedback from users discussed.  Further improvements discussed.  FRP changes discussed.  

Scooter Tow: Roger Tubbs fixed the scooter engine & it hasn’t been used yet.  Discussion.

Rick’s new launch on Rick’s land next door.  Discussion. To date zero TTT funds have been spent or allocated to clear Rick’s new launch.  In the future, there likely will be some costs such as site insurance, maintenance, etc. Dustin Blewett’s Tree Service was on-site Friday and today with heavy equipment clearing Ricks’s new launch and voluntarily removing certain trees & limbs that threaten TTT structures. A big Thank You to Dustin for his support!  Rob Dallas donated $100 to help defray Dustin’s expenses on this project.  Ollie Gregory upped the ante by donating $200, then upped his own ante to $300 total.  Wow!  Tim Cocker put in all his foldin’ money and pledged more later.  James Dean pledged $100.  Clark was offered to take Dustin’s 3 crew members tandem.   If you would also like to help financially or otherwise with this non-TTT project, please contact Ollie Gregory.   A second launch available and accessible at Henson Gap could greatly facilitate safe & fair foot launched competitions here.  The ability to safely launch say 60 pilots in a short window might allow the club to host a national competition.  TTT annual income is roughly 40% from Team Challenge, 40% from membership, & the balance donations.       

The clubhouse has sprouted a new antenna.

Dan Shell reported that Valley Fest is coming up in April at a newly purchased County field behind the Library (Wagner & Pine).   They have requested hang glider pilots land there during Vally Fest. 

Committee Reports

Treasurer: MB reports that we have about $75k total in the bank.  $63k LZ fund in a CD, $8,574 in checking, $1,922 in paypal account, plus interest & deposits now in-hand.  We’re looking at a $4k addition to the LZ fund per our bylaws. 

Site Insurance Certificates have been obtained through USHPA.

Maintenance:  Clark reports:  1. Screws coming loose on clubhouse roof.  2. Wifi  antenna range improvements discussed.  3.  Fred Day has installed a directional wifi antenna on our clubhouse.  We are investigating options that might benefit all club members such as beaming our wifi to our LZ.

Safety Committee:  Dan Shell briefed us on a USHPA 2011 accident report issue.  Discussion.

Tim Cocker reported on a future collision avoidance magazine article by TTT honorary member Dick Heckman. All members are encouraged to read it.

MB reported USHPA’s schwag-fest continues, this time in satchel form (apparently from the Safety Yellow collection) intended as a gift to the Club member who handled our Safety Insurance plan last year which is none other than Rick Jacob.   


Ollie G briefed us on Team Challenge plans & schemes which will be held the first week of September. Thanks Ollie for all that you do!


Tim Cocker reported on future history plans & schemes.


Dan Shell: No change.



Kathy Lee reported on award plans & schemes.


No report because we are still in need of a Social Committee volunteer.  {insert sound of crickets here}


James Dean reports that we have 165 members to date.

James has generously volunteered to redesign our website.  Thanks James!!

TTT BOD Confidential (Yahoo news group)  administrator needs to be changed to James Dean. 

Next meeting April 13th . 2013.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:20 am.


Rob Dallas

TTT Secretary/Scribbler